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Chapter 33
Chapter 33 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (1)

The hustling and bustling of Huashi International Airport.

Every day, people come and go here. People of different colors from different countries pa.s.s by here.

Many pa.s.sengers subconsciously looked towards one direction.

It was a man in a black custom-made tailored suit that perfectly outlined his upright figure. On his handsome face, with his eyebrows furrowed slightly, his eyes gazed in a certain direction of the airport. He was obviously waiting for someone.

Several single ladies stood quietly nearby wondering who could make such a handsome man wait.

Soon they knew the answer.

The man’s eyes suddenly brightened, and his expressionless face began to soften. He walked quickly towards the front.

“Xixi!” Gu Shengyin, who was amongst the crowd, subconsciously raised her

head looking at the man walking towards herself.

She was looking at the man while the people in the surroundings were watching her.

Because she was traveling, Cheng Xizhi wore a relatively simple dress. The light green dress outlined her entire body. The wide sungla.s.ses covered half of her face. The light brown curled hair added a charming touch to her appearance.

Thin waist, long legs, white and beautiful skin were what most genuinely portrayed Cheng Xizhi.

“Big brother.” Cheng Xizhi gave the man a big smile, then bluntly handed her luggage to the man.

Cheng Boxuan indulgently looked at his younger sister and willingly took on the task of serving as her porter. That gentle and soft expression, if seen by the company’s employees, would certainly cause the

the general manager to cry out in surprise.

“Big brother, Second brother didn’t come?” Cheng Xizhi, now Gu Shengyin, asked.

Cheng Boxuan replied: ” There was a request for an art exhibition today. It’s impossible for him to come.”

Gu Shengyin pouted: “Is being busy more important than this younger sister? Watch me go back and ruthlessly exploit him!”

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Gu Shengyin’s role in this one-time play was the image of a little princess. She had a good family background and received all kinds of love and affection. Therefore, she could act like a spoiled child without fear of being scolded.

Cheng Xizhi was Cheng Zhensheng, the owner of Chengshi Corporation, and his wife’s daughter. The husband and wife loved

wife loved their daughter. After they married, they gave birth to two sons. When their daughter, Cheng Xizhi, was born, the couple was overjoyed. Not only did Cheng Zhengsheng personally visit a famous master of physiognomy on behalf of his daughter to get Xizhi, this name, fearing that his daughter had no playmates, he adopted a distant relative’s daughter, who was not much older than Cheng Xizhi.

The chairman of Chengshi Corporation’s adopted daughter. There were many people who sought for this ident.i.ty and the couple were naturally willing.

The adopted daughter’s name was Cheng Yiru. She was nominally known as Cheng Xizhi’s older sister.

At the age of 18, the original Cheng Xizhi learned that she was engaged with someone from another corporation in Huashi City, Yuanshi Corporation’s second young master, second young master, Yuan Hang. It was originally a door-to-door marriage between the families that were well-matched in terms of social status. However, they didn’t expect Yuan Hang to like Cheng Xizhi’s older sister, Cheng Yiru.

Cheng Yiru had feelings for Yuan Hang. The two secretly kept pulling and pushing until Cheng Xizhi was aware of her marriage knot with Yuan Hang. However, their relationship did not break off.

Cheng Xizhi had been neglected by her husband since they got married. One day, she discovered it when she went out to play with her friends and saw Yuan Hang and Cheng Yiru kissing in the parking lot. It was only then that she knew that her husband unexpectedly had a leg with her older sister.

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