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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (10)The system couldn’t help but remind, “The male lead has been staring at the rear view mirror.”

Bai Weiwei was unconcerned and just explained: “I spent three hours, used countless special make-up techniques. There’s red lip temptation, there’s perfume attack, the hair was done a day in advance and the roots have been carefully maintained. Looking at me, don’t even mention men, even women will like.”

Beauty was the pursuit of human genes.

She dressed herself up as uniquely beautiful.

Others would surely stare. It had nothing to do with love or not. Purely sensory stimulation.

The original owner’s face was very good. It was just ruined by unkind words. Her presence was also weak. She certainly didn’t seem to have much of a sense of existence.

The same face, but with a different temperament, was like a difference between heaven and earth.

The system was taught, “But what are you doing looking out the car window?”

Bai Weiwei touched her face without a sound, “In the window, there’s a reflection of my face. I’m admiring myself.”

This make-up was good. There was a particularly strong sense of accomplishment. Of course, she had to take a good look at herself in a mirror.

System: “……“

And Su Shian peeked at the rear-view mirror from time to time.

What he saw was the faint but sad profile of Bai Weiwei.

Divorcing him seemed to have been an awful blow for her.

He racked his brains and tried to find a way to help her get over him. Just as he was about to open his mouth.

Bai Weiwei suddenly said: “Can you concentrate a little, please?”

Su Shian: “?”

Bai Weiwei: “If you don’t look at the road while driving, I’m afraid we’ll have a car accident.”

Su Shian’s cheeks were red. She noticed that he was leering at her.

The car stopped in front of the old house. The old man had an old way of thinking and had always been living here.

The house was very large and a cultural heritage. Years ago there was a renovation, but it maintained the Chinese wind design.

The birthday banquet was very low-key. Patriarch Su did not like to be high profile and show off.

It was said to be a party, but it was just the whole family getting together to have dinner.

However, the rice was very exquisite. Even the table’s bowls and spoons were famous designer porcelain.

When Su Shian and Bai Weiwei came in, most of the guests had already arrived.

Everyone was dressed up to attend. Everyone attached great importance to the patriarch’s birthday.

Chen Wenfeng was talking to his sister. He sharply looked up and saw the woman that followed Su Shian.

The slightly curled long hair, soft and supple, the porcelain white skin, and the red lip color formed a thrilling impact.

It was a masterpiece that came out from the greatest painter’s canvas.

Chen Wenfeng: Just declared his divorce, already takes his little three1 home, his courage is too big.

But seeing this woman’s first cla.s.s appearance, it was worth being beaten to death.

The scene didn’t just shock Chen Wenfeng.

Curious, stunned, a variety of strange eyes all gathered on them.

This was the first time Su Shian received so much attention at a family dinner. They were all watching…… Bai Weiwei?

He used to think that she was particularly unable to be brought out, gloomy, old-fashioned and displeasing to the eye.

Especially worthless.

He didn’t think that one day with Bai Weiwei’s appearance, he could even receive so many envious glances.

Su Shian straightened his back and very naturally took Bai Weiwei’s hand.

But Bai Weiwei gently waved, opened her hand and then looked straight ahead as she walked to the table.

Then she sat down in her position, her face tranquil.

It was as though so many curious and amazed eyes didn’t have any meaning to her.

Patriarch Su soon came out and saw Bai Weiwei, “Little Wei, ah. Why dress like this today, the weather has turned cold. You’ll catch a chill.”

1: Mistress, the third wheel in the marriage, hence “little three”

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