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89. Nude mode

Misuzu took off her clothes in front of Maika-chan.
Misuzu glanced at Katsuko-nee halfway.
Katsuko-nee nooded then points to the wall with one hand quietly so that Maika-chan won’t notice.

That’s the position of the hidden camera.

Misuzu casually turned to the camera.
It looks like a striptease to me who’s on the other side of the monitor…
She slowly unb.u.t.ton her blouse…

「Misuzu-chan really likes you…」

Margo-san says.

「Normaly…I think that girl’s monopolistic desires is very strong」

Misuzu takes off the blouse while sending a glance to the camera for an instant.
Misuzu’s now on her silk underwear.
Her delicate hands goes to her bra this time.

「…Strong monopolistic desire?」
「Yeah. I think she can’t help but want for Yoshida-kun to be hers only」
「But…Misuzu never say that. She always takes care of other people」
「Yeah, Misuzu-chan’s a very good girl. She’s always paying attention to her surrounding people. Or rather, it’s her nature to be attentive to the people around her」

The hook of the expensive silk bra is on the backside.
Misuzu bent her body and put her hand on her back.
Her cute b.r.e.a.s.t.s create a valley…

「So pitiful…She’s having conflicting nature simultaneously」
「…Conflucting nature?」
「That’s right. Strong curiosity an impulse on the other side…and intellectual power that searches for power alone」

…Misuzu’s smarter than me and has the ability to get things done.

「And yet, the other side is a powerful self restraint over her own impulse」

…Self restraint?

「Well…she’s like a high cla.s.s sports car with high powered engine and strong brake」

Misuzu unfastens her bra.
Her bra jumps.
Her cute pink nipple shakes.
Misuzu’s conscious of me and she faced her chest towards the camera on purpose.
Her face is blushing.
Misuzu’s aroused…

「But…Isn’t there no problem if the amazing engine has an amazing brake? You can use the break well if you go too fast?」
「As long as Misuzu-chan doesn’t break…」


「When the engine goes on an earth-shattering speed, then you press the strong break forcibly, what do you think would happen?」

Misuzu on the screen goes for her silk panties.
She looks at the camera and smiles suspiciously…

「Won’t the engine be broken immediately? Or the Break would be worn out rapidly? Either way, the car would become useless…」

Misuzu in the monitor pulls down her panties with both hands slowly…!
Misuzu purposely faces her a.s.s towards the camera while she’s taking off her panties.
Her white round a.s.s shakes in the screen…

「Misuzu-chan’s grandfather is one of 『Kuromori’s』guests. Nagisa-san kept him company. You may not know this but he’s on the top five financer of j.a.pan. Why do you think that kind of person would let Misuzu-chan work part time for Nagisa-san…?」

…That’s right.
It’s his treasured daughter so why…?!
Did Misuzu’s grandfather predict that Misuzu would become Nagisa-san’s pet?

「Misuzu-chan’s too perfect as a daughter of Kouzuki house. In reality, she’s a ma.s.s lump of curiosity…and yet, in school and in front of her clan, she’s always acting as a graceful, elegant lady. Just like what she’s doing in front of Maika-chan」

So that’s Misuzu’s usual appearance…?

「She’s a gentle child who’s kind to people more than having the ability and talent…So she’s completely acting the role her own clan is seeking from her…」

Margo-san said.
Misuzu has taken off her panty.
She’s concealing her own swelling chest in embarra.s.sment…
She’s not hiding her genital though.
Misuzu’s hairless crack is reflected on the camera.
No…She’s showing it.
To me…

「But, she’s forcibly holding back her own impulse and desire…Stress naturally occurs in her. It’s not good for heart and body. I think that’s why…Misuzu-chan’s grandfather entrusted her to Nagisa-san」


「Well…He lets to have her let off the steam. Nagisa-san’s a bright and comfortable person so she can heal her. There’s no need for her to act like a high cla.s.s daughter in front of Nagisa-san, right? Rather, she’s the kind of person that would strip that out」

I see.
Nagisa-san’s that kind of person…
Nagisa-san sees through Misuzu’s true self and made her a pet, making her reveal her true nature…and liberated her.

