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Chapter 106: Issue of the Peace Marriage

Li Wen nodded, then turned to head back towards the palace.

Only then did Ning Shu sigh in relief. She had finally managed to prove some of her value to Li Wen. This way, he would at least hesitate a little when the peace marriage was brought up, right?

Still, Ning Shu's heart remained heavy. Whether she would be able to complete the task or not would depend on how the marriage issue went.

In reality, she was already pretty much done with this task. Do not love Duan Xinghui? En, it's done. Make sure Duan Xinghui and Er Ya, this wretched couple, didn't have a good end? Alright, that one was also pretty much complete. If things kept developing in this direction, only more barriers would come between Er Ya and Duan Xinghui's feelings and cause them to become an unhappy couple.

In the original storyline, Er Ya only got Madame Duan's acceptance after she saved a marquess and was bestowed a high status. However, due to the fact that now there was Yuan Dong to meddle in Duan Residence's affairs, Er Ya couldn't even step out of the residence doors and had to stay in to learn etiquette every day.

Once Er Ya became bound by the rules of etiquette and started making every move according to the rules, would Duan Xinghui still like her? Hahaha…

As Ning Shu had expected, not long later the Huns delegation came to the capital. The one that came this time was King Han's second son, the second prince of the plains.

This was the person the original host had gotten married with. The second prince had heard about how the original host ruined her reputation trying to s.n.a.t.c.h a man so he had a very bad first impression of her. After they got married, he treated her inhumanely.

The place where the Huns lived was a place with no sense of propriety, justice, integrity, or honor. Women were treated as goods. Although the original host had become the second prince's wife, what destroyed the original host the most was that the second prince's brothers would share her and humiliate her.

It was practically a place where devils dwelled. The original host feared the second prince a lot. Ning Shu's body involuntarily started shaking the moment she heard the second prince's name in reflection of the original host's emotions.

Mixed in with the fear was hatred, but overall there was more fear. After being tormented so long, the original host came to react to the second prince like a mouse would react to the sight of a cat - she would feel as if death was imminent.

Ning Shu clenched her fist. No matter what she couldn't be married off. If she got married off, how was she supposed to help the original host counterattack? If she wanted to change the original host's fate, she had to change the outcome of this moment.

As in the original storyline, the Huns delegation proposed a peace marriage and demanded that the partner be Great Yong's only Princess Jiahui.

All the ministers said to marry Ning Shu off but Li Wen didn't say anything. He seemed to agree to this idea, but also didn't seem to. It made the Huns delegation a bit annoyed, but they didn't dare to be too impudent.

This was to be expected. After all, this was the great power of the storyline. Even though Ning Shu's reputation hadn't been stained, nor had she gotten involved in the scandal of a respectable princess trying to s.n.a.t.c.h a man from another woman, she still couldn't avoid the fate of being married off.

The cannon fodder supporting female leads were really pitiful ah. What should she do now? All she could do was not cry, stand up, and keep working hard. What made Ning Shu rather relieved was that Li Wen didn't immediately agree to the marriage. It was clear she had managed to make Li Wen value her a bit more with the sweet potatoes.

As expected, it was the right choice to focus on currying favor with Li Wen. Since she lived by the side of the Emperor who had ultimate control over the country, it was a must to be aware of the Emperor's thoughts. Evidently, she had made the right bet.

The delegation settled themselves down in the capital. What made Ning Shu speechless was the fact that the second prince actually came to the Princess Residence to visit her. Ning Shu only had one word to say: scram.

As expected, he really didn't know any etiquette. What would other people think if he visited her like this? They'd think that she was already involved with the second prince. f.u.c.k. This second prince was really treacherous and malicious.

Ning Shu didn't hesitate to think the worse of this second prince. In the original host's memory, this second prince was as ruthless and crafty as the wild wolves of the prairie. The way he tormented the original host was beyond the limit of what a human could endure.

Jiahui, who had been married over, was tormented to death in two years.

Ning Shu stayed in the residence and refused to go out. The second prince didn't get to see Princess Jiahui and could only return in disappointment. He had heard that Princess Jiahui was quite pretty.

#comment: Remember, this is a fictional depiction so it does not in any way reflect the actual Huns.

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