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I asked him what a natural Yin medium was.

Feng Chunshent told me, "Actually, natural Yin mediums are special group of people."

He said, "You know… there are people with special powers, such as telepathy et cetera. That's because of their unstable souls, or lack of… something."

He also told me that there were three spirits and six souls on a person. Sometimes, if someone lost a spirit or a soul, they could see or feel unusual things.

There was a kind of communication between these people and ghosts.

And of course, they had some other powers, too.

Those who naturally had those kinds of abilities were called natural Yin mediums.

When I heard it, I knew this was not a simple matter… I asked Cang Shu: "So, when did you find out you had this kind of ability?"

She said she didn't know, but when she lived with her parents, she could not help but perform some strange actions whenever her parents got angry with her.

Later, her mother told me… Cang Shu was imitating things that she herself did when she was upset. Her mother found out that Cang Shu could imitate other people's past actions.

There were two things that had to be kept in mind when she imitated:

First, the actions she imitated were ones performed during extreme emotional distress.

Second, she needed to hear or see the person to imitate them.

Just now, Cang Shu asked me whether I had Su Yizi's song. She just wanted to hear her voice. The sound of her instruments was also the inner voice of her emotions, and it was useful for Cang Shu.

By listening to Su Yizi's song, she could imitate actions Su Yizi performed when she was in an extreme emotional state.

I hugged her and kissed her on the forehead: "Wow, you are great! You are really my lucky charm… Well, I'll give whatever you want in the future."

Cang Shu disapproved and wiped her forehead, saying: "Well, boss, one suggestion for you… Please don't kiss other people's foreheads, even you are excited. There should be no physical contact between men and women."

What a traditional girl.

Now I was almost sure that Su Yizi was the murderer who killed her four roommates… But how and why did she kill them?

I didn't know yet.

However, I had a way to make her tell us the truth.

I was clever enough, and knew what to do next.

Now I felt much more relaxed… When Feng Chunsheng went downstairs to buy food, I whispered to Cang Shu: "Well… Cang Shui, can you imitate Chun? A moment when he got very excited?"

She smiled and said: "Actually there are some limitations to my imitation… Some are good and some are bad. It is hard to tell… I need to know what they are thinking about and what they have been doing recently."

I said, "It's OK, just show me… for entertainment."

"OK." Cang Shui laughed and closed her eyes.

Soon, Feng Chunsheng's usual facial expression appeared on her face. She was frowning, looking like she was stunned.

Then, Cang Shu put her right hand on her belly. Her palm formed a fist and she rubbed back and forth. Well, this was the most likely emotion Feng Chunsheng had had recently.

I got the meaning immediately.

I burst into laughter and woke her up. I told her to stop. Feng Chunsheng was so shameful….


Eventually, Feng Chunsheng finished the order and went upstairs. He said: "Cang Shu, I have ordered already. Shall we go and call Li Xiangbo?"

Cang Shui and I looked meaningfully at Feng Chunsheng. "Chun… it's gonna be a long night. You must be feeling lonely, so how about going to the ma.s.sage parlor?" I said.

Feng Chunsheng frowned and looked stunned. Then he seemed to remember something and blushed: "Well… you... You… you are so bad…"

"It's OK, you are a man; it's normal to do that occasionally."

He was a little blue… "Leave me alone… I hate you."

I tried my best to console him, then took him to await Li Xiangbo at the restaurant.

In the car, Feng Chunsheng told me:"Cang Shu is a scary girl."

"Scary? You can't hide your secrets from her," I said to him.

Feng Chunsheng shook his head and said: "It is mainly because we don't know where this girl came from… A natural Yin medium, the black tiger without wings… What is her background? Is she good or bad?"

"She can't be that bad." I thought Cang Shu was just a cute, harmless girl.

Feng Chunsheng sighed and said he hoped so.

Then he told me: "Actually, all skills in the ghost business are called the ghost skills."

Cang Shu was highly talented in ghost skills. She was only a natural Yin medium now, but she just needed a good teacher.

I told him he was a good teacher.

"No." Feng Chunsheng told me Cang Shu could be a great master if she learned the ghost skills, but she couldn't succeed if she learnt from him.

He told me his ghost skill was the Fu Xi Eight Diagrams

The Fu Xi Eight Diagrams were also called the Star Gate Eight Diagrams, they were mainly concerned with star observation aided by a compa.s.s.

