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Chapter 107 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (21)

“Pa!” Xi Liufeng did not even look at the tea leaves and swept the cup to the ground. He snarled: “Each and every one of you is a waste. Isn’t it just a trifling fire poison, yet no one could treat it?”

“Liufeng, ah! It really hurts ah!” Inside the room, Bai Xinya’s painful cry could be heard. Xi Liufeng rushed into the room, and looked at Bai Xinya, who was on the bed.

The skin on her whole body had an abnormal flush, and felt scorching hot on his hand.

When Bai Xinya saw Xi Liufeng coming in, she could not help but shout: “Liufeng! Liufeng, save me…”

Xi Liufeng’s heart ached when he saw Bai Xinya’s appearance.

Bai Xinya’s head powerlessly drooped. Xi Liufeng withdrew his hand from her neck and went out the door.

He really loved her. There was never a woman who could make him feel like this.

“Young Master…” At this time, a subordinate behind him hesitantly spoke.

“What matter, say it directly !”

The subordinate hesitated for a while before opening his mouth: “I heard that this fire poison has a solution. You need the heart blood of the person who has the ice soul sword heart…”

Blood essence was one of the Three Treasures of Chinese medicine and it was the most important one. In regards to sword cultivation, it was, undoubtedly, an extremely important existence, not to mention, the most precious heart blood.

Xi Liufeng’s eyes turned dark: “The whole world knows that the only one who possesses the ice soul sword heart is Xing Luojian Sect’s Ice Heart Sword Emperor, Ling Xiao zunzhe‘s closed disciple! You want me to offend a Sword Saint?”

Using an 18 year old Sword Emperor’s heart blood to save another Sect’s disciple, it was impossible for Xing Luojian Sect to agree.

The subordinate was frightened and quickly knelt on the ground: “This subordinate only heard about this matter. There is no other thoughts.”

“Okay! Get up. This matter, never mention it to others!”

The subordinate trembled with fear as he left. Xi Liufeng stood alone in the same spot, slowly sinking into contemplation.

Here, Gu Shengyin had already heard the news of Bai Xinya’s fire poison.

She was aware that, without an accident, Xi Liufeng would find out the way of solving it, and ultimately, hit the idea on her body.

Gu Shengyin had no choice but to admit: This Xi Liufeng, to treat Bai Xinya, really lets me know what it means to love deeply into the bones. (真的是爱到了骨子里)

However, this was not a valid reason for Xi Liufeng to injure others for Bai Xinya.

Gu Shengyin decided to send them a big gift.

The next day, a rumor began to spread.

It was said that the Heaven Pavilion’s Young Master’s lover was poisoned with fire poison. The only antidote was the heart blood of the Ice Heart Sword Emperor of Xing Luojian Sect.

As soon as the rumors came out, everyone was waiting for the development of the situation; their hearts were full of gossip.

Mainly, both sides were too famous. Heaven Pavilion was also considered to be one of the powerful big forces of Great Tianlan World; however, compared to Xing Luojian Sect, there was still a big gap.

No need to say anything about the Ice Heart Sword Emperor. In the earlier days, she had a large reputation in the Great Tianlan World. After she exposed her ident.i.ty during the swamp battle, she was unexpectedly Xing Luojian Sect’s Sword Saint Ling Xiao zunzhe’s closed disciple. She was an 18 year old Sword Emperor with a unique talent, the worldly innate ice soul sword heart!

Xi Liufeng had an ashen complexion. He definitely concealed this matter perfectly. Who leaked the news? In this situation, if Xinya’s fire poison was cured or if the Ice Heart Sword Emperor had an accident, the primary suspect would be Heaven Pavilion!

Gu Shengyin smiled slightly: This gift, I do not know if you are satisfied?

Translator’s Corner:

Changed swordsmanship to sword cultivation


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