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Misuzu who’s kimono’s completely disheveled…hugs me.


Michi who’s lower body is naked comes from the back…

「I love you !」

Misuzu kisses my lips.

「Me too…!」

Following, Michi…

…Knock knock

The door leading to the corridor’s knocked.
This is bad…
Misuzu’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s and crotch is exposed…Michi too…!
Both of their slits have love nectar and s.e.m.e.n dripping.

「…It’s okay」

Misuzu whispers to me.

「I’m taking a bit of rest. Don’t enter!」

She shouts outside with a resolute voice.


The voice outside is of a woman’s…it must be Koishikawsan who I met earlier.

「…What is your business?」
「It’s about time. I ask you to prepare…!」
「Understood, give us five minutes」
「There is no need to rush. Please take your time to prepare. Once we head to the crematorium, there’s no returning to this room so please bring all of your luggage with youo」
「I see…thank youo」
「 …Excuse me」

Koishikawsan seems to have left.

「Seki-san…seems to be very considerate」

Misuzu tells me.

「I met Seki-san before entering this room」

Oh, Seki-san went to pick up Jii-chan and Misuzu’s car line…

「I think that Seki-san has given the guards outside. So they won’t enter once we arrive」
「Well…the guards know that Dannsama is inside this room, don’t they?」

Speaking of which, they do
Koishikawsan should know that Seki-san and I entered this room…and only I didn’t come out.

「Dannsama and I are having a secret meeting inside so I think she made a word so they won’t disturb us」

Inside this building…Seki-san has made me her a.s.sistant, but…
For the unit who’s directly guarding this room, Koishikawsan, and her men…has been messaged that I’m Misuzu’s lover.
The reason why the incom was borrowed to communicate only with the members of Koishikawsan’s group was that.
Furthermore, since Koishikawsan and her men have their trust with Seki-san raised beforehand…everyone silently accepted Seki-san’s instructions.
Therefore…Koishikawsan doesn’t come in to check the room.
In short, my secret meeting with Misuzu and others…are only known to Koishikawsan’s level.
The people above…the new director, Asami doesn’t know.

「Therefore…after we head for the crematorium, Dannsama can take it easy and get out of the room. The guards will move with us. n.o.body will be left here」

To suggest that…Koishikawsan once again said「There’s no returning to this room so please bring all the baggage out」
But…in the first place.
Misuzu and Ruriko hadn’t brought any luggage.
Michi’s bringing just a small cloth bag.

「Misuzu-sama…please hurry up your preparatioon」

Michi takes out a towel from the cloth bag.

「Please wipe your crotch with this」
「Thanks…what about Michi?」
「I have mine too…!」

Taking another towel…Michi wipes her crotch.

「What should I do?…Dannsama’s thing is overflowing from the inside」
「I have prepared a spare panty」

Michi takes out two pure white panties.
The other one must be for herself

「But panty can show a line in my b.u.t.t」
「We don’t have the privilege to say that now. Please hurry up and wear it」

Yeah…there’s still the memorial service and the end of abstinence scheduled after this.
It would be hard to worry about the sperm dripping if she doesn’t wear panties under her Kimono.

「Please paste in the sanitary napkin. This will suck up those that drips down」

Michi…you’re quite prepared

「It can’t be helped…I’ll do what you say」

Misuzu stands before me


Am I going to put it on you? As expected

「I get it…here」

I take the panty with a napkin from Michi then…pa.s.s it through Misuzu’s thin ankle, one foot at a time
Then…I slide up the panty quickly on her slippery legs…covering her plump a.s.s…

「Thank you very much, Dannsama…!」

Misuzu kisses me

「That’s enough, here…hurry up and fix your clothes. Misuzu’s clothes are the top priority」
「Yes, certainly!」

Misuzu fixes her disordered clothes…


Turning around, Michi who’s lower half is naked…stands holding her panty

「…You too?」
「I’m sorry」
「It’s fine, I’ll put it on you…!」
「I’m sorry to trouble you…」

I put on Michi’s panty too.
Misuzu who’s on the second year high school is quite tall but…Michi’s small…
Somehow, I feel the illusion of taking care of a child or something.
No, I was just having a sweet taste of this body a while ago though.

「Here, I put on your panties…put the rest back yourself」
「Thank you very much…!」

Michi looks at me satisfied.