「In addition…Could it just been that her grandfather noticed the strength of her libido?」


「Her grandfather is quite a stud you know. I think he knows that Misuzu-chan also has a big libido. To let that out…He must’ve thought that it would be good if she’s played by Nagisa-san」

…Grandfather tolerated Misuzu being Nagisa-san’s s.e.xual pet?

『Misuzu-san, please sit on this sofa!』

Katsuko-nee tells Misuzu.

『Okay, I’m coming!』

The naked Misuzu faced the camera and winked in secret…

「But, Misuzu’s grandfather had one miscalculation」

Margo-san said.

「No matter how much Nagisa-san plays with Misuzu-chan, he thinks that she would return to Kouzuki house as a virgin. Misuzu-chan is planned to get married for the people of Kouzuki, so it would be bad if she’s no longer a virgin」

I see. During her first time…Misuzu said that 「I can’t marry if I’m no longer a virgin」
At that time, It seems that the existence of Misuzu’s fiancé has been decided by her grandfather.
She even said 「I want you to talk to my fiance」after I took her virginity…
That is because she can no longer marry her fiance as a daughter of Kouzuki house anymore because she lost her virginity.

『Okay, take a seat. Look at the camera, Here we go!』

Katsuko-nee starts Misuzu naked photography.
Misuzu’s smiling.
…She’s having fun.
With her naked body being photographed.
About showing this figure to me…!

「Who’d thought that Nagisa-san would give Misuzu-chan as your pet…Isn’t it unimaginable even now?」

Nagisa-san went against Misuzu’s grandfather’s will and she gave her to me…?

「…Nagisa-chan wants to free Misuzu-chan’s body and mind more than the circ.u.mstances of Kouzuki house. Misuzu-chan’s libido cannot be liberated unless she’s embraced by a man. Then, it won’t be good unless it’s someone like you」


「You’re accepting Misuzu-chan’s strong libido without disliking it. Normal men would be scared of the situation and run away but, you just meet Misuzu-chan’s expectations without saying anything」
「Well… She’s that cute and yet she’s wanting me? Isn’t there no other choice but to answer it?」
「That’s how you are so…she’s falling to you even more」

The naked Misuzu smiles while the camera flashes and the shutter sounds.
She looks at the hidden camera from time to time.
Misuzu’s always conscious of my eyes.

「There’s no one in the world who can release Misuzu-chan’s libido but you」


「I…what should I give Misuzu?」

I asked for Margo-san’s opinion…

「For the time being, you should just stay as you are. Just take all of her strong libido without avoiding it」
「That’s all?」
「Yoshida-kun, do you get it? Misuzu-chan actually has the most suitable talent for being 『Kuromori』high cla.s.s prost.i.tute」


「Beautiful and smart, carefully considerate, has education, elegance, and intelligence…and, has a big libido. Isn’t she suitable for being a high cla.s.s prost.i.tute?」

…That might be so

「It doesn’t need to be 『Kuromori』…There’s a risk that she may go the wrong path and fall for prost.i.tution. She may get caught by a strange man or be fooled by a bad guy… I think her grandfather handed her to Nagisa-san with such worries. She was a high level prost.i.tute after all. You do know that Nagisa-san’s one of the highest earners in the mansion?
「…I do」
「He must’ve thought that if she sees a real high cla.s.s prost.i.tute beforehand, she won’t be fooled by a strange guy…」

Misuzu’s making nude poses in the monitor…
The photos Katsuko-nee takes goes to another monitor one after another.
Misuzu’s cute…and s.e.xy

「Misuzu-chan’s thinking that you’re watching so she’s making such a s.e.xy expression. She can vent all of her libido to you so she’s believing you can accept it」

Misuzu’s believing me.

「When you take up her libido…She can continue acting as the young lady on other places. Her mind and body won’t break. She believes that there’s a person who can catch her true character at any time…」

Margo-san explained.

