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Chapter 40 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (8)

Gu Shengyin was standing in front of the sink while pouring cold water on her face.


Feeling the heat in her body getting hotter and hotter, like a wave of fire, she took out her cell phone wanting to call her big brother letting him to hurry to pick her up to go home.

That surging pa.s.sion in her body caused her hand to become a bit unstable. After pressing several times, the lock screen on the cell phone was turned on. When she found her big brother’s name in the address book and was just about to call, the phone in her hand was suddenly grabbed by another hand.

Gu Shengyin looked up and saw the face of a strange man.

She did not start panicking and forced her face to look serious and said: “What are you doing? Give back my cell phone!”

The man looked greedily at Gu Shengyin’s face. He received his employer’s phone call informing him that the person was in the restroom on the 29th floor of the hotel. He was only responsible for taking the person away, and then…

Even if he was not successful, as long as the woman was not fully dressed in front of the crowd, it would be regarded as completing the task.

Not only could he enjoy some blessings, but he could also receive a large amount of money.

Gu Shengyin concentrated on the person in front of her and saw his eyes getting more abnormal. Alarm bells rang in her heart, but unfortunately, there was excellent soundproofing here, so even if she called out loudly, people would not be able to hear her.

She had no alternative but to speak in a stern voice: “Regardless of whether you were instructed by someone, that person must have never told you who I am. I’m Cheng Xizhi of the Cheng Corporation. You should know what kind of existence Cheng Corporation is. If you do something to me here, no matter where you run, my father and big brother will not let you go!”

The man paused. His employer did not tell him who the girl was. Cheng Corporation….If what she said was true….

Gu Shengyin saw him hesitating and her heart became happy. She redoubled her efforts and said: “If you leave now, I can guarantee that today’s things would not be known to anyone. I can pay you double the amount of money that was given to you by whoever instructed you to do this.”

At this time, her breathing was not stable, and her body had no strength because of the  drug. She had no choice but to lean on the sink behind her to keep herself from falling down.

The man was obviously hesitating.

Gu Shengyin called for the system in her heart: “If this man has not compromised, can you help me escape?”

The system immediately responded: “Please rest a.s.sured that as the host, I have an obligation to ensure your personal safety around non-task targets.”

Gu Shengyin had no energy to discuss the scope of this “non-task targets” with the system.

“No! You almost had your way! I was not aware that you were rich. You say good things in front of me, but when I turn around, you’d stab me in the back with a knife.” The man apparently made his decision.

He looked at Gu Shengyin: “Being able to enjoy a great beauty like you, I have nothing to lose.”

As soon as he spoke, his hand was already reaching towards Gu Shengyin’s body.

Gu Shengyin was wearing a champagne colored strapless evening dress today and was already approaching crisis as she was pulled.

“System!” Seeing that the man’s hand was reaching towards a certain part, Gu Shengyin quickly shouted.

However, the action of the system was not faster than the other person.

A black figure rushed to her side and slammed his fists on the face of the man who was holding Gu Shengyin.

A familiar lotus fragrance wrapped around Gu Shengyin’s body.

She suddenly felt a lot of grievances and turned to dive into the man’s arms. Her tears started rolling down.

Translator’s Corner:

Aye! Hero saved the damsel in distress!

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