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108. Pa.s.sionate girl Yamamine Megumi

「…Megumi-san, do you like having s.e.x with Danna-sama?」

Misuzu suddenly throws a question to Megumi.

「I…still don’t understand it」

Of course.
Megumi just lost her virginity yesterday.
There’s still the pain and she didn’t experience pleasure in s.e.x yet.

「But…I’ll do anything as long as Yoshida-kun wishes for it. I’ll do my best to become a lewd girl…!」
「You don’t need to do your best on that!」

Misuzu scolds Megumi.

「I understand…Megumi-san. You’re misunderstanding that you should merely serve Danna-sama」

Megumi’s puzzled by Misuzu’s words.

「In s.e.x…It won’t end with just you giving your mind and body. You have to give it to your partner and you should receive too…!」

…Give and receive?

「Misuzu finally understood it recently. Or rather…I discover various things every time Danna-sama embraces me. I’m learning. And…Misuzu comes to love Danna-sama even more」

You understood from having s.e.x with me? You learned?
It’s not that I didn’t learn anything.
Misuzu’s body feels so soft, warm, and pleasant…
That’s all.

「Misuzu recently thinks about Eros and Agape」

…Eros, what?

「Misuzu-san What is that?」

Maika asked.
Great, nice follow-up!

「Well, it’s not something taught as early as middle school…」

Misuzu told Maika.
No…I’m a high school but I don’t know it either.
I may learn it somewhere however…

「It’s an ancient Greece word however…In Christian philosophy, 『Love』is greatly divided into 『Eros』and 『Agape』」

C-Christian philosophy…?!
W-What’s philosophy…?

「『Eros』is general l.u.s.t. s.e.xual love with body. It is considered to be the want to be rewarded by the partner」

Eh…It wasn’t just 『Ero』?
It’s that isn’t it?
『Keep the Eros within bounds』that kind of『Eros』, right?

「On the other hand 『Agape』is a philanthropy given unconditionally to everyone. Mental love. A love that doesn’t ask for rewards. It can be translated to『Neighborly love』」

Could it be that Misuzu’s a smart girl?
She said that she’ll take Tokyo University exam.

「In Christianity, the spirit is higher than body so Agape is a.s.sumed as the highest cla.s.s of love. Saying that the『love』G.o.d gives to men is the same as 『Agape』」


「But…Misuzu had a doubt since then. Is 『Eros』really inferior to 『Agape』…?」

『Mental Philanthropy』and 『Lewd feelings』is incomparable isn’t it?
Or rather『Lewd feelings』is very personal…
Or rather, what’s most strange is comparing the two.

「Misuzu thinks that 『Eros』is very important」


「…Katsuko-sama, can I ask you something?」

Misuzu talks to Katsuko-nee.

「Sure, ask me」

Katsuko-nee answered cheerfully

「Katsuko-sama…do you intent to have s.e.x with any other man than Danna-sama?」
「No…I won’t have s.e.x with anyone but him. If I can’t have s.e.x with him then I’ll just m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e throughout my life. I don’t need any other men…!」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「…Why can you say that?」
「Because…His s.e.x is truly wonderful. I can reveal my body and mind in front of him. He also shows me everything. There are no secrets. We throw our desires and greed at each other. I don’t think I can find another ideal s.e.x partner for a second time」

Katsuko-nee said.
Misuzu continued asking.

「But, if ever…Danna-sama dies right now…what will Katsuko-sama do?」
「…I’ll kill myself」

Katsuko-nee answered immediately.

「I’m already as good as dead before I met him. A world without him is meaningless for me」


「Then…If Danna-sama encounters an accident and lost his p.e.n.i.s…what will Katsuko-sama do?」

If my p.e.n.i.s is cut off?

