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Chen Yuhao took out the paper man. He smelled it and said: "I can feel its Yin."

Feng Chunsheng was surprised hearing what he said. He asked Chen Yuhao: "May I know who you are? Who else could know that just by smelling it?"

I had heard about it from my master. He told me there were only a few people in the ghost business who could feel the presence of ghosts, and some of the strongest might be able to sense their presence only by smelling.

It was a unique tool used in the ghost business.

Chen Yuhao sneered: "You also didn't tell me where you were from, so please ignore that, since there is a business rule."

Then he shook that paper man very hard.

Many strands of hair fell out from that broken paper.

The hairs were long and short, yellow and white.

We were entranced by all that hair, while Chen Yuhao hit another wall at the entrance.

That wall was broken too and there was another paper man inside.

Chen Yuhao took out that paper man as well. He shook it and something yellow came out.

Those yellow things were as small as a finger, but we couldn't tell what they were.

But Feng Chunsheng looked down and said immediately: "It's a ghost that blocks the door. There must be a dead person living in this villa."

A dead person living in this villa? How could he tell when he only saw those yellow things and that hair? Anyway, this villa was used by a live person, wasn't it?

How could a dead person live in this house?

Chen Yuhao looked down on that yellow stuff and the hair and said: "Mr. Feng really has good eyes."

Feng Chunsheng asked me what the hair was.

I told him it was hair.

Then he pointed at that yellow stuff and asked me again: "So, what is that?"

I shook my head.

Feng Chunsheng told me those were nails.

"Nails?" I rubbed my eyes and checked then again. I picked one of them up and looked at it closely. "Whose nails are like this?" I said.

"It's from a dead person," Feng Chunsheng replied.

Hearing this, I hurriedly threw the nail away. d.a.m.n, it was from a dead person.

Feng Chunsheng told me: "The nails and the hair are the place where many dirty things hide. When a person dies, the hair keeps growing for a few days and the nails keep on growing until the body decays."

He said: "Zombies have such long nails."

"There are two paper men at the sides of the door. What do you mean by saying this?" I asked him.

Feng Chunsheng said they were "ghost people" and there were nails on one dead person, and hairs on the other dead person. Both of them were related to ghosts and they were rather evil and could block the door to keep Yang away. Those dead people must have a comfortable life there.


So that was the so called 'ghost thing blocking the door'?

Then he continued: "There must be some problems, too, if I guessed it right."

"What problems?"

While I was asking, Feng Chunsheng was outside, picking up a brick. He went back and threw it at the wall fiercely.

Kacha, there was a big hole in the wooden villa.

He picked up a piece of wood and handed it to me: "Shui, take a look at this."

I took that piece of wood and checked it carefully. I found that it was painted on one side but not painted on the other side. It was very heavy, even though it was only a piece of wood.

I told him I had seen it before.

Feng Chunsheng told me: "Of course you did… Mr. Guan had plenty of this kind of wood."

"What? Coffin wood?" I opened my eyes wide and asked him.

Mr. Guan was a famous coffin craftsman. I knew it was coffin wood since he had it in his workshop.

Feng Chunsheng said I was right and it was indeed the wood for a coffin, and the main structure of the villa was made of those timbers removed from coffins.

After the main structure was constructed using the coffin timbers, there was a layer of bamboo used to finish the house. It was enough for this kind of structure because it was a villa with low floors.

So, that's to say… this whole villa was actually a villshaped... coffin?

"That's why I told you there was a dead person living inside."

Lei Qiaoqiao went pale when she heard us. Maybe she was thinking… What kind of person had she almost married?

When we were clear that it was a villa for a dead person, we entered.

Well, when we entered, we felt that there were too many strange things in this villa.

It had good décor, but there were strange things everywhere.

There was the hair of dead people inside the sofa cushions, and you couldn't see anything in the mirrors since they were all frosted gla.s.s… I heard that they were all of this type of gla.s.s since they were used by ghosts.

After a while, we went upstairs.

We heard a piercing voice: "Wasn't that enough? I didn't want to hurt you for the sake of that man, but why did you force me? You really want both of us die?"

I was familiar with that voice - it was from the red ghost.

