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"Somebody already died today, so there will be no more deaths for now. You can have a good rest." I told Liao Min and Mimi.

The rule was that those who offended the weasel would die on different days.

So, Liao Min, Mimi, and Wei Xiaoyu, whom we hadn't met yet, wouldn't die today.

I asked Liao Min: "Where is Wei Xiaoyu? She's the next in line…"

This was the rule determined by Feng Chunsheng. He didn't know whether it was true or not, but we just went with it for the time being.

Four of the seven had died already and we had no choice.

Feng Chunsheng and I glanced each other, trying to figure it out.

At last, I made a decision: "We will go back to our homes separately and follow Chen Yuhao to look for Wei Xiaoyu."

Mimi asked me: "Was that cool, handsome man Chen Yuhao? He was so strong."

"Really? I'm also strong." I told Mini. I really thought so, though I didn't feel very satisfied.

Mimi smiled and replied: "Yes, yes, you are strong too."

"Let's go home first." I stood up and cleaned up the dishes and prepared to look for Wei Xiaoyu tomorrow.

Before Liao Min left, she gave me a photo of Wei Xiaoyu.

Wei Xiaoyu was a girl with big eyes and a big mouth. She was very s.e.xy in that red lipstick.

Liao Min told me, "Wei Xiaoyu is in love with a friend from the net and they live together now."

I asked her where.

Liao Min didn't know. She said she had to call her tomorrow.

Then Liao Min also told me that Wei Xiaoyu was a very open girl who enjoyed one-night stands.

Actually, it was a rather dangerous thing to have one-night stands in this society, and Wei Xiaoyu also got in trouble once.

One of her friends from the net was actually a thief. They met one night, and on the second day, she found her iPhone 6s was gone.

It was that male friend who had stolen her phone.

That was a really terrible experience for her.

But she never regretted anything and continued dating; she just wanted to get that fresh and exciting feeling.

I shook my head when I heard what Liao Min said. My mother once told me, "You will get rich in love if you are devoted", but now… sincerity was only a legend, far away from us.

My mom told me to treat love sincerely, but I am still single… I sighed.

The more open the society, the fewer expectations people might have towards love, and the less respect they have towards it.

I shook my head and told Liao Min I would go to Wei Xiaoyu tomorrow.

Liao Min whispered in my ear: "Shui, don't be so conservative. Wei Xiaoyu is not a bad girl and she is only looking for a fresh way of life — different people have different lifestyles."

"It has nothing to do with me… I'm not her father, nor her brother, but I want to say - do you want your family members to follow your example and be like you?" I asked Liao Min.

She shook her head: "I would never do it. Anyway we are only walkers between h.e.l.l and this world. Once we choose this way of life, it's not easy to give up… I also hope that my future child would get better education and enter a famous university so that they could be a lawyer, doctor or a teacher in the future."

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