「Then, Master…excuse me」


「No, I can put my own brief myself…!」
「No, I will clean up before you wear underwear」

Michi said…then licks up my p.e.n.i.s.
Gently taking the remains of love nectar and s.e.m.e.n

「Ah, Michi…me too!」

Misuzu says, but

「No, Misuzu-sama should hurry with her clothes」
「Hnnngg, Geez…Ruriko, help me out」

Ruriko who’s eyes are round looking at us…helps out Misuzu put on her clothes.

「Your relationship is really fine…」

Ruriko mutters.

「Our Dannsama’s a kind person…he’s the only gentleman we can depend on so we depend on him a lot」
「We’re『family』after all」

Misuzu answers.

「For example, if I suddenly became sick…and become bedridden for the rest of my life… If it’s Dannsama, I can leave everything to him. I can’t ask grandfather that. But, if it’s Dannsama…」

Misuzu looks at me.

「Dannsama, if that happens…can I depend on you?」
「Yeah, it’s just meals and your daily life, right? Sure, I will」

I answered.

「I will open my mouth every day, saying 『aaahn』, and Dannsama will feed m,e」
「I know, Misuzu’s such a spoiled girl…」
「Will you take me to baths too?」
「The bottom too…」
「I’ll do it. I’ll do it all so don’t worry」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「Why? Onii-sama?」
「Misuzu’s my『family』…so I promised to take care of her for the rest of our lives. Of course, Michi and Ruriko too…」
「Me too…?」
「Obviously, like I’d let others take care of you…!」

I declared.

「But, as much as possible…no, try to stay healthy as much as you can. If you really get sick, I’ll take care of you. But, being healthy is the best…」

Misuzu smiles at me.

「Yes…I’m very sorry for bringing up such a strange example」


「Michi, that’s enough…put on your skirt」
「Just a bit more」
「No…hurry up」
「Then…should Ruriko do it?」

I look at Ruriko’s lips.

「Not now…If Ruriko sucks it now, it’ll get bigger」
「Then, just let her drink again…」
「We don’t have time right now! Hurry up and get dressed!」
「…I’m very sorry」

Making a『chupa』sound at the end…Michi lets go of my p.e.n.i.s.
I put on my underwear in a hurry

「It’s fine, Michi…Ruriko can just learn it from now on. There’s a lot of time…!」

Misuzu smiles.
…That’s right.
If Ruriko’s『kidnapping』goes well…we have as much time as we want.
I put on my pants.
A man’s clothing is fast to wear.

「Michi, I’m borrowing this towel」

I pick up the towel Michi used to wipe her crotch.

「What for?」
「Cleaning…the tatami mat is dirty. We can’t leave traces of s.e.x in here」

I wet the towel with the washbasin in the room.
After squeezing it…I rub it on the tatami mat.
I wipe away the sweat and s.e.m.e.n

「Allow me to help too」

Michi said, but…

「Michi, prioritize your and Misuzu’s prep. Look, your hair’s disheveled! You’ll go back to Kouzuki clan without any c.h.i.n.k on yourselves. Okay?」
「Here, Michi…come in front of me and I’ll fix your hair」

Misuzu calls Michi

「Onii-sama, allow me to help…!」

Ruriko picks up the towel used by Misuzu…wets it and squeezes it.
She must be copying what I did.
She can’t squeeze the towel properly

「Give it to me」

I take the towel from Ruriko and squeeze it…

「It’s not. This is normal. Ruriko…have you not cleaned up at school?」

If it’s on Kouzuki house’s mansions, I know, but…

「Dannsama, our school cleaning’s done by a contractor…」

Misuzu answers instead of Ruriko.

「If they let the students clean…then the parents would sue the school」

As expected of a super ojou-sama school…it exceeds my understanding.

「Here, Ruriko」
「Thank you. Onii-sama」

Ruriko takes the wet towel from me…
Gets on all fours on top of the tatami and…wipes the floor.
As expected, she can’t do it well

「Ruriko, match your eyes on the mat and rub it」
「Like I said」

I get on all fours…then


…I see it.
…Ruriko’s swollen a.s.s…and her hairless slit and a.n.u.s.

「…Michi…do you have a spare panty?」

I sighed and asked Michi

「I do」
「Give it to Ruriko…Ruriko’s gotten quite honest too. I’ll let her wear at least panties」

Michi hands the panty to me instead of Ruriko.

「…Ruriko is『family』too」

Michi looks at me.
Now that it comes to this…I just can’t let her be out of the circle.

「Ruriko, I’ll put it on…stand in front of me」
「Yes, Onii-sama…!」

Ruriko stands in front of me who’s kneeling on the mat.