Chen Yuhao folded his arms and said: "Sorry to offend. Please forgive us… Sign this Life and Death blood pact and I will leave."

Feng Chunsheng told me secretly, "This small ghost is a good liar… She wouldn't cheat anymore when she signed this contract, or else, she would die."

So it was.

Chen Yuhao asked that ghost to sign a contract, but the ghost didn't respond.

Later, we heard the ghost again: "I won't sign. Well, you thought you were really so tough as to treat me however you wanted? l am not scared of you at all… Hahah."

Then the villa was filled by utterly dreary cries and screams.

It was so terrible that Lei Qiaoqiao hugged me: "That was so scary, what was that?"

Maybe she didn't feel safe enough. She turned to Chen Yuhao and grabbed him from behind.

She held Chen Yuhao with both hands. Then, suddenly, there were long and sharp nails on her right hand fingers; she wanted to pierce his back.

I was very surprised when I saw this. Was that red ghost still in the room? Why was Lei Qiaoqiao still like that?

Chen Yuhao would surely die from a stab like that.

At that moment, I didn't know why I was so brave, but I could feel that it was not me anymore. I rushed over and shoved myself in-between Lei Qiaoqiao and Chen Yuhao.

Lei Qiaoqiao didn't pierce Chen Yuhao's back, but my shoulder.


I could feel the pain when she pierced my shoulder. It was very hot and there were so many worms running into my body.

"Get out of here, you devil." Chen Yuhao looked down at me, but without any facial expression.

But while he shouted, there was a white shadow coming out of Lei Qiaoqiao.

It was a man's shadow; it wanted to escape.

At that moment, Chen Yuhao put down the wooden box on his back and turned it on.

Two black thorns came out of that black box.

They were as thick as a finger, and three inches long.

Chen Yuhao took them in both hands and threw one at the white shadow, fixing it to the wall.

Then, he threw another one to the ceiling of the first floor.

After that, Chen Yuhao helped me up.

Feng Chunsheng called me: "Shui, are you OK?"

"I'm OK, it just hurts like h.e.l.l," I grinned.

I had to say, Chen Yuhao was such an ingrate. Why didn't he say thanks to me, since I just saved his life? Why was he just standing there like a piece of furniture?

However, Chen Yuhao just took out a copper sword and cut his palm, and blood came out.

He dropped the blood on my wound.

Suddenly, the pain of hundreds of worms boring into me disappeared.

"Don't try any heroics, I can figure it out." Chen Yuhao gave me a look, then he walked to the white shadow nailed to the wall. He reached out and pulled the thorn out.

Feng Chunsheng comforted me: "That's Chen Yuhao, he is always like that. Forget it, he is really thankful since he used the blood to remove the poison for you."

Then he whispered in my ear, "I knew where this guy came from… It was very a powerful man, and that's why we called him a great master in the ghost business."

"Really?" I asked him.

"Well, I will talk with you about this in the shop." Feng Chunsheng smiled.

"All right."

I struggled and stood up. At that time, Chen Yuhao climbed on the dining table and took out the thorn stuck on the ceiling.

He wiped the two thorns and put them back into that big wood box. After putting it on his back again, Chen Yuhao sneered: "I just wanted to solve this matter, but that ghost wanted to hit me first. Now I have to fight back."

Feng Chunsheng also sighed: "That ghost has many tricks. And now l know Lei Qiaoqiao is haunted by more than one ghost. It was two."

That red female ghost was Chen Zhixin's wife.

But as Qiaoqiao boyfriend, Chen Zhixin's soul was in her body.

That red woman ghost pretended to be weak at first, so that we underestimated her, then she brought out the big guns and wanted to make use of Lei Qiaoqiao to kill Chen Yuhao through deadly force.

But luckily, I was brave in the moment.

I felt a little proud about this, thinking about it.

Chen Yuhao carried his wood box and went out. He said: "Just do it… When you go into that ghost house, I'll solve the problem there. Now go to the second floor and you will get all the facts."

After that he left, and only we three were left in the coffin house.

What was the secret hidden in the red female ghost's story? Why did this couple live in this "coffin house"?

Where did Chen Yuhao come from?

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