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Gu Shengyin finally saw that small courtyard hidden in the bamboo forest – to be accurate, it should be called a bamboo house.

Gu Shengyin looked around for a while, but did not see that figure. It should be a.s.sumed that Ji Yu was probably not here at the bamboo house and was elsewhere. Although the Emperor did not prohibit the eldest prince from walking around, he was not allowed to take half a step from Qianlong Temple, which could be considered a disguised house arrest.

“This n.o.ble Lady, polite.” Gu Shengyin had a blank expression when she heard a voice coming from behind her.

Gu Shengyin turned her head slightly and when she saw who came, her eyes widened.

This man really looks…

Gu Shengyin did not know how to describe him. Perhaps living in the temple for many years, the eldest prince did not seem like a secular person.

Ji Yu was only a scholar so he did not need to shave. His hair was tied up with a cyan headband, his body was also decorated with a cyan-colored long gown. The clothing did not have the slightest decorative design, however, it didn’t make him seem inelegant. In fact, compared to all the accessories and decorative clothing, this suited him the best.

He stood in front of Gu Shengyin, hands holding a peach branch that had been broken off, and bowed to her with a smile: “This n.o.ble Lady, polite.”

(T/N: OMG Ji Yu, I know you want to impress Gu Shengyin, but you didn’t have to break off a peach branch. You sinner of nature! D: ….JK :P)

Gu Shengyin absentmindedly recalled Buddha’s Nianhua (拈花) smile. This smile of Ji Yu’s had an atmosphere that belonged to those outside of worldly affairs, free from desire.

Ji Yu and Ji Ye’s appearance was a third similar, which was the reason why Gu Shengyin was able to recognize Ji Yu.

After listening to Gu Shengyin, Ji Yu was stunned, then smiled: “This n.o.ble Lady can come with me.”

He led Gu Shengyin to the bamboo house. After walking inside, she found out that this bamboo house actually had an independent small courtyard which was man-made with vines to create shade. Contrary to what she expected, this place was rather interesting.

At this time, Hu Zhu and Lin Liang came up to Gu Shengyin’s side.

Ji Yu invited Gu Shengyin to take a seat before entering the door.

When he came out, he had a pot of tea in his hand.

Gu Shengyin gave her thanks and raised her hand to take it over.

“Miss!” Hu Zhu whispered to remind Gu Shengyin that this was an unknown substance and she shouldn’t drink it.

Gu Shengyin made a careless smile and raised the cup of tea to her drink to take a sip.

“Ah!” Gu Shengyin exclaimed in surprise, “Good tea!”

Ji Yu smiled: “This is just a little skill, not something that n.o.ble Lady should praise about.”

Gu Shengyin said in her heart: With you being like this, how am I supposed to communicate with you?

As a result, Gu Shengyin began talking with Ji Yu about this tea ceremony.

Unexpectedly, the two were quite speculative. Originally, Gu Shengyin approached Ji Yu with a purpose, but after a conversation, she discovered that Ji Yu unexpectedly was on top of many of the affairs outside, and had a similar point of view, which made her very surprised.

Unknowingly, the two actually talked for most of the hour.

Waiting until they stopped to rest, Hu Zhu spoke in a low voice to remind Gu Shengyin that it was about time to go back. Looking at Ji Yu’s eyes that were shining brightly like the moon: “It’s hard to come by an intimate friend in life. It is indeed a blessing of life to see you today.”

Ji Yu was somewhat moved, but merely replied: “This bamboo house is in a remote area. Should I send you out?”

Gu Shengyin, along with her maidservants and Ji Yu, was walking through the bamboo forest when she heard a strange sound.

That sound was intermittent, occasionally mixed with a trace of seduction that cause Hu Zhu and Lin Liang’s face to turn red on the spot when they heard it.

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Translator’s Corner:

Guess who they are~ Tsk tsk tsk! To be doing that in the middle of a bamboo, much less a BUDDHIST TEMPLE!! Lesson of the day, gotta pick an appropriate time and place otherwise, you’ll get unexpected visitors.


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