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Chapter 520: The Ming Workshop (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Every day from dawn till dusk, a group of people would crowd outside the main doors of the Tus.h.i.ta Palace, waiting for it to open just so they could grab a couple of bottles.

The capital citizens who didn’t realize just how rare the elixirs from the Tus.h.i.ta Palace were—they pounded their chests in regret over their lack of foresight and resulting lost opportunity.

The Tus.h.i.ta Palace’s unique payment method also garnered much attention. Even after emptying their entire treasure stash, Liu Kai and his two friends only sc.r.a.pped together a small amount. They brought it all to Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she saw the items brought by Liu Kai and gang. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to embarra.s.s them by saying anything. She informed Yichen later to return all the treasures brought by those three fools.

Very few people knew that Ji Fengyan was the Tus.h.i.ta Palace’s real boss. Most of them thought the pharmacy belonged to Yichen.

“I will accept your items then, thanks. Where are you guys going from here?” Ji Fengyan asked with a smile as she packed up the elixirs.

“We are heading over to the Ming Workshop to repair our armour,” Liu Kai answered as he scratched his head.

The World-Termination-Armour was extremely strong and difficult to damage. Any damage sustained was also a challenge to repair. In the entire Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, only the Ming Workshop in the capital city could repair them. The World-Termination-Armour of Liu Kai and gang had suffered major damage during the battle. Taking advantage of the upcoming grand ceremony, the three of them wanted to send their armour in for repairs.

“The Ming Workshop?” Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows. She had heard of this place a few times before but had never visited.

“Why? Want to come along? We heard that the Ming Workshop has quite a few valuable World-Termination-Armour currently undergoing repair. We want to go take a look at them.” Liu Kai looked at Ji Fengyan encouragingly.

The power of the World-Termination-Armour was undoubted – even so, there still existed disparities in the abilities of each individual armour.

Different families held different World-Termination-Armours. The Qin family owned one of the most powerful which currently belonged to Qin Muyao. The other highly regarded armours were mostly bestowed upon the formidable Terminators guarding the borders. Any damaged to these armours would likewise be sent to the Ming Workshop for repairs.

Ji Fengyan agreed as she was free, anyway.

On top of that, Ji Fengyan wanted to visit the place with the number of World-Termination-Armour a.s.sembled. She wanted to understand just what was this armour about and how it could enhance a person’s combat power so significantly. And also why…

Liu Huo was so against her using it.

The Ming Workshop was situated in a corner of the capital city. There was nothing eye-catching about the place although it spanned a huge area.

Ji Fengyan and the three guys entered the Ming Workshop. They saw a few other Terminators also here to repair their armour. Quite a number of them were students from the capital inst.i.tute’s school of terminators. Like Liu Kai and company, they were also here to repair the damage sustained during the earlier battle.

They were all familiar faces and naturally greeted Ji Fengyan. After responding, she followed the three guys to the registration area in the Ming Workshop.

Thick booklets were stacked upon a rectangular table. A tall, burly man with strong facial feature stood behind that table. He raised his head when he saw the group approaching.

“You guys are here to repair your armour?”

This was also the first time that Liu Kai and his two companions had visited the Ming Workshop. As such, they nodded rather awkwardly.

With that, the man pushed a booklet before Liu Kai and gang. “Please register first.”

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