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Chapter 112: Appointed as Left Vanguard

Once the North Mongolian delegation left, Li Wen immediately appointed Shen Feng as grand marshal and sent troops towards the border.

Everyone was aware that North Mongolia wouldn't give up just like this.

Shen Feng was a general who was about forty years old and had abundant battle experience. No one was surprised with this appointment. What did surprise them was the fact that Li Wen actually appointed Princess Jiahui, Li Xueshan, as left vanguard.

It was an unprecedented move to allow a woman to go to war so it naturally caused a tempest in court. There were waves of objections, but Li Wen had been able to shut these rotten scholars up with one sentence.

"If you don't want Princess Jiahui to go, then you guys can go. The court will be fine even without you guys."

Li Wen seemed serious about having them, these weak civilian officials that didn't even have the strength to truss a chicken, go to the border. He even seemed ready to have them pack and head there this instant.

Those people immediately shrank back and became mutes.

Once Ning Shu received the imperial edict with the appointment, she started packing her stuff. It was a must to prepare all the necessities.

Xiao Hong helped Ning Shu organize everything, then asked, "Princess, are you really going to head to battle?"

The imperial edict had already been sent out so how could it not be real? She had overdone it with her boasting and now she had to commit to her words.

Ning Shu went to see Shen Feng first. He didn't seem to be especially opposed to Ning Shu joining the battle and simply said that the battlefield did not differentiate between gender. Ning Shu expressed that she would follow orders.

However, Ning Shu hadn't expected to see Duan Xinghui there, and he was even next to Shen Feng.

Ning Shu looked at him in surprise. Shen Feng noticed and explained, "Duan Xinghui is now this general's bodyguard. This general feels that Duan Xinghui is pretty capable. The only reason he lost the first time was because he didn't have guidance."

Fine, the male lead-sama was just different. No matter where he went there were influential people to help him. He even managed to become the grand marshal's bodyguard so after this battle, he would definitely be credited with great meritorious service.

Then there was his luck to add on. Was this guy about to revive?

However, Ning Shu didn't say anything. When it came to matters involving one's nation, personal problems should be temporarily set aside.

"It is up to Marshal to decide," said Ning Shu.

"Xinghui, help me see the princess off," said Shen Feng to Duan Xinghui.

Duan Xinghui cupped his fist towards Shen Feng before turning to Ning Shu. "Princess Jiahui, please, this way."

Ning Shu glanced at him indifferently, then turned and left. Duan Xinghui followed behind her and took in the way her long ponytail swayed with her refined and elegant movements.

A while pa.s.sed and Princess Jiahui still didn't speak to him. When he saw that she was completely ignoring him, he suddenly felt frustrated and disappointed again. He had to acknowledge that Princess Jiahui was a very outstanding person, and this time, they would be heading to the battlefield together.

For some unknown reason, Duan Xinghui felt a bit of eagerness.

"Pr… Princess." Duan Xinghui wanted to speak to Ning Shu, but the moment Ning Shu walked out of the general's residence, she jumped onto the horse and left without even glancing at him.

Duan Xinghui's voice was left to disappear in the wind.

Duan Xinghui had no other choice but to head back to Duan Residence on horseback. Er Ya was very stirred up to learn that Duan Xinghui was heading to the battlefield again. To put it more precisely, she vehemently opposed it.

"Dear, did you forget how injured you were last time?" said Er Ya worriedly. "It was so severe. Dear, don't go, alright?"

Duan Xinghui felt helpless and could only say, "I'm a military man - achievements and honor are my life. As a soldier, the battlefield should be my final resting ground."

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