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Chapter 50 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (18)

Gu Shengyin said towards the four people: “In fact, I wanted to tell you that I wished to cancel my engagement with Yuan Hang. I don’t like him.”

Cheng Mother pulled Gu Shengyin’s hand: “You, this child, you should have told your dad and I about this kind of thing. That Yuan Hang fellow is such a scoundrel. Your marriage with him is will not happen.”

Gu Shengyin was finally relieved and was able to leave behind her worries.

At this time, Cheng Yiru returned.

She quickly sensed that the atmosphere in the room was wrong, the usual amiable att.i.tude of the family towards her was now abnormal.

“Eldest brother, what matter is there to call me back so urgently?” Cheng Yiru forced a laugh.

Cheng Boxuan did not speak and Cheng Qixuan pointed to the pile of photos on the table: “Take a look yourself.”

Cheng Yiru came forward and took one look, her face paled.

On the table were photos of her and Yuan Hang being intimate.

“Yiru, ask yourself. How did I and your father treat you over the past years? Didn’t we treat you like our own daughter? What about you? How long have you been with Yuan Hang? Don’t tell me that you don’t know we have a marriage agreement with Yuan Jia. In the future, he would be your younger sister’s husband!” Cheng Mother stared intently at Cheng Yiru.

Cheng Yiru was caught off guard. She didn’t think that this would be exposed so quickly.

“I…” Cheng Yiru didn’t know what to say.

What could she say? Say that these photos are false? Since Cheng Jia dared to take out these photos, then it must be identified as true.

“I know my affair with Yuan Hang let down my younger sister, but emotions, this kind of thing, really can’t be restrained….” Cheng Yiru’s face was pale as tears fell, looking extremely poor.

(T/N: *clicks tongue* Here’s your typical white lotus.)

“In that case, I want to ask my older sister, if we never found out about this affair today, how long did you intend to not restrain your emotions? Even if I ad Yuan Hang tied the knot and got married in the future, what will you do if you still can’t restrain your yourself?” Gu Shengyin coldly asked.

She did not speak without thinking. In the original storyline, Cheng Yiru and Yuan Hang still had an unclear relationship even after Yuan Hang got married with Cheng Xizhi.

Cheng Yiru looked at Cheng Xizhi with tears in her eyes: “Xixi, how could you think this way? When that time comes, I will leave him…”

A beauty’s tears truly arouses other people’s pity. Unfortunately, everyone present here all love Cheng Xizhi like their own treasure.

“When the time comes, you’ll leave him? I’m afraid that by the time Xixi got married to Yuan Hang, you would have given birth to an illegitimate child!” Towards those who try to harm her daughter, Cheng Mother’s demeanor of not managing things became a needle that drew blood. (面对企图伤害自己女儿的人,程母连平日里的仪态都顾不上了,直接就一针见血)

“Yiru, you disappointed me greatly.” This was the first sentence Cheng Father said since Cheng Yiru came in.

“Tomorrow, I’ll let the housekeeper pack up your luggage. You have lived in Cheng Jia for a long time. Go back to see your parents.” Cheng Father’s one sentence decided her future.

“Dad!” Cheng Yiru turned to look at Cheng Father, not believing what she heard. “You want me to leave?”

Cheng Father was not willing to look at her as he left.

If Cheng Yiru was good, he would naturally be a kind father and find a good family for her in the future.

However, she shouldn’t have thoughts of getting things that don’t belong to her and hurting Xixi.

Cheng Yiru left the room with a deathly pale face.

Gu Shengyin was not sympathetic to Cheng Yiru. She was not Virgin Mary. If that was the case, then she could forgive Cheng Yiru.

Translator’s Corner:

Probably one chapter during this weekend.

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