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Chapter 32
Chapter 32 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (31)

Jiang Yunshan was originally not called Jiang Yunshan.

When she awakened and found herself lying in an ancient-styled room, she became excited.

Transmigration, a word that had been used frequently in her world. She didn’t expect it to happen to her one day.

While looking at the luxurious and elegant decorations in the room, a well-dressed maid humbly called her “Second Young Lady.” She only needed be served daily and appreciate the flowers. She felt proud of her life, but nothing more than that.

However, human desires could never be satisfied.

After receiving the memories of Jiang Yunshan, she discovered that Jiang Yunshan who she originally thought had an honorable status with a luxurious lifestyle, was just her ridiculous thinking.

Jiang Yunshan was merely an illegitimate daughter, nothing more. Above her was the legitimate older sister who was far

better than her, whether it be family background, appearance, or talent.

Jiang Lingzhen.

Jiang Yunshan began to pay attention to Jiang Lingzhen.

When she saw Jiang Lingzhen’s lifestlye, she was aware that her high quality lifestyle in her eyes was, perhaps, merely a joke to others.

The clothing that Jiang Lingzhen wore were tributes given from the palace.

The daily food that Jiang Lingzhen had eaten were personally cooked by the best chef, who was invited by Princess Wencheng for a huge price.

Jiang Lingzhen was fond of bamboo. Jiangfu’s back garden was specially opened up to place a bamboo forest in order to allow her to be able to spend her free time, occasionally going out for a walk and sit there.

Jiang Lingzhen’s childhood sweetheart was the current Crown Prince.

The more information she received, the more imbalanced Jiang Yunshan’s mind got.

Why? She was the person who transmigrated to this

this world, thus she, herself, should be the true Heavenly proud woman. Jiang Lingzhen was merely an indigenous person, nothing more. Why should she compare herself with dust?

(T/N: Yup, she is beyond saving.)

This feeling of unwillingness reached its peak after seeing Jiang Lingzhen herself.

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In Jiang Yunshan’s memories, the impression of Jiang Lingzhen was not very profound. After all, the original Jiang Yunshan was as timid as a mouse who did not dare to get together with such a dazzling older sister. She only knew that Jiang Lingzhen was a beautiful woman.

However, no matter how she imagined, she did not know how Jiang Lingzhen had grown up in this way.

An outstanding beauty, nothing more beyond this.

Jiang Yunshan knew that the devil had taken root in her heart. It was called jealousy.

This darkness in her

in her heart continued to grow. She wanted to take everything away from Jiang Lingzhen and put her under her feet.

Thus, she plotted against Jiang Lingzhen at the temple and pushed her down. However, it was a pity that Jiang Lingzhen only had trauma wounds and had no serious injuries.

Later, she deliberately hooked the Crown Prince. When she saw the Crown Prince, she knew that this type of man would not refuse to send the door to her.

Just as expected, with just a little trick, the Crown Prince did not hesitate to start an affair.

However, things were completely different from what she expected.

Why didn’t Jiang Lingzhen care?

She became the Crown Prince’s Ce Fei, but what about her? She had become the only County Lord who had been bestowed land!

Jiang Lingzhen, nevertheless, was still better than her.

So, she became more and more crazy.

However, how could the luck of the luck of Jiang Lingzhen be so good? The horse was killed but she was unscathed.

There was also her own face. Jiang Yunshan thought it was Jiang Lingzhen taking revenge on herself. In addition to her, who would be so vicious to own this poison?

(T/N: MC was forced to accept this dirty water b/c of her hubby ;D)

She felt that Jiang Lingzhen was malicious, but she never reflected on her own fault.

The Crown Prince’s status was approaching crisis and the Crown Prince’s Ce Fei became a joke.

Jiang Yunshan thought: Then go to h.e.l.l.

She finally waited to hear the news she wanted: Jiang Lingzhen, Lord of Qingyang County, was stabbed and unconscious.

Unfortunately, she still hadn’t received the exact news of her death when the Emperor delivered a white thin silk to the fu.

(T/N: It’s time to hang!)

Jiang Lingzhen, I’ll be waiting for you in h.e.l.l. She smiled and closed her eyes.

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