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Chapter 31 – That period of sweetness……

(TL By: PiggyBottle and 生豆)

Su Ming closed his eyes. The scenes he had witnessed this night left him with heaviness in his heart. That feeling was one of affliction and sorrow.

“That skeleton… What was his place in the Fire-Mán tribe… Why was it only him who could end his life during the transformation into Nightwings…

Perhaps he was someone strong within the Fire-Mán tribe… Recalling the skeleton, Su Ming let out a soft sigh. However, what was more unforgettable was that complicated pa.s.sage.

“Those who seek my Mán
Coming from all eight directions,
Merge your blood with the flames,
At will,
Incinerate the Heavens.

When the blood moon rises,
Covering the land and skies……

This is the time to ponder
Kindle the blood flame
Nine is the Utmost
One is the pathway
Nine bows towards the Fire-Mán
Thus is the path of fire worship”

Su Ming was unable to figure out the meaning within. As he pondered, his gaze turned to Bai Ling beside him. She was observing the surroundings, her eyes revealed curiosity. She obviously did not know what the place was.

“Let’s go, Miss Bai Ling.” Su Ming gave a smile and with a leap, climb towards the exit.

Bai Ling hurriedly followed behind him, wanting to get out of the place as soon as possible. Every moment here gave a sense of discomfort.

As soon as they exited the tunnel, they felt the mountain gale blowing upon them, threatening to sweep them away. Her face pale, Bai Ling clutched onto a boulder.

For her who was raised in the comforts of her tribe since young, she had never before ascended a mountain such as this. Gritting her teeth, she tried to persevere on. However, her countenance became even more pale, revealing her fear.

Su Ming gave a few quick looks at Bai Ling. Her prettiness was something he had never seen, especially her pale features, it made her look pitifully endearing.

“Forget it, I will carry you.” Su Ming shook his head, but his heart thumped inside him.

“You…” Bai Ling hesitated, but looking at the chasms beneath the peak, she eventually nodded her head lightly.

Su Ming gathered his focus and squatted down. Her pale face flushing, Bai Ling climbed onto Su Ming’s back without a word, wrapping her arms around his neck reflexively.

Su Ming blinked. He could clearly feel the softness of the body behind him, as well as the enchanting scent. Drawing a deep breath, an indescribable feeling came over him.

“You… you should hold tighter, don’t blame me if you fall.” Su Ming said without thinking. After some hesitation, without hearing Bai Ling’s answer, he focused his mind and quickly descended the mountain.

Given his agility and familiarity with the mountain, it wouldn’t affect him even if he was carrying a person. However, something came over the current Su Ming. The paths he took were those that were steep. Whenever he leapt straight down, the figure behind his back will give a shout before he grasp onto some rocks or vines.

Feeling the slim figure holding him ever more tightly, Su Ming’s expression was visibly pleased.

What was supposedly a quick descent down Black Flame Peak, Su Ming took a whole two hours slowly trekking down. When Bai Ling who was both flushed and terrified at the same time came down from him, Su Ming even felt regretful. Turning his gaze, he gave a dry cough to look at Bai Ling.

“This is the jungle, and the snow is deep, not to mentions there are not a few traps around. We are still some distance from Wu Long Tribe, how about this, I will send you back to WuLong Tribe before going home.” Su Ming spoke slowly while observing Bai Ling’s reaction. When Bai Ling hesitated, his heart leapt and he quickly spoke.

“But the way back is unfriendly, I shall make an effort and continue to carry you. This way, we can save time, I can go reach home sooner.” Furrowing his brows, Su Ming pretended to check the sky.

“That..” Bai Ling bit her lips, and her face flushed again. While they were descending, she instantly realised that Su Ming’s actions were deliberate. If this continued…” Bai Ling felt frustrated.

“Hmm? I am your saviour you know!” Su Ming gave Bai Ling a stare, aware of her frustration. He felt guilty, but recalling the fact that he had save her, he became

“You are not willing? Fine, you are a Mán-cultivator anyway. There are not a few beasts around here, not to mention more traps, there might even be Nightwings. But it should be fine if you are careful. Okay, I will be going.” Su Ming gave yawn, and turned to face his tribe’s direction, seemingly rushing off. After he walked a few steps, a feeble and panicky sound came from behind him.

“That… I will trouble you… I don’t know the way, you can bring me back to my tribe…”

Su Ming innerly cheered, but his expression remained normal, and even seemed troubled, as though he was unwilling. Giving Bai Ling a look, he squatted down and spoke impatiently.