「Let’s see…Even if he lose his p.e.n.i.s, I’ll love him as long as he still has his fingers and mouth. No…even if he lose his mouth or hands, it’s fine as long as he’s here. As long as we can have our skins touch…I’ll m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e while embracing his body closely. That will satisfy me. I’ll live with him forever」
「…But, you can’t have s.e.x with him anymore?」
「I already had enough s.e.x. Katsuko’s mind and body has firmly memorized the wonderful s.e.x with him. Of course…I want to have s.e.x with him a lot from now on but…I’m okay as long as he’s living. I have the memory of our happy s.e.x. I’m fine doing it by myself while he watches me. I’ll be satisfied enough…I can live happily with that!」

…Katsuko-nee answered.

「Misuzu thinks that Katsuko-sama’s feelings is actually 『Eros』」


「This is also 『Love』…Moreover, if there is no 『s.e.x』as mediation, it’s a 『love』that doesn’t come into existence」

Misuzu said.

「Misuzu feels 『Eros』for Danna-sama. For example, if Danna-sama goes comatose…It’s a bit imprudent isn’t it? I’m sorry…But still, Misuzu will love Danna-sama forever. I’ll take care of him forever. I’ll never leave him. That’s because I have the memory of a 『Wonderful s.e.x』with Danna-sama. I have the memory of loving and being loved so…Misuzu will embrace Danna-sama not with only love and affection but also with trust and respect. I feel a deeper love towards Danna-sama than my blood relatives right now…!」

Misuzu said that, but…
I… I don’t get it.
I just love everyone I have s.e.x with and think of them as precious.
If they ask『Do you love these girls?』…I’ll answer 『I do』confidently
If Katsuko-nee or Misuzu became human vegetable1…Can I still love them until I die?
…I don’t know.
I can’t answer right now.

「…That’s wonderful. Katsuko-neesan and Misuzu-san」

Megumi told the two.

「Will I be able to feel that way too?」

Misuzu smiles at Megumi.

「You will, if it’s Megumi-san…!」

Megumi thinks for a moment.

「I trust Yoshida-kun. I respect him as a person. Therefore, I am resolved to offer my body for my entire life. Is that insufficient?」

Katsuko-nee answers.

「…Yes, that’s not enough」


「Megumi-san is saying 『I’ll dedicate』but…you don’t reveal everything to him」
「I don’t reveal?」
「If you really want to dedicate everything to him…You have to ask him 『What do you want?』properly」

Megumi looks at me.

「Yoshida-kun…What do you want with me? What should I give you?」

I look at Megumi’s face.
Long and narrow eyes…a beauty.
What do I hope from Megumi…?!

「…I want to date Megumi properly」

Those words come out of my mouth.


Megumi’s surprised…

「Megumi…No, Yamamine Megumi-san. Please go out with me… !!!!」

I bowed to Megumi.

「That’s…Yoshida-kun. Even if yo don’t say that…I’ll have s.e.x with Yoshida-kun. I’ll do anything Yoshida-kun wants. I promise that…」
「…That’s not how it is!!」

I shouted.

「I want to know more about Megumi. I want Megumi to know about me. I thought that I understand Megumi this far but…actually, I don’t know anything Sorry, Megumi…!」

The way of thinking Megumi has since she was born…
What are the worries of Megumi she had all this time…
I never knew that…

「I’m an idiot so…I’ve never understood Megumi’s feelings…No, I think I still wont. No matter how much I try to understand, I’m different from Megumi so I might never understand you forever. We might reach the deep trench. But…I won’t stop putting an effort to understand Megumi. I’ll never stop…!
「And…I want Megumi to try to understand me too…!」

Those words are naturally overflowing from the bottom of my heart.

「…Not stopping the effort to understand one’s partner That’s 『Love』too」

Katsuko-nee muttered.

「…But, how?」

Megumi asks me.

「Isn’t that obvious…It’s s.e.x! Have a lot of s.e.x!」

Misuzu answered instead of me.

「We’re not G.o.ds. We cannot understand our minds so we have to use our whole body to feel it. Have lots of s.e.x. You might clash, hurt, or fight each other. But, pile your bodies together and understand each other. Feel it…Hey, Megumi-san!」

I stretched my hand to Megumi.

