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Chapter 157 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (12)

“Honorable Qin w.a.n.g, I do not know what matter you summoned me for?” A handsome man performed a ceremonious bow towards Gu Shengyin.

“Salar, I need you to go to the Rose Country and give a lesson to those vampire hunters.” Gu Shengyin said in a cold voice.

Salar had an excited expression: “Salar accepts your order. Those abominable vampire hunters, they have already been unpleasant to the eyes since a long time ago.”

Gu Shengyin shot him a glance: “You must stop before going too far.”

At once, Salar respectfully and solemnly lowered his head: “I shall follow your orders.”

Gu Shengyin arrived at Dark Night Castle. Rita here, she was going to change her attack strategy. (顾盛因来到了暗夜城堡,丽塔这里,她准备换一个攻略方式)

If the person Rita loved was not Olwen, would she have resentment and hatred towards Gu Shengyin? 

Rita was picking white roses in Dark Night Castle’s garden.

There was only this kind of flower in the entire Dark Night Castle. Coincidentally, Ekaterina was also fond of white roses.

The vampires of Dark Night Castle did not dare stop Gu Shengyin, but they had to inform their Master, who was not in the castle.

“Your Highness.” Rita turned around and happened to see Gu Shengyin standing behind her.

She did not know how long she stood there looking at her.

Gu Shengyin walked over to Rita step by step.

She intentionally put on a court dress today, which was said to be a particularly popular style for humans.

The long dress was dragging on the ground forming an elegant arc.

Rita felt somewhat nervous. She did not know what Her Highness’ purpose for suddenly visiting her was.

Gu Shengyin bent down lightly, picked the most white-colored rose, and gently put it in Rita’s hair.

“Very beautiful.” She glanced at Rita’s face and suddenly showed a mild smile.

Rita blushed. All of a sudden, she felt that this smile of Her Highness’ could not be compared to the entire white rose garden.

Gu Shengyin was deliberate. She only had one task goal, but the process was not restricted.

At this moment, she suddenly had a thought. If she now brushed up Rita’s favorable impression of her, as long as Rita had good opinions of her, would the original blood exchange storyline not happen?

She heard that Her Highness of the Bruch Clan was the most n.o.ble existence among the vampires, just like her “Father”, Olwen.

Although she had not heard of Her Highness not liking others praising her beauty, just now, her own words were clearly too reckless and frivolous. 

Gu Shengyin lowered her eyes, realizing that this was a good chance to brush up a favorable impression.

She extended a hand and gently pulled Rita to stand up: “Don’t be restrained. In fact, I am very fond of you. At that time, if Olwen did not insist on you, I would have brought you back to Nightingale Castle.”

She was taller than Rita. This posture practically brought Rita’s whole body into her arms. Rita felt the entire breath on Her Highness’ body was pure and cold.

Against her expectations, Gu Shengyin was not the least bit aware and intimately spoke in her ear: “You are such an adorable little girl….”

When Olwen came, he saw this kind of scene.

His fiancée, a lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze, pressing down on the white roses in the garden. (他的未婚妻,打扮的花枝招展的,将满园的白蔷薇都压了过去)  And his new lover, Rita, was snuggled up in Ekaterina’s arms with a bashful face. The two were talking intimately about something.

Inexplicably, Olwen thought his heart somewhat stopped.


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