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Chapter 183 – Online Game G.o.d vs. Beloved, Spoiled Disciple (10)

He resolutely pressed down voices of opposition and felt somewhat tired.

“b.l.o.o.d.y Battle.” A sweet voice pa.s.sed over and a pair of arms wrapped around his arm.

Small Misty Rain looked at him pitifully: “b.l.o.o.d.y Battle, did I cause you trouble?”

b.l.o.o.d.y Battle, who was originally somewhat unsettled, looked at Small Misty Rain’s ‘understanding people’s view1‘ expression and felt that he was just making a big fuss over Tan Xiao Jianghu.

“It’s nothing. What about the number one guild, Tan Xiao Jianghu? I, b.l.o.o.d.y Battle, is not a vegetarian2!”

“b.l.o.o.d.y Battle, you are so powerful!” Small Misty Rain snuggled into his embrace with a face full of admiration.

Gu Shengyin was in the middle of doing a hidden task with Mountain River One Sword.

This hidden task required five people. They are Mountain River One Sword, Dreary Falling Tree, Smile in the Wind, I Only Watch Not Speak, and someone called Unruly Wind.

Gu Shengyin took a look and realized that this was practically Tan Xiao Jianghu’s most strongest lineup.

These five people were in the top ten players on the PK list.

No need to talk about I Only Watch Not Speak and Smile in the Wind, precisely two words + to tease. (就是两个话唠+逗比) Unruly Wind’s temperament was quite taciturn. Apart from doing the task, she practically did not hear him say a word.

Dreary Falling Tree and Mountain River One Sword were Swordsmen. Smile in the Wind’s profession was a Beastmaster. I Only Watch Not Speak was an a.s.sa.s.sin, and Unruly Wind was a Daoist Priest.

To put it briefly, this combination had four strong attackers plus a healer and did not even have a meat shield.

Smile in the Wind had questioned it previously. Gu Shengyin and Mountain River One Sword’s att.i.tude was consistent: “We can kill during the whole way.”

Smile in the Wind: Okay, Great G.o.ds. Only you guys have the capital to say these words.

As it turned out, their words were not wrong at all.

Basically, the small mobs were not a threat. Once the Boss appears, Dreary Falling Tree and Mountain River One Sword would directly dominate it. The Boss’ HP was practically half gone. By the time I Only Watch Not Speak and Smile in the Wind reacted, Gu Shengyin once again swung her sword and the battle was over.

Unruly Wind quietly stood in the back acting like the background board. Never had he felt that a healer was this superfluous.

Mountain River One Sword smiled and said: “It’s the first time killing a Boss was this refreshing.”

Of course, he did not forget to record the video.

During their last round, they encountered some troubles. The final monster’s attacks were not only powerful and valiant, its HP was also completely crazy and ridiculous.

It went without saying that Swordsman professions like Gu Shengyin and Mountain River One Sword wore fragile leather. Both of them mainly stacked attack and agility. Basically, they could be laid down3 twice by that monster.

Smile in the Wind and I Only Watch Not Speak were a bit better and could support a round.

Fortunately, Unruly Wind was comparatively powerful. After acting as a background board for too long, his heart was stifled and felt wronged. He finally was able to go out and display his strength.

These people wore it down, and finally, the monster only had 20% HP left.

“Be careful, it’s going to run away!”

Smile in the Wind shouted quickly. Sure enough, the monster flashed red from head to toe and changed to escape mode.

“F***, the attack power and defense power instantly increased by 30%! Do they have to change his att.i.tude like this?” Smile in the Wind cursed.

“My baby basically doesn’t do damage.” Smile in the Wind was speechless. His spirit pet bit the monster and its HP only dropped by 10 points.

Looking at the monster’s 7-digit HP, he felt his life turn gray and dark.

“Unruly, heal me. Be prepared to heal me at all times!” Gu Shengyin’s eyes were shining as she looked at the monster, eager to give it a try.

It just happened that chain of new killer moves that she learned had not been used yet.

1. fair and considerate↩
2. not easy to be bullied or provoked↩
3. I a.s.sume it means to die (基本上被那怪物来上两次就可以躺下了)↩


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