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Chapter 3: Ta Yan (2)

Su Xin maintained a lady's proper posture while she walked towards mama Ta Yan's door and knocked.

Master Fourteen, this is the slowest pace I've walked with in my entire life.

[Eh, It doesn't matter. You will have to repeat it in the future.]

In the modern times, Su Xin always walked hastily. She could even run quickly while wearing pumps, which were a need for some missions. But as Xue Yao, she had to adhere to a young lady's training and keep a ladylike and graceful pace. Ta Yan had strict rules and the training was surely pure torture for the original owner.

If in any occasion Su Xin was caught walking briskly, she would absolutely be admonished thoroughly. Fortunately, this body entrusted to her had already perfectly honed this habit by muscle memory, allowing her to walk with ease.

“Mama, Xue Yao is here."

"Xue Yao, ah, come in."

Su Xin opened the door and saw Ta Yan lying on an elegant couch. This female brothel keeper was a former courtesan herself and so, she held the beauty of one. Although she was now at her mid-thirties to forties, she still exuded an attractive allure. There was a whiff of elegance, and the feeling of coyness seeping out from her bones that was not unnoticeable.

“Xue Yao, you are already near of age. There's no need for me to elaborate further; you should know what I'm implying.” Ta Yan cut through the chase and got right to the point.

"Yes." Su Xin nodded.

“I heard that you weren't feeling well these past few days. Don't overthink. I want you to be mentally prepared when you enter these doors as a courtesan soon. You are my favorite girl and I hope you turn out to be worthy of me and my mother's education."

The former brothel keeper was Ta Yan's mother but no one, even her mother, could compare to her own craftiness. She was a master of the abacus. It was not a surprise when she took an interest in Xue Yao. She saw her as a golden goose which would lay eggs at the opportune moment. And good lord, it was fast approaching!

"Mama, I have a proposal." Su Xin looked straight into Ta Yan's eyes, who raised her eyebrows in return and motioned for her to speak.

"I want to attend the Banquet of the Four Countries."

Ta Yan's expression sank, and she immediately sat up and looked at Su Xin, almost seething.

Like a lion ready to pounce at her prey,  she growled, "You say that again."

"I want to attend the Banquet of the Four Countries."

“Humph! If you wanted to escape, there's no need for such an excuse. The Banquet of the Four Countries - don't even think about it.” Ta Yan sneered.

The Banquet of the Four Countries was a event where important individuals a.s.sembled. The emperor of each country would be present, as well as every intellectual, elegant scholar, wise men and tactician. The female singer that will be given the privilege to perform will only be the top geishas chosen from the countless brothels from each country.

It was the best way for a prost.i.tute to earn a reputation for herself, and it was the perfect stage for her mission.

The banquet is held once every five years. Four exceptional geishas from each country are chosen. Ergo, the banquet was a soft compet.i.tion for the geishas. This era obviously gives high importance to the pleasure workers. They are treated as the epitome of beauty and are educated to be wise and resourceful. However, this event requires one thing – all performers must be virgins.

But how difficult is it for Su Xin to pull through this stunt? It's like a modern prost.i.tute from a nightclub in a third-tier city aiming for Miss World.

Exceedingly far-fetched.

"I can do it."

“What makes you that confident? Your appearance is pleasing but how can you compare to the other partic.i.p.ants in the capital? They had spent wealth for their training and you, young lady had not even earned me anything. Don't you even think that I'll spend a silver on you! You ungrateful wench, get lost!” Ta yan brandished Su Xin to leave.

Like a lamb, Su Xin went out with a polite expression. She turned somber as soon as she was outside alone.

For many years, no one has ever told her off like that.

Su Xin's eyes flashed with determination, and she thought of way to make Ta Yan acquiesce to her proposal.

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