「Flip up your skirt」

Her thin white fingers elegantly lift the hem of her skirt.
Ruriko’s virgin genital is exposed in front of me…

「Let’s start with your right foot」

I put on Ruriko’s panty as well.
Sliding through Ruriko’s skin…I pull up the panty.


At the moment the rubber of the panty touched her swollen a.s.s, Ruriko frowns her eyebrows.

「…Are you okay?」

I hugged Ruriko’s legs while standing on my knees.
I rub my cheeks to Ruriko’s belly.

「Sorry…I love you, Rurikoo」

Her a.s.s is in pain so I hug her thighs.

「I’ll protect you forever」


「Onii-sama…you’re a very strange man…」

I look at Ruriko…

「I… do not understand Onii-sama very well…」

Ruriko’s clearly confused.

「True…Ruriko who doesn’t understand people’s『sentiment』, might not understand Dannsama’s heart yet」

Misuzu who’s clothing is fixed, replied.

「Dannsama…is a very simple man. Isn’t he, Michi?」
「Yes, there’s no one much more easy to understand than him」

The two laugh.

「Is that so? I don’t understand」
「It’s not just loss or gain…humans are animals. 『Sentiment』is the foundation of human behavior」
「…I’m sorry. I don’t understand」
「But, even Ruriko knows that Dannsama is a very『charming man』, don’t you?」

Misuzu…that’s a bit…

「Yes…I know it」


「I wonder why…I feel very intimate with Kuromori-sama. …」


「…I wonder why? I don’t know」

Ruriko who’s born as the daughter of Kouzuki house…
The left and rights, those around…feel the power of Kouzuki house behind Ruriko and others, living on the edge.
Far from the other house, even the families under Kouzuki house only sees Ruriko as a political instrument only.
Especially…Ruriko’s father, Kouzuki Shigeaki, he was someone who’s under surveillance as Jii-chan can’t let his guard down on him.
Therefore, Jii-chan isolated Ruriko and others from the world so they won’t be used.
There was no other choice.
If Ruriko’s left under Kouzuki Shigeaki…he would easily use Ruriko to build up his position without any remorse.
Looking at it now, I can tell that Jii-chan had no choice.
He’s a man who killed his real brother trying to become the successor of Kouzuki house.
It’s unknown what he will do even to his daughter.
Ruriko who’s trapped in a narrow world…
Ruriko who’s been forced to live only by herself and her va.s.sal, Yoshiko-san…

「…I’ve got to teach you a lot of things. Let’s do a lot of fun things」

Ruriko looks dumbfounded…
I look up at her…

「Is it s.e.x?」

Ruriko answers.

「s.e.x is also fun but, there are a lot more fun things to do」

Misuzu tells her cousin.

「That’s right, I’m going to learn how to make bread from Katsuko-nee. Ruriko, do you want to learn with me?」
「Not just bread, cakes, snacks…I’ll learn to make those」


「That sounds interesting. I want to learn. But」
「But what?」
「Is it okay for me to learn?」

I see…
Ruriko’s daily life has been regulated until now.
She was only allowed to do traditional dance because…Konpeki style dance cla.s.sroom is perfectly guarded. There’s nothing but famous girls over there…and there are guards in each house at all times.
At school…it’s the same, filled with famous people.

「Compared to Ruriko…I had it quite easy」

Misuzu mutters.

「My father is a national bureaucrat…since graduating from college, he had drawn a line from Kouzuki group, so he didn’t become a target of Shigeaki-Ojisama In the first place, it’s not my father’s ambition…Shigeaki-ojisama thinks that my father would continue as a government official or turn into a politician someday」

Even brothers…see each other as rivals…
Misuzu’s family didn’t become a target of Kouzuki Shigeaki.

「But still…I’m an heir of Kouzuki house…just like Ruriko. Grew up surrounded by the clan, grew up naive all this time. But, in my case…Grandfather noticed that I’m being suffocated in such a closed world…」

Therefore, Misuzu was brought to Nagisa.

「I1…call myself『watakushi』just like Ruriko and Michi before. But, Nagissama…told me『That way of speaking won’t make you any normal friends』
「…Is that so?」

Ruriko asks her cousin.

「Yes, actually…when I turned『Watakushi』to『Atashi』, my friends increased in school and even in Konpeki style school. Even when helping at Nagissama’s shop, when I changed my speech, my seniors became friendly with me…」

…I see.
If a lady from Kouzuki house who’s world famous, uses『Watakushi』…Everyone would back off.
Those who will come close to them…are people who want to seize the authority of Kouzuki house.
On the other hand, when speaking『atashi』…familiarity feels rising.
Even the lady of Kouzuki house is the same age as themselves…

「Even now, I’m being scolded『Misuzu’s way of speaking is too stiff』but…back when saying『watakushi』, there was no friend who scolded me like that」

…I feel I get it.

