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Chapter 216: If Only He Would Donate Some Blood

The school doctor uncle brought Ning Shu to a laboratory. This laboratory was very isolated and the entrance was located beneath a withered tree.

However, as Ning Shu walked inside, she was. .h.i.t with a familiar feeling. She had been to this place before. This laboratory was probably the uncle’s base of operations?

Then she saw that there was a corpse submerged in an enormous gla.s.s cylinder. It was the corpse of a very beautiful woman. When Ning Shu saw the person’s face, she was given a huge shock. Wasn’t this Ling Xue?

Her face looked contorted. It seemed like she had suffered quite a lot before she died.

Ning Shu felt a chill. The school doctor uncle definitely didn’t bring her here out of good intentions. It couldn’t be that he was bored of dissecting people so now he wants to dissect a zombie!?

NIng Shu looked towards the school doctor uncle with her nearsighted eyes. The school doctor uncle had taken off his black windbreaker to change into a white lab coat. This sight, paired with his shiny gold-rimmed gla.s.ses, practically scared Ning Shu s.h.i.tless.

He now looked even more like the definition of a twisted scientist.

“Lie down.” The school doctor uncle adjusted his gla.s.ses.

Ning Shu: What are you saying? I can’t hear you at all. Can’t hear, can’t…

“Lie down on the operating table.” The school doctor shouted towards Ning Shu. This time, the sound was much louder and echoed in the laboratory.

Ning Shu kept that dumbfounded look on her face like she didn’t hear anything. After all, she couldn’t very well lie down obediently for him to dissect her, right?

“You have talent at acting stupid.” The school doctor uncle walked towards Ning Shu and Ning Shu, of course, backed away. However, the school doctor uncle soon caught her and dragged her onto the operating table.

Following that, her limbs were shackled. Ning Shu’s heart was very chilled. She finally understood how Ling Xue felt, lying on the table as someone prepared to dissect her.


Ning Shu blinked towards the school doctor uncle like her life depended on it. Uncle, please let me off. There were so many zombies outside, why must you dissect me?

When the school doctor uncle saw that Ning Shu’s eyes were blinking nonstop, he remarked, “Hm? Are you about to go blind? Could it be that the variant zombie also had a different variation of the virus?”

Ning Shu: …

The school doctor uncle picked up a syringe to draw some blood out of Ning Shu’s arm, but wasn’t able to find a vein. After a little while, he seemed to have gotten a little impatient as he stabbed it directly into the artery on Ning Shu’s neck to draw out a tube of blood.

Mommy, save me ah! This uncle was very twisted and insane ah. Although the virus had damaged her nerves so she didn’t feel any pain, it was still a horrifying experience.

When she saw that the uncle has started working on something by himself and wasn’t about to dissect her, she loosened a breath in relief. She looked around as best as she could with her nearsighted vision. When she saw the white corpse submerged in formalin, she had to swallow back her saliva. She really wanted to go over and rip it apart. She was dying from hunger.

She felt disgusted, yet longed for it at the same time. It was practically driving her crazy. When she glanced over at the uncle who was currently studying her blood and smelled the scent of the uncle’s body, her heart burned even more with craving.

Please give me something to eat. Ning Shu felt like a monster that only cared about food.

After working for a while, the uncle washed his hands several times before sitting back down next to the operating table. As he looked at Ning Shu, he said, “Girl, try to stay rational.”

Ning Shu wanted to cry. With the way you were hovering around, no matter how much rationality she had, she wouldn’t be able to keep it. You freakin’ don’t understand my inner pain at all.

The school doctor uncle ate a bit of compressed biscuits and drank some water in front of Ning Shu. When he saw that she was staring at him, he asked, “You want to eat?”

I f*cking want to eat you! Ning Shu cried out in her heart. However, she forced herself to nod. The uncle snapped off a piece of biscuit and placed it in Ning Shu’s mouth. Ning Shu chewed a little with difficulty, then swallowed it. What the h.e.l.l was this? It wasn’t tasty at all.

It was like feeding a human sand.

If only the uncle would donate her some of his blood.

Chapter 217: Life of a Little White Mouse

Ning Shu didn’t know how long she had been in the laboratory. She was starving every single day, but didn’t actually starve to death. It was just that this craving for food was torture.

The school doctor uncle held a test tube in one hand as he lifted Ning Shu’s chin with the other. He poured some liquid into her mouth. Ning Shu smacked her lips. There wasn’t really any taste. What was this?