「I have to respond to Misuzu’s trust」
「That’s right. Her mind would really be hurt if you betray her. It’s likely enough for her to fall to prost.i.tution. Yoshida-kun, do you want Misuzu-chan to be a prost.i.tute?」
「…No way」
「Same. That’s why…respond to all of her impulses without fail」
「…Got it」
「As long as she feels loved by you…Misuzu-chan would become more beautiful and charming. Other men would court her one after another. But, Misuzu-chan will only devote herself to you. Her naked mind and body will only be Yoshida-kun’s」

The naked photos of Misuzu becomes even more attractive, s.e.xier.

「Misuzu-chan would become even more attractive as long as long as she thinks that Yoshida-kun’s watching over her. Do you get it?」
「The problem is…If this goes on, Misuzu-chan’s desire to monopolize you would increase even more…」


「Misuzu-chan frequently says 『Misuzu is Danna-sama’s pet desu』doesn’t she? I think that’s actually the opposite」
「Actually…Misuzu wants you to be her pet」

Misuzu on the screen lifts her b.r.e.a.s.t.s…
Then made a pose wiggling her waist.
Sacred prost.i.tute…My pet.

「But…That would trouble us」
「Yoshida-kun’s needed by Nei, Megumi-chan, Katsuko-san and Nagisa-san. Oh right…Minaho also needs you」
「…Sensei too?」
「Yeah…That’s why, cannot be for Misuzu-chan only」

Margo-san tells me with a smile.

「We’ll manage it somehow. Believe us. Misuzu-chan won’t trouble you…so, you can just think about accepting Misuzu’s impulses. That’s what she needs for now」
「Okay…Got it」

The naked Misuzu in the monitor looks at the hidden camera again…
She seeks my eyes.

『Katsuko-san…I’ve got a request』

In the middle of the photo session, Misuzu spoke to Katsuko-nee

『My, what is it?』
『Could you take a look at my v.a.g.i.n.a?』

The naked Misuzu sitting on the sofa opens her legs wide.

『I’m worried that my own v.a.g.i.n.a may be different from the normal people』

Misuzu’s voice is calm but her eyes is filled with desires.

『Is that so?…Wait a moment, let’s take a look』

katsuko-nee puts the camera on the side and goes to Misuzu.

『Nei-san and Maika-san, could take a look at too?』

Misuzu spoke to the two…

『Yeah, okay! Let’s go, Maika-chan!』

Maika-chan’s feeling shy.

『You’ve never seen someone else’s p.u.s.s.y don’t you?』
『Well…That’s true』
『Maika-chan…have you seen yours?』

Maika-chan turned red.
…So she did

『I do! I’ve looked at it in the mirror…!』

Nei-san’s leading question catches Maika-chan.

『Maika-chan did too…. Using the reflection of hand mirror』
『…How is it?』
『I don’t get it well』
『Then, show it to Misuzu-san! If we compare, we might understand something!』

Nei-san pulls Maika-chan forcibly.
Misuzu…opened her legs on top of the sofa.


Maika-chan’s surprised seeing Misuzu’s v.a.g.i.n.a…

『I’m sorry…I got aroused when taking photos』

Misuzu’s p.u.s.s.y is dripping wet…

『Misuzu-san seems to be easy to get wet constintution…!』

Katsuko-nee clears it up by saying the word 『Const.i.tution』

『…Can I take a look?』

Misuzu’s bashful face.

『Hmm, I think it’s normal from the outside』

Katsuko-nee places the handy camera to Misuzu’s v.a.g.i.n.a casually.
Of course, it’s in video mode…and Misuzu’s v.a.g.i.n.a is being uploaded to my room.

『…Can I take a look inside?』

Being told by Katsuko-nee, Misuzu uses her right hand’s middle and forefinger…and opens her c.l.i.t.
Her pink female genital has become exposed.


Maika-chan instinctively spoke.
Misuzu’s insides is shining with s.e.xual fluids.

『Misuzu-san, it’s okay…there’s nothing strange with your v.a.g.i.n.a』
『…Is that true?』
『Yes, it’s very beautiful! Don’t you think so, Maika-chan?』
『…Ah, Yes』

Being lured by Nei-san, Maika-chan responds.

