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In an instant, more than 10 guards, each with the strength of a bear and the ferociousness of a tiger, surrounded Ye Feng the moment he entered the Crown Group.

Ye Feng frowned with great shock.

When he saw a youth guarded by a group of bodyguards, his face turned cold at a stroke.

"Heh heh… that's you!"

The youth slowly walked towards Ye Feng while laughing and grinning. He had a bandage over one of his arms from earlier.

In western clothing and leather shoes, he was very handsome.

However, his forearm was tightly wrapped with bandages with faint blood penetrating through.

He was the very youth who beat the young beggar just now.

"Brat, you were on a road towards paradise; however, you made a U-turn towards h.e.l.l!"

The youth greeted Ye Feng with a sneer. Right then, he felt a sharp pain from his broken arm as the hatred in his eyes became deeper.

His arm was broken by Ye Feng with one kick.

Previously, he planned to order his men to take revenge on Ye Feng after wrapping up his arm.

However, before he set off, he had found that Ye Feng wandered right into his path; therefore, he was ecstatic.

Watching the youth, Ye Feng asked with a frown, "You work in the Crown Group?"

"Of course!"

The youth then revealed a deep sneer as he watched Ye Feng as if he were an idiot, answering, "I'm Gao Sheng, the manager of the public relations department of the Crown Group! Wei Fan the general manager is my uncle! What? Brat, you're here for a job?"

Gao Sheng glanced at Ye Feng from his top to his foot as he jeered, "Humph! How dare such a poor boy look for a job at the Crown Group! You're really overreaching!"

Gao Sheng watched Ye Feng's ordinary clothes with a despicable look.

After hearing his words, Ye Feng's face turned dark in a split second as he shouted, "Fetch Wei Fan here!"


'Wei Fan?'

After hearing Ye Feng's words, Gao Sheng and the group of bodyguards became shortly stunned. Then, they all burst out into laughter.

"Haha… is this brat insane? How dare he tell us to fetch General Manager Wei?"

"F*ck! How dare this poor guy ask to meet our General Manager? He's courting death!"

"Brat, hurry, get out of here! Otherwise, when General Manager Wei arrives, you will find yourself in serious trouble!"

All the guards in the room burst out into laughter as they watched Ye Feng like he was an idiot.

In their eyes, Wei Fan was a great mogul in Jiangshi City as the general manager of the Crown Group!

However, Ye Feng looked like an ordinary student. However, he wanted to meet Wei Fan! It was nothing different than courting death!

After hearing the guards' words, Gao Sheng's sneer deepened as he exclaimed, "Did you hear that, brat? Do you think my uncle would meet a poor guy like you?"

Gao Sheng then let out his hatred as he added, "Humph! As you've broken my forearm, I will break yours and make you crawl your way out of here!"

After speaking, he waved his hand towards the guards, roaring, "Break his limbs; make him crawl out of here!"

"Yes, sir!"

After taking the order, all the guards sneered and charged at Ye Feng crazily.

Gao Sheng was Wei Fan's nephew. Of course, these guards wanted to show off their talents in front of him.

Therefore, all of the guards exerted their full efforts and charged at Ye Feng ferociously.

Each one's movement was violent!

"Brat, go die!"

The guards roared with grim looks!

With wuthering winds, they each punched towards Ye Feng.

If Ye Feng were a commoner, he would've been severely injured.

At the sight of the guards rushing towards him, Ye Feng's eyes sparkled as he yelled, "Break his limbs and crawl out?"

"Good! Very good! If so, I will meet your demand!"

Closely after his words, Ye Feng had flashed out like a bolt of lightning

Before the guard closest to him withdrew his fist, he was already caught by Ye Feng!

Ye Feng wrenched the guard's wrist with great power.

With a crack, his arm was broken clean!

Closely after that, Ye Feng sent out a round kick ferociously!




Three guards' heads were fractured in a split second!


Shrill cries sounded one after another.

At that moment, a terrifying scene which caused everyone to quake in their shoes occurred.

Ye Feng moved like a specter!

Each step he took, he would break another guard's limbs!

In a short period of time, creaks and shrill cries could be heard all across the lobby!





In the blink of an eye, over 10 bodyguards' limbs were fractured as they all fell to the ground in a pile of misery.

This scene was grossly shocking. As a result, Gao Sheng became petrified!

'Po… power!'

'This guy is powerful!

Gao Sheng trembled once all over as his forehead started to ooze sweat heavily.

He instantly took out of his mobile phone and dialed a number, "Uncle, hurry! Get downstairs with your bodyguards! Someone is creating trouble here!"

After finishing the call, Gao Sheng let out a deep sigh. Then, he fixated onto Ye Feng with an extremely brutal look, urging, "Brat, you're dead! My uncle is coming downstairs with his men! As you've hurt so many people of ours, you're definitely dead!"

Zhang Sheng revealed a look of pleasantness as he thought to himself, 'I know you're good at fighting. So what! You're in the Crown Group. Even dragons and tigers should act obediently!'

With another crack, Ye Feng wrung off the limbs of the last guard as he fixated onto Gao Sheng with his icy eyes.

Gao Sheng trembled all over as he instantly thought about escaping away.

Coincidentally, he heard the sound of many footsteps the moment he turned around.

At the sight of his saviors, Gao Sheng became ecstatic.

"Uncle, hurry, this guy wounded all of our guards! Hurry, break his limbs and throw him out of here!"

Gao Sheng instantly sprinted to the middle-aged man as he explained the details straightforwardly.

After hearing his words, Wei Fan's face turned dreadfully pale in an instant.

n.o.body had dared behave so atrociously since the Crown Group was founded so many years ago!

"Good! Very good! I'd like to see who's so audacious..."

However, before he finished his words, he had caught sight of Ye Feng. In an instant, he trembled as he could not believe his eyes.

Not only Wei Fan, but all the other powers of the Crown Group behind him became shortly stunned.

When they realized the ident.i.ty of the uninvited visitor, they all quivered in astonishment.

Wei Fan instantly surrounded Ye Feng with the other powers!

At the sight of his Uncle arriving at once, Gao Sheng felt greatly pleasant, as if he knew what was about to happen next. Therefore, Gao Sheng revealed a deep brutal smile.

Right then, Wei Fan and all the other powers of the Crown Group walked towards Ye Feng and bowed deeply, greeting, "Chairman!"

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