I Am the Fated Villain Chapter 576-2: The scapegoat should take the blame, The old man in the mysterious jade seal (2)

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Chapter 576-2: The scapegoat should take the blame, The old man in the mysterious jade seal (2)

“This… this is…”

“It’s the voice of the Ancestor!”

Everyone from the Ji family was stunned for a moment and then became extremely excited. They felt the throbbing from the depths of their blood. There was no doubt that this was definitely their Ancestor who founded the entire Ji family and was once named the Human Ancestor.

Ji Sheng Chu!!! He did not die, he was still alive in Mount Kun.

“It seems that it is really the voice of senior Ji Sheng Chu. He told us not to touch this piece of mysterious jade, so how can we go to save him?”

The several Enlightened beings looked at each other in shock, then frowned, and began to think about countermeasures.

Someone tried to communicate with Ji Sheng Chu who was under the waterfall, but after the voice was transmitted, it fell into silence like a mud cow falling into the sea, without the slightest ripple. There was no movement or sound from that side.

“Now our only way is blocked by this piece of profound jade, we can’t get in unless we move it away.” Jiang Chen said, after talking for a while with Creation Artifact Spirit, he understood the uniqueness of this place.

Perhaps it could be called the Dragon’s Cave, or it could be the Dragon’s Nest. This Enlightened being might have offended the true dragon here before, and after his death, he was sealed with black jade, which was used to seal the dragon’s lair to prevent others from entering it.

If the distribution of the dragon’s lair was changed at will, it was very likely that the cultivators in the mysterious jade would break out. At that time, he would be no different from a puppet, and his strength would be so powerful that it may be difficult for everyone present to suppress him.

This made him feel a little moved, after all, the back road was sealed when he came in. If everyone took advantage of the chaos and fled back to the original path, they would find that all the paths had changed, leading to a dead end. If they found a way to release this man now, how many people here could escape alive?

“You were being unkind, don’t blame me for being unrighteous…” Jiang Chen sneered in his heart. He already had a way out, and he could let the Creation Immortal Boat take him away at any time. The rest were not as lucky as him.

“Brother Jiang, what do you mean?” An Enlightened being asked, thinking that Jiang Chen, as the successor of the Divine Origin Master, might have other ways at this time.

“The current plan is to smash it or move it away, otherwise it will be impossible to get in.” Jiang Chen shook his head and said, his tone was very firm.

“Senior Ji Sheng Chu said not to touch this piece of mysterious jade, so there must be other ways. Are you sure you can only smash it? What’s your intention?”

Suddenly, Gu Changge, who had been looking at the piece of mysterious jade, had a strange look in his eyes as he walked over before asking with a little interest.

While speaking, his eyes were fixed on Jiang Chen’s face, as if he was examining and disbelieving. Hearing this, everyone’s hearts were also shocked. Compared with the Ancestor of the Ji family, they were naturally more willing to believe the words of the Ancestor of the Ji family.

No one knew if Jian Chen had good intentions?

Even the siblings of the Ji family frowned, knowing that there were a lot of grievances between Jiang Chen and Gu Changge. If Jiang Chen stumbled at this time, what could they do?

At that moment, the complexions of the Enlightened beings also darkened as they stared at Jiang Chen somewhat unkindly, needing an explanation from him. Jiang Chen didn’t expect Gu Changge to ask such a question suddenly, and his heart trembled.

But on the surface, he still said with a flat expression, “That’s the end of the story, believe it or not. Whether you want to save the Ancestor of the Ji family, it doesn’t mean much to me.”

He firmly insisted that this matter had nothing to do with him. After all, it was the matter of the Ji family and the entire Upper Realm to rescue the Ancestor of the Ji family.

He was just forced to get swept in. Seeing Jiang Chen’s expression, everyone frowned and began to consider whether to believe Jiang Chen’s words or not. The Ancestor of the Ji family was obviously in a state of exhaustion, but he still had to send out such a sentence to warn them.

The Taoist sealed up in this piece of mysterious jade was no small matter. Even if he had died for countless years, just relying on the dead body could put everyone present in a life-and-death crisis. But if they didn’t move that piece of mysterious jade, or smash it into pieces, then they won’t be able to get through.

