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Chapter 32: The Sad Fate of Cannon Fodder

Ning Shu went to the nurse office to see the school doctor uncle. When she saw that the room was filled with patients yet again, she questioned what exactly the school doctor uncle was doing here as a school doctor.

There was definitely a reason. How could a person that Instructor Headshot feared so much simply be an ordinary school doctor?

When the school doctor saw Ning Shu, he sized her up, then asked, rather shocked, "Eh? You're actually still alive? You didn't go to the shooting range?"

Ning Shu: …

She almost puked out blood. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d clearly knew that the shooting range was filled with homicidal maniacs, yet he didn't bother warning her, causing her to end up stroding in casually.

How could a human be this malicious? Did any truth, goodness, and beauty still exist in his heart?

Ning Shu tugged her lips into a smile and said, "Thank you."

She patted the lady's pistol at her waist.

The school doctor glanced briefly at her, then said, "Are you having trouble dealing with the school flower, Ling Xue?"

>School flower is the term for the prettiest girl in a school. School gra.s.s is for the hottest guy.

"Even Uncle knows Ling Xue? Looks like Ling Xue's famous name is truly widely known." Ning Shu then looked at the school doctor uncle and asked in shock, "Uncle, no way right?"

"No way what?"

"It couldn't be that you've fallen for Ling Xue as well, right?" Ning Shu felt like life was very tough.

The school doctor lifted his brows as he looked at Ning Shu. "What makes you think I would like Ling Xue?"

Wherever the female lead goes, males are instantly taken down. No man has hope of escaping the influence of the Mary Sue halo. Then there was the school doctor's capital. He was tall, handsome, and had a good physique. Most importantly, there was an upright yet also demonic aura that came from him, so he was very suitable for being a supporting male lead.

"Uncle ah, there are plenty of women in the world, what need is there to hang yourself on a single tree?" Ning Shu was practically about to cry. How the f.u.c.k was she supposed to defeat the female lead if this uncle had feelings for her?

She felt like she was about to fall apart. She was practically about to kneel and beg the school doctor uncle.

The school doctor rubbed his forehead as he looked at Ning Shu who was wailing in despair. He stomped Ning Shu's leg and crushed it hard.

Ao, f.u.c.k, owww! Ning Shu clasped her leg as she looked at the cold-hearted school doctor. As expected, she was cannon fodder. Life was so sad. If it was the female lead crying, he would have already pulled her into his arms. Even the most useless man would have at least handed over some tissues.

"Don't act this d.a.m.ned way in front of me, it's nauseating. Since you're ugly, don't act so pretentious," said the school doctor coldly.

>The author's name is made of two parts. The very part is an emphasized 'very.' The second part is a term with multiple meanings, one of it being 'pretentious.'

Ning Shu: …

For some unknown reason, she felt like the current school doctor completely lacked the gentle as jade feeling she got when she first saw him.

Right now, not even the gla.s.ses could cover up the malicious aura in his eyes.

c.r.a.p, he couldn't be a fiend wearing human skin that was trying to destroy the world, right?

"How's your practice going? You can shoot now, right?" asked the school doctor uncle.

Ning Shu extended her hand and said with a slight tone of pride, "I can hit the five rings now."

What the f.u.c.k was five rings? The school doctor looked at Ning Shu strangely and said, "You couldn't be telling me that after practicing for so long, you're only capable of hitting the target, right?"

The smile on Ning Shu's face cracked. For some reason, when she heard the school doctor's disdainful tone, she felt like she was very useless. She had changed from a naive, moe little sis to a moe little sis that knew how to shoot. Wasn't that very deeply moving?

Ning Shu shamelessly called herself a moe little sis in her heart.

"You've probably made me to lose face in front of all the people in the shooting range." The school doctor looked at Ning Shu, his gla.s.ses shooting out a light bright as snow. It was filled with a sinister aura.

Originally, Ning Shu wanted to tell him that she had an Instructor Headshot teaching her, but she decisively dropped the idea upon seeing the school doctor like this. She sucked this much even with someone teaching her. If the school doctor found out, he might decide to just destroy her.

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