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Chapter 75 – Fellow tribesman, please hold on

The ident.i.ty of a genius of the Feng Zhen Tribe was nothing much in Su Ming’s mind, he had already thought it out thoroughly before he confronted Wu Sen.

“Tomorrow morning after the second test starts, while most of the Feng Zhen Tribesmen are busy with the test, I shall go and buy all the herbs i need.” Su Ming thought inwardly as he put away his money. Despite putting it all into his sleeves and making it end up bulging, he did not feel that it was heavy in any way, rather, it feel surprisingly satisfying.

After keeping his money, Su Ming took out the small wooden case. Opening it, he looked at the Seven Leaved Gra.s.s, his eyes flashing with delight, to him, this herb was as important as the stone coins he had with him now. He truly had never expected to get it from Wu Sen, one of the two herbs he did not recognise for the making of the Southerners Pill.

“So it is actually called the Seven Leaved Gra.s.s…… it’s a pity I don’t have the other remaining herb. Otherwise I would be able to attempt to refine that Southerners Pill. Compared to the Mountain Spirit Pill, I wonder how much of an effect it has.” After taking a few more glances at the plant did he put it by his chest, such that anyone could see that he was hiding something there.

But Su Ming was helpless regarding this anyway, he had too much stuff that he needed to carry around with him.

After organising his things, he sat cross-legged in the room with his eyes shut. Rather than cultivating his blood qi, the method of practicing the Wu Dust Blood arose in his mind as he tried it out.

This was the second Mán-Technique that he could practice, compared to the other one, this one carried much more killing potential and was less restricted.

The night silently pa.s.sed.

When the first shred of sunlight fell upon the tribe, the entire Feng Zhen Tribe awoke from slumber as the sounds of gongs resounded.

Today was another grand event, the second stage of the grand test! This test was not one of potential, but rather strength related to cultivation, this test was similarly not located inside the Feng Zhen Tribe’s chlorite city, but once more by the base of the Feng Zhen Mountains, the plaza where the nine statues were located.

Practically when dawn arrived, the various tribesmen in the tribe gradually moved towards the plaza. The Wu Shan Tribesmen were the same, under the lead of Shan Hen and the Marksmen, Bei Ling, Lei Chen and Wu La walked out the house without Grandpa.

After they had left, Su Ming too walked out of his room. Seeing that Grandpa was not around, he had not thought too much about it, he believed that Grandpa was probably together with the Feng Zhen Tribe’s Mán-elder anyway.

Walking out the house, Su Ming did not change his appearance, he found out that the Mán-Tool Grandpa gave him was unable to fully transform him to his wishes. At this point in time, he could only transform into the appearance of Mo Su and the person who previously robbed Wu Sen of his lifeblood.

As for the third appearance, although he could transform, it would tend to have some sort of distortion, as if there was some limitation preventing from transforming. As such, he decided to walk around the town with his original appearance. However, he was also somewhat prepared, wearing several layers of hide, he had completely covered his face as well, leaving only his eyes.

This appearance was slightly strange, but he was also not the only person dressed as such in the town who did not want to be recognised.

After walking into the center of the town, the amount of people there was greatly reduced, a majority of the people had went to watch the second test.

As the amount of people has greatly reduced, not only did the amount of people on the streets decrease, even the number of black market traders had fallen. As Su Ming walked about, he had a very clear objective. Even though he was not fully familiar with the streets of the Feng Zhen Tribe, he had already found the existence of a few traders.

Especially those who specialised in selling herbs, currently in front of him, was one such stall. It had no name, it was just a simple room with a Feng Zhen Tribesman sitting inside, yawning on the desk. Seeing Su Ming approach, he hurriedly stood up.

Without waiting for him to speak, Su Ming hoa.r.s.ely spoke.

“I want some Sieved Cloud Leaves, a hundred!” Su Ming spoke, his right hand lightly placing a white stone coin on the table.

That Feng Zhen Tribesman’s eyes shone, regarding customers like Su Ming, he had already seen many of them. They were all the same, they hated their ident.i.ties getting revealed, and did not need help recommending herbs, their objectives were all the same.

Without hesitation, this Feng Zhen Tribesman nodded his head and left the room, not long after, he returned with a leather sack and placed it in front of Su Ming.

Su Ming opened the sack and glanced inside, seeing about a hundred or so Sieved Cloud Leaves which was hard to find outside, only a city like this had such quant.i.ties.

Holding the sack, Su Ming turned and left, using the same method he approached over ten such stalls, buying a lot of Sieved Cloud Gra.s.s from them and even generous amounts of other auxiliary herbs.

In his caution, he had also bought many unnecessary herbs such that he could confuse anyone trying out to figure his motive.

Of his three thousand plus stone coins, in less than half a day, he was left with only about a thousand stone coins. This speed of spending made Su Ming’s heart ache, but he had no other choice. He had truly realised for the first time, just how hard it would be to master pill refining if he did not have enough money.

“Sigh, I need to save I need to save…… I am spending money just too quickly.” Su Ming’s face was bitter, his body covered with various leather pouches, the clutter giving him another headache as well.

“I have bought pretty much all I need, I should properly put them away back at the house before coming out to walk around this city.” Su Ming thought as he hurriedly returned back home

Without walking more than a few steps, Su Ming paused and frowned before quickly regaining his original expression and continuing onwards.

Somewhere ahead was a certain monkey faced old man, the old man had his head hung low, deep in thought, but his face seemed strangely satisfied, as if planning something as he talked to himself while gesturing with his right hand.

Su Ming calmly walked onwards, overhearing what that old man was saying as he pa.s.sed him.

“I struck it rich, I really struck it rich, all thanks to that Mo Su, otherwise I would have made a huge loss, what a good person, he truly is a great person.”

Su Ming remained calm as he walked past the old man.

But after a few steps, the old man suddenly turned and looked at Su Ming, his eyes glancing at the many bags on Su Ming’s body.

“This fellow tribesman, please hold on.” The old man spoke.

Su Ming frowned, but continued walking on, pretending as if he did not hear anything, in fact, he even hastened his steps.

“Oi, this fellow tribesman, please stop!” That old man hurriedly ran over, stopping in front of Su Ming, his face smiling with a familiar smile.

Su Ming’s eyes flashed, without speaking, he tried to sidestep past him.

The old man hurriedly took a few steps back, the smile on his face not fading the slightest as he hurriedly spoke.

“Tribesmate, listen to me, just a little! I see that this tribe mate has bought many things from many stalls, but I have something good here that those stalls do not have!”

Su Ming ignored him and continued walking onward, but the old man did not care, continuing to ramble on by his side.

“Tribesmate, don’t be so cold, what I have here is truly good, look at this herb, although it seems simple, but I am sure you heard of Mo Su, he ate my herbs and managed to get first place!” That old man spoke, as he withdrew a herb and shown to Su Ming.

Su Ming was being hara.s.sed by this old man, unwilling to let go as he followed Su Ming with undying vigor, having experienced it previously, meeting him again truly gave him a headache.

“Tribesman does not believe me? Hehe, it does not matter if you don’t believe me, but let me tell you, I have many herbs here, so colourful and so pretty, let me tell you, when Ye w.a.n.g reached his limit, this was the herb he used.”

“There is also this, I am sure you heard of Bi Su, from a no-name did you wonder how he suddenly got fourth place? Let me tell you, it is precisely because……” That old man seemed to have an unending supply of strange herbs, taking out bundle after bundle of herbs constantly introducing them to Su Ming as if worried he would not buy any.

“Because he ate your herbs, right?” Su Ming’s ears were ringing as he coldly interrupted the old man.

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