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Chapter 163 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (18)

Gu Shengyin looked puzzledly at Olwen, who stopped her.

Olwen’s sullen blue eyes had already turned dark red, and his cultured and refined face facial features became demonic.

“Ekaterina, you are my fiancée. How could you be tempted by other men?” He said in a deep voice.

“What a joke.” Ekaterina looked at him with indifference. “Olwen, where did you get the confidence to speak out these words to me?”

A trace of pain flashed in Olwen’s eyes, but was quickly covered by his blood red eyes.

“I do not allow you to like other men. The only one who deserves you can only be me!” Olwen looked at her determinedly.

Gu Shengyin felt a little stupid by this development. What was this situation? Didn’t Olwen like Rita?

“Olwen, your current situation is abnormal. Look carefully and clearly, I am not Rita.” Gu Shengyin looked at his pair of blood red eyes.

“Rita? It turned out that you were under the impression that I liked her?” Olwen laughed.

“I am very clear-headed, Ekaterina. Who is Rita? If she did not look three-points like you, I would not have looked at her at all. The one I love has always been you ah.” The way he said those words was like sighing.

Olwen seemed as if he was backlogged. A secret that he had kept at the bottom of his heart had been revealed. His eyes tightly locked onto Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin was stunned by this sentence.

“System, you didn’t tell me that Olwen’s true love was actually Ekaterina.”

The system was also very innocent: “I didn’t know either. This never happened in the original storyline ah.”

Gu Shengyin: This unreliable system!

However, Olwen still needed to be dealt with.

“Love me while continuously changing lovers? Olwen, your love, I really can’t afford it.”

Gu Shengyin’s words was like a knife piercing into Olwen’s heart.

He knew that people like Ekaterina absolutely could not tolerate their other half doing this unchaste thing.

“If…If there was a hidden matter to it?” He was unwilling to give up.

Gu Shengyin looked at him: “I do not want to know what hidden matter. You just need to tell me, those lovers of yours, are you true to them or not?”

Olwen could not deny it.

Gu Shengyin sneered and smiled: “Look, Olwen. What do you use to prove your feelings for me? Use your steady flow1 of lovers?”

She no longer spoke, turned around, and left.

“Additionally, Olwen, don’t start with Lancelot if you still want us to continue to be friends.” Her voice was heard through the wind.

Left behind, Olwen covered his face with his hand and smiled self-deprecatingly: “Go deal with a human? Ekaterina, you see me, Olwen McKathway, too low.”

Ekaterina was, after all, the Bruch Family’s Supreme leader, so she could not spend all her time on Lancelot.

She only checked on Lancelot’s current situation once in a while, leave some stuff behind, but never met with him.

In contrast, Rita’s improvement speed let people feel alarmed.

Her strength was already approaching a Duke’s.

A vampire’s ranking is very strict. High-leveled vampires start at Count, followed by Marquis, Duke, and then a Supreme Qin w.a.n.g.

When she was transformed by Olwen, she was undoubtedly a Count. Even if Olwen’s left over blood-transformation power let her reach the next level, this speed was also really alarming.

1. steady flow – an unending stream↩

Translator’s Corner:

Do you guys sympathize Olwen or not? He said that there was a reason to why he does what he does.


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