This was obviously a dilemma.

“Then how can we believe that you won’t harm us? As the only Divine Origin Master in this place, if you are doing something secretly, how would we know?”

The Enlightened beings from Heavenly Emperor Mountain were still very worried, thinking that Jiang Chen was hiding something from them.

Jiang Chen said indifferently, “If you still have anything to do, then just try it.”

He had expected that there was no other entrance here, so he had to find a way to get rid of that piece of profound jade.

“Don’t move this piece of mysterious jade, first check if there is any entrance nearby.” Gu Changge sighed softly at this moment as if he was quite helpless.

His words received everyone’s approval. After glancing at Jiang Chen coldly, they all carefully explored the vicinity and did not rush to get close to that piece of mysterious jade.

Gu Changge also looked like he was looking around carefully, but from the corner of his eye, he was looking at the piece of mysterious jade. The most important thing was the cultivator who was sealed in a mysterious jade seal. He had a plan in mind.

“I can rescue you, but you have to agree to one condition.” Afterward, Gu Changge’s expression was calm as he transmitted his voice through his spiritual thoughts.

Suddenly, the cultivator who was sealed in the Mysterious jade seemed to move slightly, but it was very subtle. If he didn’t look carefully, he couldn’t see it at all.

Gu Changge was not in a hurry either, he knew that the cultivator within it was dead, but there was a meaning of new life in it. In other words, during these years, this corpse had given birth to wisdom again. He could use this wisdom to do something for him.

“You mean what you say?” It seemed to be silent for a long while, and then there was a voice from the mysterious jade, which seemed extremely hoa.r.s.e.

“If you want to come out, then obediently listen to me.” Gu Changge replied casually, not surprised.

“Hehe, you actually threatened the old man, what if the old man doesn’t abide by the agreement?” The cultivator in Mysterious Jade seemed to sneer.

“Of course, I have the means to kill you.” Gu Changge still said lightly.

Although this cultivator had a monstrous cultivation at his peak, he was probably a True Immortal. But under the current Heaven, Gu Changge didn’t need to pay too much attention to it, not to mention that it was just the intelligence bred by the corpse.

“I hope you can keep your promise.” The cultivator in Mysterious Jade was not stupid, and he could naturally feel that among the people here, Gu Changge’s strength was the most terrifying and unfathomable.

“Then do as I tell you…” Gu Changge said lightly and planned to transmit the message over there.

At the same time, he looked up at the waterfall. If he expected it to be correct, there should be a sealed underground palace. It was very likely that the Ancestor of the Ji family was trapped in it.

After devouring and absorbing the Ancestor of the Ji family, he should be able to succeed in nirvana and become one of the Enlightened beings. Jiang Chen’s last light and heat should also be burned out here.

The demon seed planted in his body at the beginning could play a huge role. There was no conflict between the two ident.i.ties of the inheritor of demonic arts and the successor of the Divine Origin Master. It just so happened that Jiang Chen was also good at disguising, so it was only natural that he should bear the blame.

“Junior, save the old Taoist, I can help you kill this group of people.” Then, an ethereal voice like the vicissitudes of life suddenly exploded in Jiang Chen’s mind, making him startled and a little frightened, but he still kept his calm.

“Who are you? Where are you?” He looked around carefully, trying to communicate with the voice in his mind.

“You should know where the old man is.” That ethereal voice sounded again.

But at this time, Jiang Chen calmed down, took a deep breath, and carefully looked at the piece of mysterious jade that sealed the cultivator.

In his opinion, this cultivator had been dead for an unknown amount of time, and actually took the initiative to send a voice transmission to him.

Could it be that this person was not dead? Like the Ancestor of the Ji family, trapped here for countless years?

“How do you know that I want to kill this group of people?” Jiang Chen asked in a deep voice, still very cautious, and didn’t directly agree.

“Haha, such a strong murderous aura, did you really think that this old man can’t detect it? Don’t worry, as long as you can save the old man, this old man can kill all these people for you?” That ethereal voice sneered.

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