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Chapter 172 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (27)

No one knew where Lancelot took her, apart from Olwen, who occasionally found her whereabouts.

When Olwen saw him, he was building a house in an uninhabited valley and lived there for 20 years.

“Have you ever thought that she might not ever wake up?” Olwen actually sensed that Gu Shengyin was already recovering her strength, bit by bit. It may not take many years before she wakes up.

He looked at the familiar loving appearance of Lancelot and deliberately provoked him.

After so many years, the two unexpectedly became good friends.

“Then, I will accompany her. When I can;t accompany her any longer, I will put my ashes by her side.” Lancelot was in the process of placing a bundle of flowers with dew at the side of Gu Shengyin’s pillow.

Olwen looked at his appearance and suddenly felt very envious.

Unfortunately, he would never have a chance to fall in love with someone like this again.

Gu Shengyin woke up during autumn, the time when trees lose their leaves.

When she woke up, Lancelot was sitting next to her.

“You woke up?” Lancelot gave a gentle and soft smile, as if giving her a daily morning greeting.

Gu Shengyin also smiled.

“En, I woke up.”

In this world, she did not know how long she had stayed with Lancelot.

She only remembered that she had experienced countless period of weakness and slept. Every time she opened her eyes, Lancelot would smiled gently at her.

In the end, a sword cultivator’s life span was not eternal. Lancelot unavoidably entered a weak period.

“Don’t be sad.” Lancelot’s appearance still looked young. He embraced her tenderly. “Being able to accompany you for so many years, I am already content.”

He looked at Gu Shengyin: “These days, I had many good dreams intermittently about us.”

Gu Shengyin felt like crying.

“Katyusha, don’t transform me.” He kissed her lips.

Gu Shengyin nodded her head. She had already been in this world long enough.

Lancelot went quietly. Gu Shengyin did not appear particularly sad. She placed his ashes in her bedroom.

When her next weak period came, she calmly took his ashes and entered the coffin.

“Your Highness, that man had already died, and Her Highness, Princess Bruch, is now considered to be unmarried. Besides you, no one could deserve her.” A McKathway vampire said to Olwen.

Olwen shook his head.

No one had that chance. That person was dead. Ekaterina will not wake up again.

He did not guess wrong. After Gu Shengyin went to sleep, she did not wake up again.

The first thing Gu Shengyin did when she returned to the s.p.a.ce was call the system: “In fact, you know his ident.i.ty, right?”

She was not stupid. Even if the system could not inquire her lover’s ident.i.ty before, after so long, it was impossible not to be able to investigate it.

This time, the system changed it answer: “The host’s authority is insufficient and is unable to inquire.”

Gu Shengyin: Very good. You’re ruthless. (你狠)

“When will I have enough authority?”

The white light on the system’s body flashed: “There is no rigid rules. When that person is willing to let the host know, the host will be able to know.”

Gu Shengyin: …You win!

Translator’s Corner:

Poor MC, couldn’t get anything out of the system about her hubby…


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