It required three serious souls and six stable souls. Cang Shu couldn't master his skill.

"I will get a teacher for her one of these days. This girl has talent," Feng Chunseng said.

At seven PM, I got my order in a seafood restaurant on the fourth floor of Wal-Mart, and I had already called Li Xiangbo and his friend.

After about an hour, Li Xiangbo and his police friend arrived.

Li Xiangbo introduced his friend to me. He was called Da Niu.

"Mr. Niu." I stood up and shook hands with him.

Mr. Niu lit a cigarette and said h.e.l.lo to us with a smile.

Li Xiangbo didn't care. He just sat there and drank while I explained my request.

I said to Da Niu: "Mr. Niu, I need your help. Please find this person for me. Here's the address and his name… I want to get his telephone number."

"Oh, oh." When Da Niu heard about this, he just smiled and said: "That's easy. It'll be easy to get it if we're talking about a Chinese citizen."

I gave him a note with the details. Da Niu checked it and said: "Well, it's on me… I will give you the results tomorrow."

Everything seemed good.

Then we talked cheerfully and raised a few toasts.

Once we got the message from Chen Sanli, it'll mean I could save Chen Yuhao's life.

Now we only had to solve the matter with Su Yizi. I was sure I could get Su Yizi to tell me the truth, but my plan depended on Li Xiangbo.

I asked Li Xiangbo: "Bo, I want to ask you about someone."

"Who's that?" He was eating an abalone.

I asked him if the storyteller Chuanzi was still alive or not.

Chuanzi was a storyteller. He was smart ever since he was a child, and he lived together with Li Xiangbo and me. His father was also a senior storyteller, and storytelling was a family tradition for him.

In recent decades, storytelling has been falling out of favor, and n.o.body was willing to enjoy it. Now, there were different types of audiobooks. For example, when Chang Chen told a ghost story, it was almost the same as storytelling, but not so formal.

Later, Chuanzi found he couldn't earn much money as a storyteller and got a job in the city opera, but he couldn't earn more than two thousand Yuan a month there, since the audiences weren't so big these days. Eventually he just quit and followed Li Xiangbo.

When Li Xiangbo heard Chuanzi, he asked me: "What do you need him for? He left me a long time ago. He's a smart guy. He went to Shanghai, and now he has an admirable life there."

I asked him what happened to him.

Li Xiangbo said: "Chuanzi still uses his ancestral skills, but it's like old wine in new bottles. He's set up a new studio in Hangzhou and focuses on p.o.r.nographic voiceovers… He records voices such as the young woman Bai Jie and A Bin. He makes a lot of money. Well, of course, he does this secretly. Actually, he is an anchor on YY. He tells stories on YY Friends and has a lot of followers."

"He's so cool." I said to Li Xiangbo.

Li Xiangbo told me: "Of course… he does it based on his storytelling background. He tells the story vividly, not like us when we only tell the story itself. He will make you feel like you're in the exact situation, as if he is telling you the real thing. If we told the same story we would sound like we're just bragging, but he does it in a serious way, so that it sounds like it's the truth… He earns money so fast."

I asked Li Xiangbo: "Do you think I could call him to have him help me with something?"

"Nonsense." He said: "Chunzi is like a brother to me. When we were together, I had even saved his life and I was his adopted brother. Well, what do you want from him?"

"I need his help," I said.

Li Xiangbo took out his phone and called Chunzi immediately: "Hey, Chuan… I have something I need to talk to you about… You're in Hangzhou now, right? Well, come over to my house after tomorrow; Shui and I need your help."

He talked on the phone for a while before hanging up, then said to me: "He will come for my sake. He will surely come after tomorrow."

I felt calmer hearing that Chuanzi would come… Su Yizi will tell us the truth.

The next day, I got a message from Da Niu about Chen Sanli's telephone number.

I looked at the number and called Chen Sanli several times, but it wasn't easy to get through to him.

I'd know what to do once I got through to him.

As for Su Yizi, I had to wait until Chuanzi came.

Once Chuanzi came, I could solve the matters of both Su Yizi and the weasel.

Now, what I needed to do was to call Chen Sanli again.

Finally, in the evening, I got through to him. I heard an old man's voice: "h.e.l.lo, this is Chen Sanli."

I was excited to the verge of tears when I heard the name Chen Sanli.

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