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Chapter 1212: Let Me Tell You The Rules (2)

Obviously, these people had been incited by the rulers of their own kingdoms—who were themselves hiding somewhere else—to use the might of their own country to bully Ji Fengyan into submission.

The Free Valley of the past was never unified and was not a kingdom. It was useless even if the other countries tried to force them. But now, things were unique.

Ji Fengyan looked coldly at the crowd as a chilly smile played upon her lips.

At this moment, she finally realized why Xing Hun had purposely “invited” her to leave the Grand Tutor’s residence right after the successful construction of the stargazing paG.o.das. He probably knew that the Kingdom of Hua Xia, formerly known as the Free Valley, would instantly become a target for the other nations.

Everyone wanted to put on a show of power in front of this newly established kingdom. Not only would they be able to capture their wanted criminals, they could boost their nation’s own reputation, and to put the Kingdom of Hua Xia in its place.

It was such a good deal.

Ji Fengyan already felt her usefulness to Xing Hun had diminished by a bit since the completion of the stargazing paG.o.das. However, the Divine Temple had a reputation to protect and would not openly make a move on her. Instead, they secretly spread the word about her in Sa Er, and had nature take its course.

Xing Hun intentionally arranged all these to quell Ji Fengyan.

The gang before Ji Fengyan now represented only about seven to eight of the kingdoms. But as more overseas contingents arrived at Sa Er Emperor, the number of people confronting her would increase.

If Ji Fengyan agreed to the demands of the kingdoms, then the rest would never leave her alone. They would find all means to force her to hand over the fugitives.

And so…

Ji Fengyan gave a cold laugh. She eyed the bunch of disrespectful and threatening folks before her and signaled at Liu Kai.

Liu Kai instantly ran to Ji Fengyan’s side. She muttered a few words in his ear.

The others in the hall all glared at Ji Fengyan’s reaction. They did not fear this young, teenage girl at all. If their opponent was a ruler with a dominating aura, they might have given her some face. However, the power of the Kingdom of Hua Xia was insignificant, and Ji Fengyan did not look like a ruler at all. As a result, no one showed her the slightest regard.

For such a youthful girl to sit upon the throne—this Kingdom of Hua Xia was a joke.

They believed that as long as Ji Fengyan was not a fool, she would obediently comply with their demands.

How could a tiny nation such as the Kingdom of Hua Xia go against so many other nations?

At this point, Ji Fengyan had finished talking to Liu Kai, who quietly stepped back. He no longer behaved as abrasively as before.

“The ruler of Hua Xia, have you decided,” One man asked impatiently.

Ji Fengyan propped up her chin on one hand and grinned at them.

“Who exactly do you want?”

There were discreet smiles all around at Ji Fengyan’s question.

As expected, this teenage girl did not dare to go against them. They had subjugated her with just a few sentences.

The crowd had come prepared and immediately presented their warrants to Ji Fengyan.

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