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Gu Shengyin and her maidservants had a somewhat dazed expression.

“Miss?” Hu Zhu seemed a bit worried about Gu Shengyin. Even though other people did not know about the engagement between her Miss and the Crown Prince, they were all very clear about what they needed to do and serve their Miss, but this was clearly awful. Today, the actions of the Crown Prince and Jiang Yunshan was simply a slap in the face to Jiang Lingzhen.

Gu Shengyin’s face was still somewhat pale. Based on the nature of the original Jiang Lingzhen, if she discovered this kind of thing, she would inevitably not inform her parents. She might even order her maidservants to keep their mouths shut and not leak any information of this event.

She, Gu Shengyin, was definitely not willing to do so! Why should she let off that pair of dogs so easily!

(T/N: 狗男女 [gǒu nán nǚ] means a cheating couple)

Princess Wencheng could see at a glance that there was something wrong with her baby after she came back.

“Ah Zhen, what happened? Did you encounter something that made you unhappy outside?” Princess Wencheng asked with a distressed face.

When Jiang Lingzhen saw her mother, the emotions she kept bottled up erupted. She directly threw herself into Princess Wencheng’s arms and cried.

Princess Wencheng suddenly started panicking. She was always n.o.ble and composed outside. Jiang Lingzhen was her only daughter that she loved dearly from the depths of her bones. She was the pearl in her heart. Moreover, Ah Zhen had always been in control of her emotions. Where would you see her crying like this?

No matter how she coaxed, Gu Shengyin only continued crying and would not say anything.

Gu Shengyin, of course, would not say that she was wronged. The more she said she was not wronged, the greater anger Princess Wencheng would have. Although this behavior somewhat took advantage of Princess Wencheng’s love for her daughter, thinking of the fate of the original Jiang Lingzhen and the Jiang family, Gu Shengyin could only repress her personal feelings.

“What happen when you two went out with the Miss today?” Princess Wencheng’s sharp gaze shot towards Hu Zhu and Lin Liang.

Hu Zhu and Lin Liang, naturally, did not dare to hide the matter. Trembling with fear, they knelt down on the ground and said that they met Crown Prince and Second Young Lady who had improper relations today.

“Absolutely disgraceful!” It was not known whether Princess Wencheng was scolding Crown Prince or Jiang Yunshan. “This…This is simply bullying!”

She never expected that in the pure land of Buddha, under her own eyes, the two would actually do this kind of dirty thing.

“Ah Zhen.” Princess Wencheng gently pulled Gu Shengyin into her arms.

“You tell Mother, in the end, do you like Crown Prince?”

Gu Shengyin stared blankly for a moment. Her had a bewildered expression with two red eyes and nose that seemed exceptionally pitiful. She shook her head and whispered: “I don’t know.”

The original Jiang Lingzhen naturally liked him, but that was after marriage. The original Jiang Lingzhen held some favorable impression towards the Crown Prince. Changed to Gu Shengyin, it was even more impossible that she would have a favorable impression.

Seeing her like this, Princess Wencheng put her heart down.

The appearance of her daughter clearly indicated that she was not emotional. Today, she was so mistreated. It was probably because of the Crown Prince’s behavior that hurt her face.

She breathed a sigh of relief. It was much easier to handle. If Ah Zhen really had feelings for the Crown Prince, she would have to spend some effort to persuade her daughter. No matter what, Crown Prince this person, was unlikely to be a good fit.

She stood up, told the servant girl to fetch some hot water, and turned her body towards Gu Shengyin, who was staring blankly ahead: “Ah Zhen, look at Mother.”

Gu Shengyin looked at her with some doubts.

“You are the daughter of the Grand Princess, the only legitimate daughter of Jiang General, and was bestowed the t.i.tle Langhua County Lord by the Emperor.” Princess Wencheng looked at her with pride. “At any time, you can lift your chin proudly. People like Crown Prince and Jiang Yunshan, they are not worth your tears!”

Translator’s Corner:

I bet no one in the capital city can beat her status. Bada.s.s dad, princess mom, having her own t.i.tle…Whoever gets to marry her will feel like winning the lottery

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