「…I can’t say it well but… I don’t want Megumi to be my 『s.e.x slave』 I want Megumi to be my lover…!!!」

Megumi’s eyes open wide…!

「Let me say it once again…Yamamine Megumi-san, please become my girlfriend. Please…!」


「Is that okay for me to become Yoshida-kun’s girlfriend?」
「It’s fine…That’s what I want」
「But…I don’t know what should I do being a girlfriend.」

Megumi’s eyes have tears collecting on it.
A first year high school girl.
She has never experienced love until now.
Raised by prost.i.tutes…as a backlash, she became an extreme honor student on the house that adopted her as a daughter…
A girl who lost her virginity before she has her first love.
A beauty that walks on a different road than normal girls.

「Even I don’t know」

That’s right, even I…
I raped Yukino without even experiencing normal love experience…
The frequency of s.e.x only increases and I can’t do a proper love.
I still don’t know anything.

「Therefore…Let’s try it」
「Yes. Let’s confirm it…examine it…test it…and do things lovers do」

I talk to Megumi who has moist eyes.,

「…Can I do it?」

Megumi asked in worry.

「…It’ll be fine. I’m here with you」

Tears spill from Megumi’s eyes
It drops like crystal…

「…Got it. I’ll try it. I’ll become Yoshida-kun’s lover. 」

Megumi holds the hand I hold out to her…

「If you’re fine with me…I gave you my best regards…!」

…Megumi and I
…Became lovers.
Not for mere form’s sake but in truth.

「…You’re so interesting」

Yuzuki-sensei mutters from the driver’s seat.

「You don’t know whether you should take a shortcut or do it on a roundabout way. But…You finally saw each other’s existences already…」

I feel that we took a very roundabout way.
Then ran past through a shortcut in a dash…
But, what’s important is that Megumi and I are holding hands.
That means that Megumi and I are here…

「Man and woman…are like two cars that dashes in the dark without turning on the lights… Thinking that the other is on the opposite side without feeling properly the other’s existence, and before they noticed, they have been separated. On the contrary, they might crash against each other… Thus you cannot stop being cautious」

Yuzuki-sensei said.

「Keiko-san told me that before. 」

Keiko-san…Megumi’s lost mother.

「…My mother did?」
「Yes. Keiko-san had experienced love…I was very envious of that」

Sensei said.

「Now that you’re lovers, you should tell each other whatever you think! You must not hold back. You should point out what you don’t like and what’s bad with your partner. Your relationship shouldn’t be broken with such things anymore after all…!」

Katsuko-nee told us.

「Yoshida-kun…Uhm, I…」

Megumi looks at my face as if she remembered somethinng.

「…What is it, Megumi?」

When I answered her.

「I don’t like it that much when I’m called 『Megumi』」

Is that so?
Certainly…I’m being so arrogant calling her by her first name.
Or rather…Didn’t Maika tell me the same thing?

「…Call me 『Megu』」


「Then I want to call you 『Yoshi-kun2』…!」

I should begin here to let her be slip out of the slave sense.

「…Got it, Megu」
「…Thanks, Yoshi-kun」

Megumi smiles…
I raised my body from the seat.
Megumi brought her body close
Inside the minivan…
We kissed.

「…Yoshi-kun, I want to have s.e.x right now」
「…Later. I’ll do you a lot, Megu」

We kissed each other repeatedly

「Megumi-san…please get loved by Danna-sama for Misuzu’s fill too」

Misuzu told Megumi.

「…Misuzu-san, are you sure?」

Megumi who feels sorry for Misuzu has asked.

「Misuzu cannot date Danna-sama outside. I’m the daughter of Kouzuki after all. I cannot be seen by people flirting with Danna-sama. I would be receiving scolding from grandfather if I bring shame to my house」


「Misuzu will endure so she can be with Danna-sama. In exchange…Please love me a lot on the bed. Is that okay?!」

Misuzu smiled at me. With amorous eyes.

「Yeah. Let’s have lots of s.e.x!」

I promised Misuzu.