“Get on quickly, see if we can make it before nightfall, otherwise we will have to find a place to spend the night.”

Bai Ling’s eyes widened. Looking at Su Ming before her, she understood him somewhat, especially when she recalled the scene back at the bazaar, she was left dumbfounded.

Most importantly, the person in front of her, the determination he displayed during her moment of despair, was unforgettable.

Blushing, Bai Ling walked lightly before Su Ming, and climbed onto his scrawny back again. She could hear her heart thumping, unsure of what she was feeling.

With Bai Ling on his back, Su Ming sped along the forest like an ape. He liked the scent coming from behind him very much. As he walk, he would change directions suddenly, and began going in circles.

After a while, an odd expression could be seen on Bai Ling who has remained silent all along. She applied some pressure on her arms that were around Su Ming’s neck.

“We have already been here thrice…” She spoke lightly, looking at a tree not far away.

“Oh? Is it, could it be that I am lost too? Give me a moment while I take a good look.” Su Ming halted, and pretended to be surprised. Giving his surrounding a careful look, he nodded his head, his face severe.

“You are right, aye, I have never been on this path.” Without a trace of embarra.s.sment, he changed his direction and continued running.

Time gradually pa.s.sed. By evening, they were only halfway to WuLong Tribe, even though they could have reached by then. During their journey, Su Ming brought Bai Ling pa.s.sed his WuShan Tribe. Looking at it from afar and seeing that nothing was different, he then left relieved.

As the sky darkened, Bai Ling’s expression became even more queer.

When night had fallen, Su Ming halted somewhere in the jungle, looking helplessly at Bai Ling

It looks like we will have to spend the night here. It isn’t safe in the jungle at night, we will continue tomorrow morning.”

The cunning look that Bai Ling had when she first met Su Ming slowly returned to her eyes. She looked at Su Ming without a word. Under her haze, Su Ming felt even more guilty.

“Fine, we will spend the night here.” A moment later, Bai Ling gave a sudden laugh. She looked beautiful, and a wild sense returned to her.

Touching his nose, Su Ming laughed at the same time. Stacking a heap of twigs and branches as their resting spot, he and Bai Ling sat together on it.

Suddenly, the both became silent, unsure of what to say.

“I still do not know your name.” After some time, Bai Ling looked at Su Ming. Under the moonlight, her eyes were bright.

“Back at the bazaar, you were lying to me, right? Hmph, after returning to the tribe, I felt that something was wrong.” Bai Ling blinked. Wrinkling her nose, he expression was adorable.


“You are also not the Mán-child of WuShan Tribe, right?” Bai Ling watched Su Ming, smiling faintly.

Su Ming shook his head, not knowing what to say. It was then when petals of snowflakes fell from the sky. It was snowing across the land.

“Oh, its snowing.” Su Ming raised his head, watching the floating snow, quickly changing the topic.

A gleeful look appeared in Bai Ling’s eyes She did not pursue the question further, but raised her head to look at the snow too. Some fell on her face. It fell chilly and comfortable.

Gradually, the snow got heavier. As snow fell, within the jungle, the two reveled in the beauty of the snow, silent.

“Su Ming, thank you…” The sky had become dark, but under the moonlight, the falling snow radiated a silver glow unto its surroundings, making the night not as dark.

“Thank you for saving me… Can you tell me about yourself, how did you end up there?” Bai Ling watched Su Ming, speaking lightly.

“I often visit the mountains to pick herbs, that was a shelter from the cold I had previously came across. Didn’t expect the blood moon to appear last night… Su Ming did not mention his refining in the cave.

Time gradually pa.s.sed. In this night of snow, Su Ming and Bai Ling gradually opened up and learnt more about each other. Their voices were carried by the snow…

“The patriarch of WuLong Tribe is my granny. My parents left WuLong Tribe a long time ago. Granny said they went to a tribe that was even bigger than FengZhen. They haven’t been back in a long time.” Bai Ling hugged her knees, speaking of her past under the snow.

I don’t know who my parents are… I was adopted by Grandpa…” Su Ming muttered.

“Ah, I see now, that is why you look more more frail than others, not even my height. Your grandpa does not treat you well.” Bai Ling’s eyes widened.

“That’s not true, Grandpa treats me well. You might be tall,  but Grandpa said I will be the same in some year’s time. Moreover, you don’t look as fit as those girls in the tribe.” Su Ming said, smiling.

“That is because my grandpa taught me a technique my mum left before she departed, so that granny can teach it to me when I grow up…” Looking at Su Ming’s hair that was covered in white snow, Bai Ling smiled.

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