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Chapter 143 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (28)

Ludwig’s statement undoubtedly gave new energy to those fans who were persistently fighting for their idols.

[Ah ah ah ah, it’s really Ludwig. My male G.o.d is so handsome!]

[Very late at night, a wave of dog food. Although I have been abused, I still want to say: Beautifully done!]

[Hehe, this time, look at whether those mad dogs can still come out and bite people]

[Originally, I was a FangKe Party; however, seeing Ludwig’s remarks, I think I have been enchanted by him. A man stepping forward bravely at the key moment for his woman is a true man!]

[Upstairs, Ludwig is a true man!]

[Hehe, Ruan Keyi, that sort of woman, who has who knows how much money is on her hands, also has a fool? (呵呵,阮珂仪那样一个不知道几手货的女人也有傻子要)]

[Upstairs, did you never brush your teeth? How is your mouth so stinky?]

[The smell sprayed out can cause a whole family to die!]

In less than two hours after that statement was sent out, Ludwig arrived at Gu Shengyin’s apartment.

“Why did you come?” Gu Shengyin looked at him. The fundus of the man’s eyes clearly had a somewhat greenish-black color. Obviously, there was no proper rest on the way here.

“How could I leave you here alone like this?” Ludwig extended his hands and embraced her. “Sorry I’m late.”

Chen Rong tactfully withdrew, not bothering the two getting along.

Gu Shengyin, who stayed in Ludwig’s embrace, felt the corners of her eyes become a bit sour.

Frankly speaking, this kind of situation could not knock her down. What really made her emotional was this one man’s att.i.tude.

Truly placing you in his heart, it wasn’t how many famous and valuable gifts he could give you. Rather, when you are being criticized, he would be the first person to stand up in front of you and block them.

Against everyone’s expectations, not long after Ludwig’s statement was released, Zhou Chuansheng, over there, also issued a statement. He did not have any ambiguous relationship with Ruan Keyi, and spoke about the truth of the photo.

At the same time, several artists, who claimed to be familiar with the situation, also made remarks stating that, at that time, they were also present at the scene. They could testify that Ruan Keyi was not careful and stepped on the hem of her dress, almost falling down. Young Master Zhou had kindly helped her.

Someone even sent out a group of anonymous photos. It was exactly the scene where Ruan Keyi was falling down. The angle of the picture was not the same, but the facts were neat and clear.

The rumors pertaining to Ruan Keyi standing with each foot in a different boat was split when it met the knife’s edge. Although there were still several black powders jumping, no one paid attention to them.

(T/N: split when it meets the knife’s edge – easily solved)

“Was this thing done by you?” Gu Shengyin looked straight at the man who was cutting fruit for her.

Ludwig handed the well-cut apple to her: “I only sent an email to the Zhou Group in the name of the Gardner Family.”

This man. Gu Shengyin took a bite of the apple, very sweet.

Ruan Keyi’s V-blog had a new update.

This time, nothing was concealed. In the small picture frame, Ludwig and Ruan Keyi’s heads were intimately close together. Their clasped hands also appeared in front of the lens. Their ring finger had a glistening, bright beryl.

[Face dog’s welfare, I’ll take this picture away!]

[F*** (wò cáo), that ring is shiny. Did those two really reach this stage?]

[F***, that ring is shiny. How much does it cost for such a large beryl ah?]

[F***, that ring is shiny. Upstairs, you can search online about the Gardner Family]

[I only noticed that Ludwig was definitely in D Country the day before. Now he has already appeared at Her Majesty Queen’s side?]

[I also noticed. Very intimate! Very sweet!]

[This bowl of dog food, I’ll eat it!]

[F***, I just searched up the Gardner Family. Is it really that Gardner Family? This won’t do. I have to go downstairs and run two laps to calm down!]

[Wish you happiness]

Translator’s Corner:

– a somewhat self-deprecating term adopted by fandoms to describe fans who only care about pop stars' appearance

卧槽 (wò cáo) is a euphemism for 我肏 (wǒ cào). Literally: "I Fck", as interjection "Fck!" or "what the fck" 


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