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"Brother , wake up ."

Leo was woken up by the sweet voice of his sister . He opened his eyes only to see Leah trying to shake him awake .

"Elly , I'm awake . Stop it ."

The name Grimm used to call his sister came out his mouth as naturally as possible . He didn't want to let her know that her brother had been replaced .

"Hm." she meekly nodded her head as Leo removed his arms from around her as she slowly got up and fixed her clothes .

Leo stood up and looked out of the cave and now that it was morning he could see the outside scenery better . They were in the middle of a jungle with trees all around .

When he knew Leah was ready , he finally spoke up .

"We're going to Renoa city today . We'll take a ship from there to Helt island after resting for a day ."

This was the last bit of information he had . There was a library in Renoa where he could learn about this world .

Until then , he was going blind . The only thing he knew for now was that there is magic in this world . Now he just needed to know more about it .

They soon left through the forest towards Renoa . The journey was pretty uneventful and it was just a long walk with many stops .

There wasn't much talk on the way . Mostly because there wasn't anything to talk about .

They finally reached Renoa port a bit before afternoon . They had a simple lunch after which Leo booked 2 rooms at an inn .

"Brother , you've changed . You give off a different feel than before "

He heard a soft voice behind him but refused to look back at his sister . He thought he might lose something important if he did look at her .

He went to the library after a little while to get some information . There was no way he could survive or even for the system to work .

He looked for books , even the most common of them . The library wasn't too big but it was just perfect for everyday knowledge any normal person would know .

He found some important things such as :

1. People who have mana are called heroes . They fight monsters who have been mutated because of having low mana resistance . Not all people who have mana can be heroes . Most heroes have a gift which helps them make better use of mana .

2. Heroes are of 3 kinds Physical , Magic and Support .

3. Heroes were initially not accepted everywhere , so they created a home for themselves on an island away from the main Continent .That island is called Helt island .

4. The main Continent has The Grimm Empire , which is a bit behind others , the country of Bratonya , which is the most developed and a few more countries and free states .

He learned a lot more about the types of gifts , well known gifts and categories .

'Gifts are of 2 types . Elly's gift should be an evolving type because it got stronger since the first time . It can't be static because it wouldn't grow like it has .'

[Enough information has been gathered to complete the scan !]

[Your attributes have been determined !]

[The reboot will finish in 00:59:58 !]

Leo closed all the books and kept them back in the shelves and returned back to his room .

He had this unbearable uneasiness ever since he had left for the library but after settling down on the bed it finally went away . The clock showed 11:37 , so it had been about 7 hours since he left .

[Reboot finishes in 00:22:13 !]

The reboot would finish at midnight , and perhaps his race change would too . He was excited about it . Being a dragon means he was probably going to get much more stronger .

He waited for what seemed to him like an eternity . He wanted to get stronger . The flames that burnt in his eyes once had started burning again . Looking at the monsters in the books at the library had made him want to kill them even more . Those bloodthirsty appearances had rose his own bloodthirst .

[Reboot completed !]

[User Leo's attributes :

[Gifts :

>[Dragon][Evolving - Tier 10][Physique][Proficiency : 0%]

+ Restore 1% mana/minute

+ Increases rate of growth

+ Manifest a dragon's wings , tail , claws , maw , eyes , scales

+ Magic resistance

+ Dragon fear

+ Breath ]

[Physical appearance would remain human as user Leo is originally a human !]

[The gift:Dragon boosts growth based on the amount of monsters User Leo has killed !

Current Boost: x1.0!]

Leo was shocked . He expected to become stronger , but not so much . According to what he had read , a normal human had a maximum attribute total of 5 . He , on the other hand had an attribute total of 24 . He was already about as strong as a Middle - Low rank hero !

Heroes were of 4 basic ranks : low , intermediate , high and supreme . The 3 lower ranks were divided into basic , middle and upper . Supreme rank was supreme because it's attribute total , after one point , was impossible to measure .

"Elly has a support type gift which can be used as a magic type too "

Heightening one's senses , or increasing the perception attribute . That was Elly's gift . It had many applications if used properly .

"But mine is just ... Overpowered , right?"

Mana regeneration increase , increased growth rate , ability to turn , even if partially , into a dragon , Magic resistance and a dragon's most well known Dragon fear and Dragon breath .

These weren't all abilities of a dragon , but they were most of them . And if it really was an evovling gift it was extremely broken .

"I like using game breaking items anyways " He spoke to himself as his body started transforming without even his knowledge .

The changes weren't that major but they weren't any bit subtle . Mostly because they were his most noticeable features , his eyes and his hair . They changed color ever so slowly . His hair turned from his deep crimson to jet black and his iris which was black in color slowly turned golden .

Even he didn't realize as his vision slowly got much clearer and sharper .

Leo had awakened with his gift!

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