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Chapter 64 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (4)

He woke up in the midst of chaos and discovered that he had become a demon.

In his mind, he recalled numerous strange memories. For example, he was once the king of the demons who conquered the entire continent. He was later sealed in this necklace by a powerful human being. He was drifting from place to place for thousands of years before he fell into the hands of a human.

He was quite certain that he was not the so called Demon King.

That was because his memories from his told told him to temporarily stay with this human’s soul. However, this kind of thing was impossible for him to do.

So who was he? Where was the origin of this soul?

This was the problem that he pondered about for a month, but still did not understand.

He finally realized today that no matter who he was before or where the Demon King’s real body had gone, he had become the Demon King the moment he woke up.

He gazed through the void, facing the direction of the Demon King.

There was a sort of inexplicable desire in his heart, as if there was something calling him from the Demon King that was extremely important.

The outline of the sun had not yet appeared on the horizon, yet the Duke House of the White Rose was been busy.

Veronica got up early and wore the swordman’s uniform to start the necessary daily morning exercises. Even with the heaven-gifted apt.i.tude, she couldn’t afford not to work hard.

Gu Shengyin really enjoyed the feeling of her body br.i.m.m.i.n.g with strength. In the first two worlds, whether it was Jiang Lingzhen or Cheng Xizhi, they were weak women who had their hands tied. Gu Shengyin essentially was a person who respected strength and power.

Not to mention, according to the development of the story, in two years, Eve Heather would bring the Demon King to w.a.n.gdu. Prior to this, she would have to improve her strength as much as possible.

Thus, the servants of the Duke House found that their Highness seemed to be more diligent than ever.

The White Rose Duke Richard stood in front of the window of the room and watched the little figure in the exercise field practicing fencing that he had taught her a few days ago.

There was no doubt that the Duke was a rare beautiful man. It was said that even the Princess expressed her willingness to marry the Duke when she saw the handsome appearance of the Duke. However, the Duke chose his current wife, Veronica’s mother.

Richard looked at his daughter and felt a sense of pride in his heart. Although Veronica was his wife’s and his only inheritor, she did not disappoint him. She was intelligent, strong and better than any of the family heirs.

The Duke had no doubt that under Veronica’s leadership, the glory of the White Rose family would shine on the entire continent.

Gu Shengyin’s life was extremely monotonous: every morning was a morning routine exercise, followed by dining with her parents in the dining room, and then taking the family carriage to Carter Royal College to study, stay in school until noon and would not return to the Duke House until 3 PM.

Although the Duke of White Rose was harsh, he was a good father who knew how to educate his daughter. Gu Shengyin was free to use her time after returning home from college.

Whether she was going to go out to play with a n.o.ble lady or go to an opera, besides sending someone to protect his daughter’s safety, the Duke of White Rose would not interfere too much with her, even if she went to the slums West of the city.

Sometimes his wife did not agree, but he would persuade: “A qualified leader must have his own ideas. Veronica is already 13 years old. I was already with my grandfather in the battlefield at her age. My dear, you have to believe in our daughter.”

Translator’s Corner:

I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, sorry for making you wait a day! >_< yesterday’s="" chapter="" will="" be="" posted="" today,="" so="" 2="" chapters="">

The Duke is so wise … :O

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