Ning Shu worked hard to ask the uncle what this was with her blurry eyes. The uncle’s brainwaves must have finally matched up with Ning Shu’s this once as he said, “This is gene essence.”

Ning Shu: Pfff…

What was he giving a zombie gene essence for?

The school doctor uncle furrowed his brows as he asked, “You don’t feel anything?”

Ning Shu shook her head. She didn’t feel anything, but she also wasn’t as desperately hungry anymore.

Could it be that this gene essence could also serve as an energy source?

“Girl, what about now? What do you feel now?” asked the school doctor uncle.

Ning Shu mouthed that she didn’t feel as hungry anymore.

“You don’t feel as hungry?” The school doctor uncle guessed. Ning Shu immediately nodded.

Understanding flashed across the school doctor uncle’s face. “No wonder zombies were also interested in the gene essence. The zombie’s interest in consuming humans as food probably stems from their instinct to supplement the genes in their bodies. This manifested as craving for human flesh.”

Ning Shu: …

Twisted scientists were seriously too scary.

Regardless of whether it was the ability users or the variant zombies, their end goal was the same – to become an evolved human. The school doctor uncle poured another test tube of gene essence into Ning Shu’s mouth.

Ning Shu felt that it was superb. It was much easier to control her body now.

The school doctor uncle took off his white lab coat and pulled on his black windbreaker. From the looks of it, he was about to head out.

Ning Shu stared at the school doctor uncle and used her eyes to ask, Uncle, where are you going?

The uncle adjusted his gold-rimmed gla.s.ses and said, “I’m heading out for a while. Behave and stay still.”

Ning Shu sent him off with her eyes. You have to come back ah!

The laboratory fell silent. Ning Shu lay on the operating table with her hands and feet shackled. There was no need to mention how depressed she felt. The worst part of this was, after becoming a zombie, she could no longer sleep. Even if she wanted to sleep, she couldn’t.

Having insomnia was seriously painful.

After some time, the school doctor uncle returned with what remained of a female corpse. Half of the body seemed to have been eaten by a zombie. It was an extremely gruesome sight.

However, the school doctor uncle’s expression didn’t change at all as he placed the corpse on a different operating table and started dissecting it to gather samples.

As Ning Shu watched from the side, she felt the urge to kneel to the uncle. His unperturbed manner seriously inspired respect.

She wondered where the uncle found this corpse. He had probably s.n.a.t.c.hed it right from the mouth of a zombie.

The school doctor uncle started working busily again. He even gathered some samples from Ling Xue’s corpse and started comparing them.

Ning Shu was left to lie on the operating table, bored. What she wanted the most right now was to take a walk around, but the uncle showed no intention of releasing her.

Uncle, you’re overthinking things. I wouldn’t dare to touch a single finger of yours.

The school doctor uncle got so engrossed that he seemed to have forgotten about Ning Shu’s existence, so Ning Shu started making sounds to try and increase her presence.

However, the school doctor uncle still paid no attention to her. In her boredom, she stared at his face. He had cold, handsome looks and a very tall and s.e.xy build. He was seriously an alluring guy.

The uncle’s background was also extremely mysterious.

After some time, the uncle finally finished what he was doing and threw the corpse into a tub of formalin solution. He washed his hands countless times, then ate a little, before saying to Ning Shu, “This time, let’s try the gene essence I extracted from an ability user.”

Ning Shu was forced to drink a not quality verified gene essence. When she drank it, it felt like she was drinking pepper water. Her throat burned.

Ever since she became a zombie, she hadn’t felt any pain, but, f.u.c.k, drinking this gene essence felt like she was drinking sulfuric acid. She was seriously a pitiful little white mouse.

After she finished drinking it, her head felt a lot clearer and she could think a lot better as well. Her brain didn’t feel as sluggish as before.

For the time being though, nothing else changed.

The uncle didn’t ask her anything either and just lay down to sleep on the nearby operating table.

Ning Shu looked at the uncle silently. Fudge, it really felt bitter to watch another person sleep when she couldn’t.

As she thought about this, she eventually closed her eyes and ended up falling asleep. Not even Ning Shu knew how it happened. Before this, she hadn’t been able to sleep at all!

#comment: Ning Shu, I’m jealous~~~ I wish sleep wasn’t a need. I waste so much time due to insomnia and resulting sleepiness~~ Not to mention how awkward it is to have to keep pinching my thighs so I can keep my eyes open during individual meetings with professors.

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