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Chapter 768: Let’s Go Again (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the blink of an eye, the Blazing Lion was thrown across the sky like a falling star from that one smack by the Thunderbolt Lion. It soared over the heads of the entire congregation…

Straight outside of the palace grounds.

With a clunk…

Everyone’s jaws fell to the ground at that instant.

Although they could clearly see the vast difference between the Blazing Lion and that Thunderbolt Lion… They never dreamed that the Blazing Lion could be so utterly defenseless before the Thunderbolt Lion.

Being thrown into the far reaches of the sky with just one smack!

Lin Qiang pursed his lips and looked in the direction of where the Blazing Lion landed. Cold sweat poured from him.

“It seems like your Blazing Lion is no longer able to fight.” Ji Fengyan’s amused voice drifted into Lin Qiang’s ears.

Lin Qiang stiffened and looked up at Ji Fengyan’s grinning face.

“Shall I give you another chance? Can you summon a stronger creature?”

Ji Fengyan made herself appear extremely amiable.


Lin Qiang felt like crying. He really just wanted to cry.

Summon another creature?

Summon with what?

He could offer his life and still wouldn’t be able to summon any creature more powerful than that Thunderbolt Lion.

Having stood so proudly at the peak above all other summoners for so many years, Lin Qiang now suddenly felt like an insignificant and pitiful joke. Recalling how arrogant he was towards Ji Fengyan earlier, the expression on his old face looked as if someone had slapped him a dozen times in public. It was a burning and piercing pain.

“I… I have lost. Miss Ji’s summoning skills are the best I have ever seen. I admit defeat.” Lin Qiang inhaled deeply. In front of everyone, he bowed down before Ji Fengyan with all sincerity.

He may be smug, but to have attained his level of summoning skills—the amount of hard work and determination he had put in was undeniable.

This time, he truly conceded his defeat and was completely convinced of Ji Fengyan’s abilities.

“I see.” Ji Fengyan rubbed her chin. Lin Qiang was the first summoner she had seen in this world. From what the little old man had said earlier, she was looking forward to witnessing what kind of powerful creature he could summon, but now it seemed…

The summoning skills in this world were way below her level.

“If so, you have lost the first round then.” Ji Fengyan smiled.

Lin Qiang lowered his head. “Yes, I have lost.”

With that, Lin Qiang retreated in silence.

The guard captain was in a frenzied panic as he watched Lin Qiang. However, the rest of the Elders appeared extremely calm.

Lin Qiang had lost the moment Ji Fengyan summoned that Thunderbolt Lion.

They had already known it would be this outcome.

However, what shocked them was Ji Fengyan’s apparently limitless abilities.

Her use of both light-based and darkness-based sorcery already had them in disbelief. And the lightning-based sorcery in the surrounding air during Ji Fengyan’s “summoning” was also very clear.

From this moment on, the Elders all looked at this youthful and frivolous girl with eyes full of doubt and caution.

She was like a bottomless black pit. The extent of her powers were beyond their comprehension.

Lin Qiang had failed. He had failed completely. And so Ji Fengyan won this round.

Just as emotions were still running high regarding Ji Fengyan’s unfathomable powers, she suddenly turned and waved her evil-vanquishing sword at the pallid-faced Eldest Princess.

“Your man lost.”

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