「Ruriko…that is the world of people’s『sentiment』 Such small things changes the relationship of people」
「Oh well…you can take it easy and learn it slowly」

I hug Ruriko’s soft legs once again…

…Knock knock

「…Misuzu-sama, Ruriko-sama Are you prepard?」

Koishikawsan’s voice comes from the outside.

「…Is it time?」
「We’ll be coming out…please wait a moment」

Misuzu and Michi are already prepared.

「I’ll dispose of the towels…Ah, girls, wash your hands」
「Yes, Dannsama」

Misuzu, Michi, and Ruriko wash their hands.

「Then, let’s go…」
「Yeah, maybe, I think that we’ll be taking Ruriko somewhere…」

Margo-san and Seki-san…are surely making a plan.

「Listen, Ruriko…you’ll be kidnapped by Dannsama」
「Yes…I know」

Ruriko seems to be ready for it too

「I will support」

Michi tells me

「Thanks, Michi」
「…Well then, Dannsama」

My three beautiful ladies leave the room elegantly

「Thank you for waiting…let’s go」

I hear Misuzu’s voice from outside the room…

Now then, I’m alone in this room again.
The guards are said to move along with Misuzu and others but…I shouldn’t come out too soon.
I’ll wait here quietly to make some time.


I lied down on the tatami mat.
As expected, I’m a bit tired.


The door opens…
Nei and Margo-san comes in

「It’s okay now…there’s no more Kouzuki security service on this floor」

Margo-san said

「Arere, what’s wrong! Yo-chan, are you tired?」

Taking off her shoes, Nei goes on top of the mat.
Then, she comes hugging me.

「…Ufufufu, Yo-chaaaan!」
「W-What’s wrong…Nee-san」
「What’s wrong?…It’s nothing! I’m just feeling impatient!」

Nei presses my face against her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

「Either way, you were squeezed down by Misuzu and Michi, right?」
「Ah, knew it…how many times? How many times?」

Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s…her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are attacking me with their elasticity

「T-Three times…」
「What’s the breakdown?」
「Twice with Michi and once with Misuzu!」
「Mumumu…Michi, you’re good!」


「C-Could it be that Nee-san wants to do it too?」

Then, Nei…laughs.

「I’m fine! I’m not so thirsty like those girls!」


「Look, those girls are raised to be too elegant…so they can only release their minds by having s.e.x with Yo-chan…」


「So now…it can’t be helped. Yo-chan, give them love. Their body’s gonna be helpless from anxiety and loneliness rising up in their heart unless Yo-chan embraces them…!」

Yeah. Right.
Earlier, Misuzu said that she’s ono much better state than Ruriko, but.
Misuzu also constantly enforce self-control to herself.
It’s no mistake that she unravels her mind by having s.e.x with me.
Michi too…Michi is a guard so she’s a lump of self-control.
Therefore, she’s addicted to s.e.x.

「Look, Nee-san’s going to make Yo-chan her dakimakura…so get spoiled!」

Saying that, Nei hugs me tightly.

「I’m much more stable than those girls you see…My bond with Yo-chan is much deeper! There’s no need to have s.e.x all the time, I can be satisfied just hugging like this!」

Nei says that, but

「But, this morning…Nee-san was the one who attacked me…!」


「Gufufufu! Women have times where they can’t hold back anymore! Yo-chan’s sleeping face is too cute!」
「Wait…in the end, Nee-san also can’t hold back when she wants to have s.e.x!」
「That’s right! Yo-chan doesn’t need to hold back too! If you want to do it then, you may attack me anytime, anywhere!」

Why is everyone around me saying the same thing?
Actually, …they were the ones to ask before me…

「Yeah yeah, that’s enough…Nei. We can’t stay in this room for long」

Margo-san stops Nei.

「It’s about time the person in charge of cleaning comes here to check. We should go out」
「Oh right!」

Nei laughs while still hugging me
As expected, she’s jealous that I had s.e.x with Misuzu and Michi here.
Her tension’s much higher than usual

「Then, Margo-san…where’s Iwakursan?」

That’s right, I can’t see Iwakursan…

「She’s at work…!」

Nei answers.


The ident.i.ty of the student council president, Iwakura Yukiyo…is a prost.i.tute of『Kuromori』

「Yeah…we’ve handed the boys to her already」

Margo-san smiles.

「The plan’s going well!」

Atashi ↩

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