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Chapter 209 – Autistic Piano Girl vs. Private Tutor (6)

Could it be that someone else also applied for this job? Yang Huiying thought of this possibility and her heart stuttered.

The person playing the piano was obviously way better than her. If they wanted to compete with her, she would have no chance of winning.

Her footsteps uncontrollably walked towards that direction and saw Gu Shengyin sitting in the piano room.

Gu Shengyin’s piano room was decorated quite elegantly. The Tang Family intentionally built a gla.s.s piano room next to the garden for her. As long as Gu Shengyin looked up, she could see the sunshine and flowers outside. However, the dazzling, hot sunshine did not affect her.

Yang Huiying stopped her footsteps and saw a girl playing the piano in the piano room.

She wore a white dress with her head quietly lowered. Her white, slender fingers flew across the piano keys, and a string of smooth, elegant music flowed from her fingertips.

She listened to it with fascination until Gu Shengyin ended the song. 

She noticed the piano under her hand, Steinway III. This was the treasure that every pianist yearned for even in their dreams; however, there were very few who possessed it.

Yang Huiying calmed down her heart. When she saw Gu Shengyin, she knew that this girl was not her compet.i.tor.

“Host, Yang Huiying appeared.”

“En, I know.” Gu Shengyin replied lazily. She paused for a few minutes before preparing to start another song.

Yang Huiying snapped out of her daze. A moment ago, she came to this place to look for the person playing the piano. Looking around, she discovered that she could not find the way back where she came from.

Looking at the time, her appointment with the Tang Family was at 9 o’clock. Now, there was still half an hour left.

After thinking for a moment, she went to the piano room door and pushed it open.

The girl in the room had just begun playing another song.

Yang Huiying walked in front of Gu Shengyin: “Excuse me, may I ask whether you know how I could get to the Tang Family’s Eldest Young Master’s study room?”

As if she did not hear her at all, Gu Shengyin did not raise her head and continued playing the piano.

Yang Huiying became somewhat angry and depressed. Although it was indeed a bit impolite to disturb someone playing the piano, wasn’t this person’s att.i.tude too arrogant?

However, she was, after all, asking for help. Yang Huiying patiently waited for Gu Shengyin to finish playing this song and prepared to ask her again.

After listening and listening, Yang Huiying couldn’t help but be jealous of her talent. She appeared to be younger than her, but the music that came from her hands seemed as if it had a soul.

She looked at the side of Gu Shengyin’s beautiful face and thought: G.o.d is really unfair. She not only has an excellent family background, she also possessed beauty that surpa.s.sed others. Her talent also leaves ordinary people behind in the dust, unable to reach.

If she had this kind of talent, perhaps the professors in college would each fight for her to be their student.

When Gu Shengyin finished the song, she heard Yang Huiying once again ask: “h.e.l.lo, may I ask how I could get to Tang Family’s Eldest Young Master’s study room?”

Of course, it would be impossible for Ning Zhao to respond to her.

Seeing that the girl in front of her disregarded her as if she did not exist, Yang Huiying became angry.

Are rich people so amazing? That they would look down on people in this way?

Seeing that Gu Shengyin was starting to play again, she pressed down on the piano keys with her hand in anger.

The girl in front of her jumped in fright, and her gaze finally moved to her.

As she looked at that pair of defensive eyes, Yang Huiying felt somewhat uneasy.

JiaMin’s Corner:

Tsk tsk tsk. MC’s personally bubble got popped by a n.o.body.

Ari’s Corner:

Yang Huiying you are a bbbbbbb- female dog (╯°Д°)╯︵ /(.□ . )

Cursing rich people while trying to take advantage of their money! Stay away from my Shengyin!!!!


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