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"A mirror… no wonder I can feel True Morning Dao World's presence here. If this place is the world in the mirror, then the four Great True Worlds must exist here as well!
"Everything here should be the same as in Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos, but I wonder if there is anything alive here… And there are certain things different here as well. Arid Triad's True Morning Dao World belongs to me. There is a whirlwind there, as well as Arid Triad's gap, but everything here is empty, and there are also quite a number of cultivation planets here…"
Su Ming narrowed his eyes and charged into the distance, but in just the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, he came to a stop.
What made him stop was the entire True World experiencing a strange change practically the moment he stepped into the place. The changes in the beginning were not obvious, but in just the time it takes for half an incense to burn, they had grown much stronger.
Whirlwind immediately appeared in the originally empty area. It seemed to have just been born, but it was growing stronger with each pa.s.sing moment. After a moment, it filled the entire area. This scene caused Su Ming to stop moving and his pupils to shrink.
He could sense one of the cultivation planets in this True World swiftly shattering. A large portion of the True World shattered for an unknown reason as well, as if a wave of power had descended on it to make the True World go through a change.
The whirlwind was the wind currently in Arid Triad's True Morning Dao World, the one formed by the power of the World!
The originally complete cultivation planets began to swiftly crumble, and the entire True World began to swiftly change into Arid Triad's True Morning Dao World, as if it wanted to become exactly the same!
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In fact, when Su Ming lifted his head, he saw the whirlwind swiftly gather together above him, and he could vaguely see the end of s.p.a.ce. The universe there was torn. Rumbling sounds spread through the entire True World… and a huge gap appeared!
"Arid Triad's gap!"
Su Ming's pupils shrank. He could recognize all the shocking changes happening in this previously empty and quiet True World once he arrived. It transformed to become the exact same as Arid Triad's True Morning Dao World. In fact, during that instant, Su Ming could also sense… that this True Morning Dao World… had started to slowly gain his presence!
It was Su Ming's own presence. He would definitely not mistake it. He stood in a daze as he personally watched the entire True World completely turn into Arid Triad's True Morning Dao World in a short two hours. It had Arid Triad's gap, a whirlwind, and Morning Dao Sect's base. Regardless of whether it was its structure or appearance, it was completely the same as Arid Triad's True Morning Dao World!
The True World's will was there as well. It seemed to get worn down, and it could not fight against the power forcing this upon it. It seemed to be predestined and nothing could not change it. The True World's will could only let out unresigned, soundless howls and roars that only Su Ming could hear.

The will tumbled about, and it was swiftly being replaced by Su Ming's will… but Su Ming did not do anything. He only stood there and watched all of it in a daze.
In fact, when two hours pa.s.sed, the True World before him became the exact same as his True Morning Dao World in Arid Triad. Once that happened, Su Ming hesitated for a moment before he spread his will outwards and tried to touch the will in this True World, which was very blatantly his.
When the two exact same wills came into contact with each other, Su Ming's body let out a bang. It was loud and monstrous bangs, and made him feel as if his head was about to burst. His body trembled. Blood capillaries instantly filled his eyes, and a ferocious expression appeared on his face, but there was an excited and thrilled look that surpa.s.sed what a mind could imagine in his eyes.
His divine sense roared, and ripples appeared in his soul. His state of being was rapidly rising in levels. The power of his will of an Antecedental Spirit and his mind… also increased by one-fold during that instant!
It was a full one-fold, as if an entire True World had appeared out of the blue and had fused perfectly with his True World. Su Ming surpa.s.sed his previous self, rising to a Realm that even he found impossible to believe!
This Realm made Su Ming feel as if he had Possessed two of the four Great True Worlds in Arid Triad!
Booming sounds echoed in Su Ming's mind, causing him to throw his head back and roar. His voice shook the sky and earth, stirring up endless ripples in the True World, as if he was announcing that he was the master of everything in this place!
Not only was he the master of Arid Triad's True Morning Dao World, he was also the master of the True Morning Dao World in the world in the mirror!
'I understand now. This is the world in the mirror. If certain events have happened in the world outside, then this place will change along with it, but this change does not happen at the same time. It needs a turning point… such as my arrival. This was its turning point!
'Because in Arid Triad, I am True Morning Dao World, when I arrived in this place, everything in this place changed… If that is the case for the True World, then I wonder whether it is the same for the lives here!'
Su Ming suppressed the excitement in his heart as he sensed himself swiftly becoming stronger. At that moment, he had a feeling that even if he came face to face against a cultivator in Avacaniya Realm, he would not have as much difficulty in fighting against them as he did in the past!