『Maika-chan…Do you see it? This is the hole where you pee』
『Ah…Is that so?』

Maika-chan bites into Katsuko-nee’s explanation.

『Then, do you know what this is?』
『…I don’t』
『This is the hole that accepts a man’s p.e.n.i.s』
『That’s right. It goes in here…Misuzu-san, please touch it』

Told by Katsuko-nee…Misuzu makes her finger crawl in the v.a.g.i.n.a.

『Ah…The finger’s coming in!』

Maika-chan’s eyes is completely nailed down on Misuzu’s genital.

『Fingers can go in…A grown p.e.n.i.s is even bigger』
『…Even bigger than a thumb?』
『Even thicker』
『That won’t go in』
『It will…Women’s body is made like that』
『Is that true?』
『Maika-chan, you don’t put in your finger when you m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e?』
『I don’t…I’m scared. I just pat it on top』

Maika-chan speaks about her own usual masturbation.
Katsuko-nee enjoys Maika-chan’s reaction

『You do know this don’t you?』

katsuko-nee exposes Misuzu’s c.l.i.toris.

『…Ahn! Don’t touch that so roughly』

Misuzu spoke unintentionally.

『My, I’m sorry…Maika-chan, do you know it feels good when you touch it here don’t you?』

Maika-chan gulps down her saliva.

『Maika-chan…have you touched it?』
『As expected, it feels good』
『…It feels strange. My stomach goes ‘kyun’』
『That feeling is said pleasant』
『Then…It feels good』

Maika-chan goes red.

『Aside from that…after taking a look at Misuzu’s genital, do you have some impressions?』

Maika-chan’s at loss.

『Yes…It would be troublesome if women’s genital looks strange? If you see something, then tell us…!』

Misuzu who’s opening her legs smiles at Maika-chan.


Maika-chan spoke bashfully.

『…There’s no hair』

That’s right…Misuzu doesn’t have any pubic hair.

『…My onee-san’s a gra.s.sfield』

Maika-chan says that, but…
Even Yukino’s not that hairy, I think…

『There’s quite a lot of adults who doesn’t have any pubic hair. They’re called ‘paipan’1 For j.a.panese people, they say that it has the rate of one is to fifty』

Katsuko-nee explained laughingly.

『Women with genitals without hair is said to be pleasurable when having s.e.x. That’s why, women shave it themselves』
『Is that so?』
『There’s a lot of women in Europe that shave themselves. In ancient Greece, it’s a rule that women shave their pubic hair…That’s why there’s no hair in their sculptures, don’t you think?』
『…Oh, yes』
『Maika-chan, why are you that curious on your hair down there?』

Nei-san asks Maika-chan.

『Uhm…Maika too』

Maika-chan’s face is dyed in shame.

『…Still doesn’t have any』

…I-Is that so?

『Then I was being made fool by Onee-chan…Saying that Maika’s still a kid for not growing hair…!』

Yukino…You’re the kid here.
You’re like a grade school girl…

『…Let’s see』

Katsuko-nee thinks for a moment.

『Maika-chan, can I take a look?』

Maika-chan’s surprised.

『It’s good if you’re like Misuzu-chan who’s just a paipan but growing properly, but…It would be a problem if it’s growth failure. Can I take a look?』
『Yeah…I think you better let Katsuko-san see it!』

Katsuko-nee and Nei-san suggests Maika-chan to show her genital.


Maika-chan’s fl.u.s.tered.
That looks cute.


Katsuko-nee laughingly asks Maika-chan.

『…Just a bit』

Misuzu closed her legs and smiles at Maika-chan.

『If Maika-chan’s embarra.s.sed, then let’s all get naked…!』

She holds to Maika-chan’s hand.

『If everyone gets naked, Maika-chan won’t go embarra.s.sed, won’t you?』
『It’s okay…Just think that everyone has come to the hot springs!』

Misuzu’s words is slightly forced.

『…T-That’s right』
『That’s right, I’m already naked but, I’m not feeling embarra.s.sed. Because, everyone here are all close friends of mine…』

Nei-san follows up.

