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Chapter 170: Taste of First Ever Cooking

Madame Xiao was angered to the point her body trembled and she started cursing loudly at the house. In the end, Master Xiao couldn't take the hunger anymore and had Madame Xiao make something to eat. Madame Xiao was someone who has always been waited upon. Her hands had never been exposed to the wind and rain. When suddenly told to make food, the taste was easily imaginable. After Master Xiao ate her cooking, he had diarrhea for an entire day.

Ning Shu went to meet with Li Xiuwen. There was a self-satisfied smile on his face. After all, there was nothing that made a person happier than having a beauty in his arms.

Li Xiuwen wanted to make it so that Xiao Yan died in prison, but Ning Shu refused to agree to it. Allowing Xiao Yan to just die like that was letting him off too easy. She said to Li Xiuwen, "Are you an idiot? If Xiao Yan really ended up dying in prison, wouldn't Su Meng long for him for an entire lifetime?" Currently the two had been separated right as their pa.s.sion was reaching a fever pitch. If they ended up separated forever, wouldn't Xiao Yan become the most perfect part of Su Meng's memories?

An expression of realization appeared on Li Xiuwen's face and he rapped the table with his fingers as he said, "That's true. Right now really is the best time for you to attack Xiao Yan's heart. Why don't we make a bet and see who will get their target to fall in love first? Whether you'll succeed with Xiao Yan or I'll succeed with Su Meng first."

Ning Shu: Scram! Why was it so disgusting when the people in this world talked?

Ning Shu obtained what was rightfully hers. Now not even the totalled a.s.sets of the Xiao and Su family could compare to hers. The Xiao family in particular really didn't have any money at all.

Xiao Yan's sentence was out. Due to the crime of hiring an a.s.sa.s.sin with the intention of harming another, he was sentenced to two years and a half years of jail. Xiao Yan refused to admit to the crime and arrogantly demanded for an appeal, but no one paid attention to him. The evidence was already conclusive, so who cared whether you admit to it or not.

When the two from the Xiao family got this news, they tried to force Ning Shu to get Xiao Yan out, but Ning Shu ignored them.

Madame Xiao looked at Ning Shu with resentment. This past period of time had been very rough for Madame Xiao. She questioned why she had to do everything herself. Her carefully maintained hands had already turned rough and her looks have also become haggard.

Ning Shu didn't eat at home at all, and Master and Madame Xiao didn't have any money on them so they had no choice but to do things themselves. The cooking and laundry all became the duties of Madame Xiao who once lived in luxury.

When Madame Xiao saw how comfortably Ning Shu was living, she was so envious poison was pretty much bubbling out from her heart. She felt incomparable longing for the time when there were servants to attend to them.

Madame Xiao tried to pull out her status as a mother-in-law, but Ning Shu immediately responded by kicking them out. The two who had no place else to go and no money on them immediately behaved again.

Master Xiao tried to use his old connections to get Xiao Yan out and get some capital to make a comeback. In the past when he called, those people would respond politely, but now, no one even bothered to pick up.

It angered Master Xiao to the point his blood pressure rose. These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who threw stones at someone that met misfortune! They used to humbly bow to him, but now they've turned coat and immediately became all arrogant and aloof!

It has been almost a week since Xiao Yan had been arrested, even Su Meng couldn't quite take it anymore. Su Meng thought that Master Xiao would be able to get Xiao Yan out, but Xiao Yan has already been in there for such a long time.

Su Meng's heart would feel stabs of pain whenever it occurred to her that Xiao Yan was suffering, so she took the two children and came to find Ning Shu.

The moment Su Meng saw Ning Shu, she fell to a kneel in front of her and looked towards her with eyes that contained unbearable pain as she shouted, "Su Ran, I know you hate me! The one you hate is me, it has nothing to do with Xiao Yan! A sentence from you will be enough to get Xiao Yan out. Could it be that you can really bear to watch him to rot in prison?"

Ning Shu looked at Su Meng with an incredulous expression. Xiao Yan was a criminal ah, he's committed a crime. What did she mean by a sentence from her could get Xiao Yan out? Did she think that law worked this way?

"Mommy, don't kneel anymore. I'll think of a way to save Daddy, you don't need to beg this malicious woman." Su Dabao wanted to pull Su Meng up, but Su Meng persisted in kneeling in front of Ning Shu.

Hence, Su Dabao turned to glare at Ning Shu with a very sinister and malicious expression in his eyes.

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