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"Good morning, students." Short man with balding grey hair entered the room with a briefcase. Dressed in a grey suit and wearing black shoes, he seemed more like a businessman than your average teacher.

"Today is your first lesson with me, I hope everyone enjoys magic cla.s.s as much as I hope you do. The subject might be difficult to understand and harder to put into practical use, but I am confident that all of you will be able to cast mid 1st grade magic by the end of year. Just listen to my instructions and nothing can go wrong."

The teacher retrieved a pair of gla.s.ses from the podium before smiling ever so slightly.

"You may address me as Mr Wendell."

He then clicked his fingers, letting out a spark of mana which culminated in a rose-like flame sprouting from his palm. The beautiful orange flame laid there stably like a solid object, not so much as flickering in his palm

"Your first lesson for today is the low 1st grade magic, [Rose Flame]. I trust all of you should know about basic mana manipulation by now, otherwise you would not be in my cla.s.s. So this will not be a cla.s.s where I give any instructions, just show me your progress after an hour. I WILL BE a.s.sESSING THIS." Mr Wendell suddenly pointed to the clock and mouthed out another word.


Immediately, all of the students grabbed their pencils and notebooks, scrambling to revise on mana manipulation, which many of them had neglected to practice. Others were much more proficient in this field and began formulating the structure of the spell in the notebooks, quickly jotting down key concepts and characteristics.

"Orange flame… Rose shape… stability is solid… heat is unknown…" Yuri quickly listed down all of the characteristics of the spell before she began working on formulas. As a talented girl with a natural light affinity, she naturally understood concepts faster than others.

Tanya was much different however. She did not practice as a pure mage in her last life, instead, she began in her current life. While she did not have experience as a mage prior to her current life, she had long since done much research on mages and their techniques when she was an emperor. Because Tane still used mana for his techniques to a limited degree, he had to know some concepts.

It just so happened Tane practiced his basics well.

'A rose shaped flame? This is purely aesthetic. With my current understanding, it does not seem difficult.' Tanya smiled as an orange light faintly appeared, hidden within her left palm.

One could not be mistaken, it was indeed a rose.

"I think I can produce an orange ember!" Diana shouted in excitement after spending 20 minutes.

From within her palm, a faint ember could be seen, although orange, it did not look anything like a rose. It was still merely and ember, nothing amazing.

"Yuri, have you produced the orange flame yet?" Tanya asked with a warm grin.

"...I think I can't do it… I keep on failing just when the mana starts igniting. I just can't concentrate…" Yuri gave a downtrodden expression, looking down instead of looking Tanya in the eyes.

"Here, see this? Just imagine the spark and a candle's flame." Tanya showed Yuri an unshaped orange flame, explaining to her in the most simplest form how to ignite it.

"Okay… I will try my best…" Yuri continued expressing her clearly depressed mood, presenting her palms and gathering her mana on the area of her palms.

Slowly, a faint orange flame appeared, providing a weak warmth to Yuri's hands.

"I only managed to do this… I am too slow."

Tanya grabbed onto Yuri's shoulder and looked her dead in the eyes.

"If you can make that orange flame brighter, I will give you a kiss." Tanya whispered into Yuri's ear, blowing hot breath all over her face.

"!!!" Yuri suddenly turned red as a bright light beamed out of her palm, glowing so bright that everyone shut their eyes out of instinct, including Mr Wendell.

"Oh my! Such a talented student!" Wendell briefly commented out of shock.

"I cannot wait to see her progress in the spell."

Yuri's flame then calmed down and stayed at a stable orange flame of stable volume and shape. Still unable to produce rose, but able to produce a stable orange flame. For Yuri, this much was already an achievement.

"I knew you could do it." Tanya patted Yuri on the shoulder and smiled brightly, so dazzling that Yuri's heart could not help but beat louder than a drum.

"Now get it to a rose shape." Tanya insisted.

"I just got it to a stable shape, how can I create a rose so soon?" Yuri again became gloomy upon saying this.

"If the stable flame is worth a kiss, how much is the rose? You can decide." Tanya leaned in and whispered again.

Yuri quickly went into a state of contemplation after Tanya asked this. It almost seemed as if Yuri was making the most important decision of her life, and any oblivious spectator might actually believe that. Something like this, Yuri felt like she needed to consider carefully.

"I want to do it on your bed." Yuri whispered as she blushed, embarra.s.sed.

"I did not know that you are so daring. If you want to do it, I will not say no to you." Tanya replied.

"I mean a kiss in bed." Yuri blushed even harder as she tried to explain her innocent desires.


"If you only want it, then you can get it when you produce-"


A stable orange rose-shaped flame appeared from Yuri's palm, immediately catching the attention of Diana and Tanya.

"Done!" Yuri gave a satisfied smile and sat down.

'I've been tricked!'

"Amazing! Yuri, you are so talented! I wish I could do magic as good as you. Don't let Tanya make you uncomfortable when using magic, okay? I bet you will be top of the cla.s.s if you continue like this!" Diana had nothing but praises for Yuri.

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