『That’s right…I’ll get naked too!』
『Then, me too…!』

Nei-san and Katsuko-nee took off their clothes.


Misuzu draws close to Maika-chan who’s slightly panicking.

『Now…Let me help you too』

Misuzu…gently took of Maika-chan’s clothes.

『…I won’t wait!』

Nei-san took off her clothes without any reserve.
Katsuko-nee strips slowly.
Maika-chan is being undressed by Misuzu forcibly…

『Here, have some b.r.e.a.s.t.s!』

Nei-san took off her bra and sent it flying.
Her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s bursts out.
Katsuko-nee took off her bra softly.
b.r.e.a.s.t.s bigger than Nei-san rolls out.
Maika-chan has removed her bra a while ago.
Her cute b.r.e.a.s.t.s is exposed to air.

『Let’s take off our underwear on three!』

Nei-san laughs and tells everyone.

『Okay, One-two!』

Nei-san lowered her panty fast!
Katsuko-nee makes it pa.s.s through her big a.s.s…!
Maika-chan’s panty was lowered by Misuzu from her back!!!

『Okaay, everyone’s naked now!』

There are four naked beauties reflected on the monitor.
Katsuko-nee’s naked body is filled with intense maturity like those gravure photos on men’s magazine on US.
Nei-san’s voluptuous naked body is like a naked photo taken by an art photographer.
Misuzu’s soft and delicate body is cute like a puppy.
And then…Maika-chan’s naked body is.
Like a fairy in spring.
A body of a growing girl.
Her swelling chest seems to be firm leaving the core.
Her pink areola…has her nipple still sunken in.
Her stomach is soft and plump.
And yet…Her waist is thin and tight.
Maika-chan…does she exercise or something?
Her a.s.s still doesn’t have any meat.
Her leg is thin too.
Maika-chan hides her chest in embarra.s.sment.

『…Maika’s embarra.s.sed』

Speaking of which, I’ve heard that virgins hide their chest and non-virgin hides their genital.
Misuzu hides her b.r.e.a.s.t.s a while ago…But that’s because she’s showing me her v.a.g.i.n.a.

『There’s nothing to be embarra.s.sed about…Maika-chan’s cute』

Katsuko-nee said.

『But…My b.r.e.a.s.t.s are small』

Seeing Katsuko-nee’s Kyonyuu and Nei-san’s Hounyuu2

『My, even I don’t have that big of a breast!』

Misuzu becomes slightly displeased.
As expected, she has an inferiority complex.

『But…Misuzu’s body is very charming. Misuzu-san’s pretty』

Maika-chan answers Misuzu.

『Don’t mind, don’t mind! You two will grow bigger!』

Nei-san laughingly spoke.

『…Is that so?』

Maika-chan’s worried.

『Maika…isn’t having a growth deficiency?』

As expected, she seems to worry a bit.

『Onee-chan’s always calling Maika-chan a kid, a child…So I’m a bit worried』

Katsuko-nee holds Maika-chan’s shoulder gently.

『It’s okay…There’s nothing strange when I took look at it. You’re growing up cutely. Also, if you’re a bit underdeveloped, it can be easily fixed!」

Maika-chan’s face brighten up suddenly.

『Katsuko-san, is that true?』
『Yes. That method makes women grow attractive…!』
『What should I do?』

Katsuko-nee smiles at Maika-chan.

『It’s s.e.x. Have s.e.x and make a man e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e a lot. If your v.a.g.i.n.a absorbs male hormones, women’s body becomes even more beautiful…!』

Maika-chan’s frightened.


Katsuko-nee continues calmly.

『Furthermore…You need to have only one partner. If you accept s.e.m.e.n of multiple men, Maika-chan’s womb would reject it strongly and it would be bad influence for your body』
『That’s right…You have to squeeze only one partner!』

Nei-san gets on Katsuko-nee’s lie.

『You see, I’m having a s.e.x partner so my breast got this big!』

This virgin’s a liar…

『That’s right. If you’re worried, Maika-chan should just have s.e.x too…!』

The naked women drops the trap on Maika-chan…!!!

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