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Chapter 185: Return of the Ascetic Pervert

Ning Shu was about to express her joy at seeing an old acquaintance when her enthusiasm was immediately extinguished by the school doctor uncle's disdain-filled words.

The school doctor uncle probably didn't recognize her. Ning Shu examined him. He was exactly the same as before with that tall and straight s.e.xy body that gave people the impression that he was a ascetic pervert. That impression was especially strong when his golden gla.s.ses reflected the light. He was definitely a fudging twisted pervert!

He was currently pointing a gun at her with an indifferent expression. Ning Shu expressed that she felt really scared ah. This was a person that could even kill the female lead and start an apocalypse! Ning Shu just wanted to say, please spare me.

Wolf and Phoenix clenched their fists but didn't dare to move rashly. Phoenix glared at Ning Shu with resentment. She seemed to blame Ning Shu for making her lose the gene essence and for delivering it into someone else's hands.

The three sides were at a complete standstill. Ning Shu's heart was pounding like a bunch of dogs were chasing her. Right now, she had become the targets of both sides, so she would definitely be the first to be killed off if the situation tilted.

A gust swept past and lifted the hem of the school doctor uncle's jacket gracefully. His legs really were long…

The wind brushed past Ning Shu's face and she smelled an elegant fragrance. This was probably the scent of the school doctor uncle.

Ning Shu: This was the apocalypse ah, the apocalypse! Why was Uncle still relaxed enough to spray cologne!?

Could it be that he didn't feel any regret or sense of guilt for what he did?

"This friend, let's put down our guns and have a civilized discussion. Trying to probe at each other like this is just a waste of time. It'd be troublesome if we ended up attracting even more zombies." Wolf had taken the initiative to speak.

Ning Shu suddenly realized an issue, which was that Wolf and the other special agents didn't seem to recognize the school doctor uncle? Wasn't the school doctor uncle a wanted criminal? They didn't even have a picture of him? This person should probably be way more valuable than that gene essence!

However, the original host didn't seem to know what the gene scientist named Psycho looked like either. They were sent off to look for the gene essence without any helpful information. Their superiors probably didn't have much hope that they would actually find Psycho.

Uncle, did the people in your family know how op you were?

Uncle, did the people in your family know how corrupt you were?

Ning Shu's face twitched. If she lifted her head a bit, the black gun barrel would immediately appear in her line of sight, so she decided to just lower her head and pretend that she didn't see anything.

When the school doctor uncle heard what Wolf said, he made an 'en' sound. Wolf thought that the person in front of him had agreed to his suggestion, but the person's next words caused his handsome face to contort.

"Wipe the brains off your hand, then wipe the vial clean," said the school doctor to Ning Shu. When she lifted her head and he saw the gray brains splattered all over her face, he turned his head away, seeming grossed out. "Wipe your face clean too."

What need was there to be so nitpicky in this sort of situation? However, Ning Shu still wiped her hands off on her clothes, then wiped the vial of gene essence clean.

The vial of gene essence was very small and only about the size of a penicillin bottle, so there wasn't much of that so-called gene essence inside either.

When Ning Shu made to hand the vial over to the school doctor uncle, Phoenix couldn't hold back anymore and shot a bullet at Ning Shu. However, Ning Shu had been on guard against Phoenix and Wolf this entire time, so the moment she saw Phoenix move, she revolved her inner strength and ran without any integrity to hide behind the school doctor uncle.

She smelled the fragrance again. As expected, it really was coming from the school doctor uncle. From close up, it didn't smell like cologne. It was probably the scent left from a bath. Why did it feel like the school doctor uncle wasn't living in an apocalypse world?

Phoenix was very confident in her skill with guns and had been certain that she would be able to kill Daisy, this idiot, with this shot. However, to her surprise, she ended up only hitting an afterimage. Daisy could move that fast?

Phoenix's expression turned even colder when she missed and she pressed her lips together tightly.

The school doctor uncle pointed his gun at Phoenix, causing the entire group to turn tense. All four of them pointed their guns at the school doctor uncle, but he was unfazed, which caused the four to become even more nervous.

What kind of situation was this ah?

"Don't get so close to me, you stink." Just as the atmosphere was getting serious and extremely tense, the school doctor uncle suddenly spoke and almost made the four accidently fire from reflex.

Ning Shu: …

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