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Chapter 51 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (19)

*Note: I went back and changed Cheng Father/Mother -> Father/Mother Cheng.

“I need to talk with your mother. You all head back to your room.” Father Cheng appeared somewhat tired.

After all, she was a daughter who they had raised for 18 years. The Cheng couple were genuinely affectionate towards Cheng Yiru. At this moment, they naturally felt sad.

Gu Shengyin went over and hugged her parents.

Cheng Yiru was a scourge to Cheng Jia. She couldn’t allow her to continue staying in Cheng Jia any more.

Cheng Yiru left Cheng Jia, but did not take the route home. Instead, she went to a small apartment that Yuan Hang had bought.

Yuan Hang rushed over to comfort Cheng Yiru.

Cheng Yiru’s crying was a pear blossom that brought rain, not in the least pitiful (程一如哭的叫一个梨花带雨,毫不可怜). After asking her for a long time, Yuan Hang finally heard of the matter from Cheng Yiru’s mouth.

Of course, what Yuan Hang heard was that Cheng Jia had discovered the affair between the two. She, Cheng Yiru, had feelings that were faithful and unchanging and pledged her life to defend it. Ultimately, Cheng Jia . This was the version Cheng Yiru gave.

“Cheng Jia is too bullying. Yiru, you stay here for the time being. You can feel rea.s.sured that I will get fairness for you!”

“Well, I believe you.” Cheng Yiru snuggled in the arms of Yuan Hang.

“Yuan Dage, what did you mysteriously come here for?” Gu Shengyin sat in the front pa.s.senger seat and looked at Yuan Xu.

Today, Yuan Xu, who seldom took off his suit, put on casual clothing. This allowed other people that he, too, was a young man in his twenties.

“Take you to a good place!” Yuan Xu said with a mysterious smile.

After about half an hour, when Gu Shengyin almost fell asleep, she heard Yuan Xu say: “We’ve arrived.”

When Gu Shengyin got off the car, her eyes were immediately attracted to the beautiful scenery, a vast area of unknown flowers and plants that made people feel as if they were in another world.

“This is a private hot spring resort owned by a foreign friend of mine who never accepted outsiders.” Yuan Xu was delighted to see admiration in Gu Shengyin’s eyes.

“Welcome, adorable young lady!” Gu Shengyin was hugged enthusiastically, which filled her heart with warmth, as she entered the door.

Yuan Xu’s face turned black and pulled them apart: “Richard, don’t mess around.”

The handsome foreign man winked mischievously towards Cheng Xizhi: “Hey! Xu said that he wanted to bring a lovely lady. I guessed that it must be you. Sure enough, you’re so beautiful and cute like a Barbie doll. What’s your name?”

Yuan Xu directly took Gu Shengyin’s hand and walked inside, ignoring the guy named Richard.

“Oh, hey! Xu, you can’t regardless of your life and death. I’m doing this just for you…” Yuan Xu slammed the sliding door behind him and left Richard’s voice behind him.

“You don’t have to care about him. He has always been very noisy.” Yuan Xu said to Gu Shengyin.

“The hot spring here is a must. You can slowly enjoy it. Everything you need to use is clean and sterile. You can feel at ease using it. I’m right next door. You can call me if something happens.” Yuan Xu instructed Gu Shengyin.

Seeing Gu Shengyin nodding to express that she understood, Yuan Xu felt a bit regret as he went out.

“Hey, Xu. There’s such a beautiful woman in the hot springs, yet you actually came here to mix with me, a st.u.r.dy man. You really do not know how to chase a person.” Richard faced Yuan Xu with a look of disgust, and immediately spoke contentedly, “Has my Z language improved greatly?”

Yuan Xu naturally ignored the latter sentence and gave a look at Richard: “Xixi has not reached adulthood yet. Do I look like a beast?”

“Wow!” Richard stared at Yuan Xu with a look of astonishment. “I didn’t think you were such a person, Xu! You got started with a minor! G.o.d, this world is terrible!”

(T/N: Lololol, this guy…. >~<>

Yuan Xu ignored his friend’s babbling and said :”She will be my future wife, my only companion.”

Richard’s face turned solemn: “Are you serious, Xu?”

Yuan Xu smiled and said: “Of course.”

Richard snapped his fingers: “Then I wish you happiness.”

“Of course we will be happy.” Yuan Xu laughed with great confidence.

Translator’s Corner:

There are a couple idioms in this chapter. I’m sure I got them wrong, but I tried finding translations of the idiom online. XD

One chapter today. I don’t know when I’ll have time again to translate. You guys might have to wait until the weekend or something. o/

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