Strong light shone in Su Ming's eyes. At that moment, he was confident that even if he came face to face with the third disaster, he could get through it with even more ease. In fact, even the fourth disaster could forget trying to reduce him to close to death's door as it did previously!
In fact, Su Ming even had a certain amount of confidence that he could get through the fifth disaster!
His clear increase in strength was not reflected in his cultivation base, but in his will, soul, and the state of his being.
'Everything in Arid Triad can control the setup in this place. Then if that is the case, could it be that the changes in here can also control the setup in Arid Triad… In fact… will I be able to meet… another version of myself here?'
When Su Ming thought of this, his heart suddenly trembled. In his mind, this idea was a little far fetched and crazy… Yet in his heart, he believed that it was true!
'The other version of me is here, as well as all the people the other version of me knows. In fact… every single life in Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos also exists here!
'If that's the case, then senior Tian Bai's guess is correct. All life in the universe has its arch enemy, and it is the same for Arid Triad's will. Everything in the universe has two sides. If there is Yin… then there will be Yang!
'True Morning Dao World exists in this place, along with the other three True Worlds, as well as Divine Essence Star Ocean. In fact… All Spirits Hall is here as well!'
Brilliant light shone in Su Ming's eyes. At that moment, his heart and mind were shaken by his own guesses and discoveries, and it was difficult for him to completely calm down.
'If there is an All Spirits Hall here… since I can obtain twice the increase in power due to the True Worlds… then if I can experience the first spirit ascension here again… and go through all nine spirit ascensions here and another nine in Arid Triad… how much stronger will I become?'
Su Ming's heart pounded. He did not need to think too far ahead. When he thought about being able to go through three spirit ascensions in this place then go through another three in Arid Triad… He would have gone through eight spirit ascensions!
He had no idea how strong this level of spirit ascension would be… and he did not dare to imagine it.
'More importantly, I have to find my other self in here. I wonder if he has Arid Triad's path reflected on him and whether the things he went through are the same...
'But I don't think this will be true. The other version of me in this place should have another path to his life, because even though this is a mirror, it needs a turning point before both worlds can overlap, and only then it transforms. Before I came to this place, this turning point did not exist, which is why my other self…
'Would have experienced a completely different life!
'My other self is not the only one affected. All the lives in this place are the same. They would not be connected to the world outside… I might be calling this a mirror, but in truth, this isn't like a mirror. Instead, it's like two Expanse Cosmoses. Perhaps they overlap with each other once in a while, but after that, they are separated again.
'Unless someone can move between these two Expanse Cosmoses, there won't be anyone to trigger the mirror-like effect. This is what is happening here!' The light of understanding appeared in Su Ming's eyes.
'Then logically speaking, there is a will similar to Arid Triad in this Expanse Cosmos… It is…'
When Su Ming thought of this, his heart trembled. He remembered the theory the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe had mentioned.
'It is the arch enemy of Arid Triad's will. It's… Harmonious Morus Alba!'
Su Ming's expression continuously changed. He thought of far too many things, such as the three ancient wills… They had to be lives who had come from this world, but due to certain unique reasons, they had to live in Yin Death Vortex.
'This place can fuse with Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos, but they are existences that contradict each other. Then it can be said that I… can fuse with the other version of myself in this place. Once I do so… I will become the one and only presence in this place and Arid Triad. Perhaps only by doing so will I be myself!'
Su Ming's thoughts continued running wildly in his mind. He thought of many things, and at that moment, for some unknown reason, something someone told him a long time ago in the land of Berserkers appeared in his head.
"When you learn who you are, you… are no longer you. When you no longer know who you are, you… will be you!"
"I finally understand it…" Su Ming fell silent before he sighed softly.
'I can somewhat guess some of the reasons as to why senior Tian Bai said that the will in this place is connected to me. If this guess is correct, I will be able to tell whether my previous guess is the truth.
'All of this will depend on what status… my other self has in this world!'
A brilliant light shone in Su Ming's eyes. All of his guesses were connected to one single point. As long as he could establish it, he would become enlightened.
'Surely, my other self has already sensed some changes at this moment…'
Su Ming's eyes shone. When he spread his divine sense outwards, he turned his will into his divine sense so that it could transform into the will of heaven. It swept through the entire True World, and since Su Ming's will was comparable to two True Worlds, when he sent his divine sense spreading out, the area he covered was so big that it could be said to be boundless.
After a moment, a strange and hesitant look suddenly appeared on Su Ming's face. He did not manage to find the other version of himself, but he did find another person within his divine sense.
Su Ming was momentarily stunned. Then, he charged into the distance.

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