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Chapter 69 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (9)

Gu Shengyin silently lit a candle for her father: Obviously such a handsome man, yet the Duke was compared with the Discipline Elder.

She looked at Lilith seriously: “Don’t compare my father like that. Father, he is a very good man.”

Lilith silently imagined a situation where Veronica and the Duke got together – their two faces looked at each other and communicated with each other. Just thinking about it, she got the chills.

Looking at her close friend’s face beginning to turn expressionless like the Duke of White Rose, Lilith felt like she had a burdening task. She wanted to turn her friend’s personality back like the d.u.c.h.ess’.

After the carriage stopped at a place, Lilith and Gu Shengyin got off. They saw two teenagers sitting on their horses at the side of the road waiting for them.

One of them was Lilith’s older brother, Kyle Bill and the other one was his friend.

“Brother Kyle! Joey!” Lilith ran over and greeted the two men.

“This is my close friend, Veronica Lawman of the Lawman family.”

Both of them were shocked. Their two faces revealed surprise and a colorful expression as they looked at Gu Shengyin. They had heard of the name of the Empire’s Pearl, but it was the first time seeing Gu Shengyin herself.

“Good day, Your Highness.” The two men were saluting towards Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin nodded and said: “Everyone came out to play, so we’re all friends. There is no need to pay particular attention to etiquettes.”

Sunshine sprinkled onto Gu Shengyin’s face, causing her to appear like a benevolent G.o.d.

Along the way, Joey and Bill were extra polite towards Gu Shengyin.

In the age of 10’s, the teenagers were most straightforward towards a girl’s appearance.

“We’ve arrived!” The four people did not wear the embroidered clothes with their family crest. Gu Shengyin had even brought a cape. The green eyes of the Lawman family were too unique, and she had no choice but to hide it.

Bill handed the invitation letter to the gatekeeper and they smoothly entered the Colosseum.

Everything here seemed incompatible with w.a.n.gdu.

Lilith and the group were surprised. The w.a.n.gdu that they see every day: rich, prosperous, and dazzling with paper and gold. However, here, the surrounding environment gave people a dark and cold feeling. People who came and went had gloomy expressions on their face.

(T/N: dazzling with paper and gold = living a life of luxury)

But all of this made them even more excited. It was like going on a thrilling adventure in a strange place.

Gu Shengyin had an unpleasant hunch. Her feelings had always been very accurate. In the previous world, she had this feeling when Cheng Yiru retaliated against Cheng Jia.

Soon, this hunch was confirmed.

The system suddenly said: “I detected the presence of Eve Heather in the Underground Colosseum.”

Gu Shengyin was surprised: “Doesn’t she come to w.a.n.gdu after two years?”

System: “The arrival of the host may have changed the plot.”

Gu Shengyin suddenly remembered the death of Veronica in the original story and said: “Do I still have time to leave now?” She did not want to face the Demon King who had lived for thousands of years.

For Gu Shengyin suddenly wanting to leave, Lilith and the others were puzzled. However, seeing her insist, they could only follow her.

The gatekeeper of the Underground Colosseum regretfully stated that all guests were not allowed to leave until the fighting ended.

Gu Shengyin’s heart turned cold and reconfirmed that it was impossible to leave. For now, she could only secretly pray that she would not be found by the Demon King.

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