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[Meow! Because of the time difference with pocket worlds, that's why it's always better to kill off the population and rewrite the history books.]

[Meow! Two years from now in the Xertzul Abyss will be 9 generations in the Tutan World. They will forget your terrible deeds since you are now their 'savior'.]

[Listen! Within 9 generations after the slave contract is over, the Sphinx tribe will be devout followers of you without ever having known the difference.]

[Meow, they won't be slaves in a devil contract but slaves in mindset. They will see you as a literal G.o.d. This way of taking over pocket worlds is best.]

It would be nice to have permanent slaves, but the devil rule against perpetuities prevents devils from making permanent contracts regarding descendants. Nine generations is the farthest a slave contract can reach.

Though unsightly to look at, the sphinx was my first conquered civilization. They shall serve this devil lord faithfully for eternity. As they rightfully should.

I learned why pocket worlds are bad to stay in for an extended time. They all move at different times than the Xertzul Abyss. They stifle progress. Even though he could progress swiftly compared to time in the Xertzul Abyss, he would already be an old devil.

Taking twenty years to do something he could do in one hundred and eighty days in the Xertzul Abyss would be a waste of time.

The laws were incomplete, so he would age faster while not progressing. He'd be a 50-year-old devil before even reaching the Baron realm if he stayed there, truly trash.

Pocket worlds were horrible for people who want to seek higher cultivation realms. But good to use as a constant stream of resources and new followers.

From now on the Tutan World would pop out generations of high-Knight subordinates and materials to sell. The alter would only take a high-Knight as anyone below that it wasn't worth the transportation cost.

It would be an annual event for residents to donate the materials at the alter every year.

I headed back to my family's home. My mother was not there, but I messaged her through a talisman and she was very proud of me. She told me to continue working hard, improving myself. She would no longer help me conquer pocket worlds, however.


Diana mainly helped James conqueror the pocket world because the Hudson Estate upset her. Who dare regard this princess' son as trash? Too much help would lead James to become a wastrel, though. James was stepping into devil adulthood. He would have to learn to stand by himself to make her proud.


I understood now that taking over a pocket world required a monumental battle force. I wouldn't be foolish enough to step into a Tier-3 pocket world until I had many Baron followers. Otherwise, I would walk straight to my death.

I had many things to digest. I was now rich with scriptures! My Dao will progress unabated from this point forward.

My days would be long organizing Libra. Thankfully, I had my new right hand to help me! Wanfang was the only sphinx I brought with me to the Abyss. The rest are trash, unfit to follow this young n.o.ble.

"Wanfang, you are now in charge of the war division of Libra. Kyle runs my tavern business. My organization is just starting out, but it has much room for growth," I said.

"You will be in charge of ensuring we have a powerful force to conquer my next pocket world and provide security for Libra's properties."

"You may recruit the members of the war division from the dark elves or sphinxes that ascend from the Tutan World. We are too weak to recruit in the Xertzul Abyss right now. However, soon the Tutan World will provide us a constant flow of fresh recruits."

"Until the first batch of recruits comes you should focus on improving your cultivation. You are now in the Xertzul Abyss. Improving your cultivation will be much faster than it was in the Tutan World."

"You have around four to eight months before the first batch will show themselves. Time moves differently here in the Xertzul Abyss than it moved in the Tutan World."

"With the relic as a foundation, many talented cultivators will be born in the Tutan World."

"A twenty-year generation will pa.s.s there in only 180 days. If you need any resources ask Kyle."

"This is volume 3 of the Cla.s.sic Elements scripture. Quickly step into the Baron realm and volume 4 of the Cla.s.sic Elements scripture shall be yours for the taking."

"You have much work to do!"


The Xertzul Abyss impressed Wanfang. He had chosen the correct path to follow a devil into the Abyss!

He really got stuck in a lower world in his transmigration! He even had an eagle head for many years. He was glad becoming a demon had restored his human head. The eagle head was unsettling to him.

Now it was his time to shine. He learned that none devils didn't have any standing in the Abyss. Thou, he received a little respect for being a demon.

Wanfang learned more about his status as a demon. To become a demon, someone had to be personally corrupted by a devil.

So every demon had a devil backing them. There were also chaotic demons born from the Abyss. They were too powerful to offend, regardless.

To Wanfang, James seemed to be a reasonable devil. At least to his followers. He would be in charge of his own department!

This was leaps and bounds ahead of what he had as leader of the Earth Nation. Wanfang understood his standing very well in the Abyss after traveling when James was not around.

Without the Devil Mark given by James that showed him as an official follower to a n.o.ble devil, he had no standing at all! This was a tyrannical society. No one even looked his way or paid him any mind unless he flashed the Devil Mark. He learned devils only gave their core followers a Devil Mark.

With this Devil Mark, he could even recruit followers for James. The environment extinguished his lingering thoughts of rebellion. If he did not have James' backing, he would die in this barbaric world.

Cultivators here were stronger than the Tutan World. A Knight was nothing. Wanfang needed to become a Baron to have any respect. Especially before the fresh recruits came!

They would grow up in a much better situation than he had. If he had a relic to explore earlier, he would have progressed even faster in his new life.

Wanfang looked forward to meeting the fresh recruits.

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