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Chapter 149 – Vampire Princess vs. The Initial Possessed Young Woman of Mankind (4)

Lancelot Ryan had a very strange dream.

There was a woman in his dream. He was not able to clearly see the woman’s face. He even sometimes felt that every time the woman appeared, her appearance was not the same.

In the dream, he was madly in love with that woman.

After waking up from the dream, a scorching feeling that boiled in his heart still remained after a long time.

He felt that he fell in love with that woman.

He wanted to find her.

If these words were known by his friends in his team, they would absolutely ridicule him for a long time.

So many beautiful and lovely young ladies pursuing him vigorously, yet he fell in love with a woman inside a preposterous dreamland and simply did not exist at all.

He turned over to get out of bed, changed his clothes, wore his sword on his belt, and walked outside.

“Young Master, where are you going?” An old white-haired butler curiously asked.

“I want to go out for a while.” He felt the unfathomable impulse in his heart. His heart bizarrely did not exclude it, but was rather faintly excited.

It seemed as if someone was guiding him in the dark, and the person he was looking for was far in the north.

At this time, a girl in Dark Night castle, located on southern part of the McWeiz territory, was also ushered in.

“The task goal has appeared.” Gu Shengyin sighed.

If there was no Ekaterina in this story, it would have been a story of a handsome vampire prince and an ordinary human girl falling in love with each other.

The beautiful human girl, Rita, was seen by the Vampire Prince, who was out hunting for food. Originally the Vampire Prince, who was only planning to take pleasure once, brought her back to his castle because of the girl’s exceptionally delicious blood, and intended to turn her into his long-term meal ticket.

The girl did not resist. In fact, very few humans could resist a vampire’s beauty and eternal life.

But that girl was not reconciled to be an obscure and unknown person.

She wanted to become Olwen McWeiz’s wife bright and clearly.

But there was an aloof and remote woman, Ekaterina Bruch. Even without Ekaterina, the McWeiz Clan would unlikely agree with His Highness choosing this kind of human woman to become his wife.

If the bride’s bloodline was not pure, then the future heirs would inevitably not be a n.o.ble pure blood.

In fact, this matter did not necessarily have no turning point. As long as Olwen insisted, no one would dare rebel again the Prince’s power.

Unfortunately, Rita, who had already fall into madness, had not thought so much. In order to become a n.o.ble pure-blood, she came up with a method – exchanging blood.

Whose blood did she exchange with? It was naturally the most n.o.ble woman in the entire bloodline with a lineage status – Ekaterina Bruch.

Plotting against a Qin w.a.n.g was undoubtedly difficult. For this reason, Rita had been preparing for it for nearly a thousand years. She calculated Princess Bruch’s weak period, and united a group of equally ambitious vampire alliances to seal her.

This thing could not be regarded as successful. Rita had not yet taken action when Prince McWeiz quickly rushed over.

As soon as he saw the Princess lying in the coffin, he was angered in a flash and tore everyone present at the scene into pieces. However, there was nothing that could be done to wake up his fiancée.

“Can you really exchange blood successfully?” Gu Shengyin suddenly asked.

The system replied, “Vampires rely on blood to pa.s.s on their powers to the future generations. Theoretically, Rita’s tentative plan was achievable. Moreover, after obtaining all your blood, she would also inherit all the dark power in your blood.”

Gu Shengyin: ….This world was not one bit beautiful!

Translator’s Corner:

I hope our ML will be super strong~ Knight in shining red armor!


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