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Chapter 160: Su Family Situation

"Ahem…" Su Bo cleared his throat, then said, "Ran, you knew about this beforehand?" Su Bo's expression was a bit complicated, then he continued dispiritedly, "The Su family has seriously suffered serious damage this time. Our a.s.sets have fallen to a tenth of what we had before."

Ning Shu said 'oh' indifferently without any expression change. The current situation was already much better than that of the original storyline. Originally, the Su family had completely collapsed. At that time, Su Bo had run off with Su Lan, leaving the original host and Madame Su, two weak women, to be reduced to being prost.i.tutes.

This outcome for a malicious cannon fodder like her should already be satisfying enough to resolve feelings of hatred, but Su Dabao still came to the nightclub to humiliate her.

Was it really good for a little kid to visit night clubs? In addition, due to the fact that Chairman Xiao's son was purposely making things difficult for her, no nightclubs dared to take her anymore. Su Ran had grown up very comfortably and didn't have any skills with which to earn a living, so she ended up in wretched poverty and died from the pox.

The ending really was pitiful.

"Can you talk to Xiao Yan and borrow some money from the Xiao family so that the Su family has a bit of capital to work with?" asked Su Bo.

Ning Shu rolled her eyes. They were clearly targeting you, yet you still believe that they'd lend you money? No matter how braindead Xiao Yan was, he probably still wouldn't lend money in this situation.

What Su Bo was actually planning was probably to use her to test the Xiao family's att.i.tude.

"Didn't Dad say that women shouldn't get involved in business matters?" Ning Shu directly rejected him.

Ning Shu felt that the original host was still pretty naive. She thought that if she protected the Su family and had her maternal family's support, then she wouldn't end up with the tragic ending of the original storyline. She didn't take into consideration the fact that Su Bo didn't care about her or her mother.

Su Bo's expression immediately turned unpleasant when he heard this. "You were born in the Su family and the Su family has given you wealth and honor, yet you're making all sorts of excuses when we ask you to help a little? Without the Su family, you also won't be able to do much in the Xiao family."

Madame Su looked at her husband, then looked at Ning Shu. In the end, she sighed without saying anything.

Su Lan said to Su Bo, "Dad, didn't I say that we shouldn't bother asking her? Su Ran only cares about herself. She's selfish and malicious."

Ning Shu looked up towards Su Lan and said expressionlessly, "Either you shut up, or I'll beat you until you shut up. Who do you think you are to complain about me? If you had the ability, go look for the person who cheated you and yell at him! You girl-like wimp. Now that the Su family no longer has money, you can go sell yourself to people who have interest in weak bottoms like you."

Su Lan's face instantly flushed red from anger. He clenched his fists and glared as he shouted, "Su Ran, try humiliating me one more time!?"

"I'd rather be a beggar on the street than beg a malicious woman like you for help." Su Lan turned around to leave but Su Bo stopped him. Su Lan said angrily, "Dad, let's go. Let's just leave this d.a.m.ned arrogant woman to fend for herself. You heard what she said, she doesn't care about the Su family at all, much less me, this younger brother. All she cares about is herself."

When Ning Shu heard Su Lan's complaints, she couldn't help but wonder if all the men kneeling beneath the Mary Sue halo was this opinionated and pompous? They were always standing at a position they believed to be n.o.ble and accusing others of things without ever reflecting on their own conduct.

Su Lan was always saying that she didn't care about him as a younger brother, but what about him? He was completely loyal to Su Meng and treated his older sister like a freaking death enemy.


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