「Katsuko doesn’t have that kind of bondn so…I can flirt a lot even outside! You can take me on places where non-adults can’t enter!」


「But…I agree with you having a healthy high school love with Megumi-san. Nagisa and I can teach you nothing but a too strong s.e.x. You can still go to school properly so I’d like you to experience what normal people does」

…That’s right.
Katsuko-nee and Nagisa-san has dropped out of high school because they were turned to prost.i.tutes…
They weren’t able to go to school.
Of course…They weren’t able to experience love for high school students.

「I will not interfere in the school at all. Flirt a lot okay?!」

Katsuko-nee said while laughing.

「…What should Maika do?」

Maika’s a bit troubled.

「My…is it not stimulating for your Onee-chan to do lewd things with her boyfriend?」

Katsuko-nee says that but.

「Does Maika-chan want to be Yoshi-kun’s lover too? I won’t be jealous at all」

Megumi told Maika.

「Hmm…Maika’s fine being Onii-san’s 『Mistress』 I’ll leave the lover to Megumi-oneechan」


「Look, Maika feels like a 『Woman in shadows』?」

…I wonder

「But…please do lots of lewd stuff. Maika wants to feel the 『Eros』towards Onii-san too」

Saying that, Maika smiled.

「I’m okay with it being only at school. Yoshi-kun, you can date Maika-chan, Katsuko-neesan and Nagisa-neesan outside」

Megumi said.

「My…Megumi-chan should date him. We’ll properly set times for the four of us in the 『Sister’s club』!」

Katsuko-nee declares as the chairman of 『Sister’s club』

「…Hey, what about Nei-san?」

Maika asks in wonder.

「Nei-san…cannot date Onii-san?」

How should I answer this?3

「…Nei has a lot of things with her right now」

That’s my answer for now.

「Oh right…let’s talk about Danna-sama and Megumi-san’s wedding!」

Misuzu changed the talk forcibly.

「Misuzu will be doing the speech as Megumi-san’s bridesmaid」


「I will bless that day with all my heart!」

Misuzu seems to have decided already.

「Should Maika-chan and I sing a song?」

Katsuko-nee jokingly said.

「Maika will dance! It’s Megumi-chan’s wedding after all!」

Maika-chan answers laughingly


「Thank you everyone. I’ll sit next to Yoshi-kun in the ceremony. But, that marriage won’t be for just me. Let’s all spend the wedding night together. Yoshi-kun and all of the 『Sisters』」
「Megumi-san…are you sure?」

Misuzu asks Megumi.

「Yes. I’m just sitting as a bride representing the 『Sisters』 I think that we all 『Sisters』marry Yoshi-kun That way’s better」

Megumi said.
As usual, they’re talking without my approval…
My future’s decided already.
Well…I’m okay with that though
I love this 『Sisters』after all.

「Ojou-sama should attend too…Would you?!」

Katsuko-nee talks to Yuzuki-sensei.

「I’m fine…you can enjoy it yourselves」

Sensei…doesn’t seem to enjoy parties.

「I won’t let that. Ojou-sama will sit on the 『Relative seat』…」

Sensei hesitates.

「You can chose your role, it’s either his『Mother』or 『Sister』」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「If you want, should we make a floral tribute of the bride and groom for Ojou-sama?『I appreciate your kindness, mother』」
「…Enough. Don’t do that」

Sensei’s troubled.

「…No, Sensei will sit not on the 『Relative seat』」

I told Sensei

「…A different seat?」
「Yes…Sensei is Megu and my 『Teacher』」

That’s right.
Sensei is our teacher.4

「We’ll give a floral tribute to our 『Teacher』…!」

I look at Megu.
…Megu is.

「Un. I also want Minaho-san to attend as our teacher…!」

Sensei answered.

「Thank you two…I’m going then. As your 『Teacher』…!」


He means that they turn into coma ↩ It’ll take us 400 more chapters to see how clever this name is, but I’m already giving you guys a hint. “Yes, that’s part of Yoshida’s name, but is that all?” ↩ Tell her Nei’s a virgin ↩ This is why I keep using Sensei instead of Teacher ↩

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