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Yve walks to their spot with a tray filled with dishes good for two. As Yve places the dishes on their table, Vince notices the smile on his wife's face. It's a different one from her usual smile. She's indeed happy but more of like a child who is about to eat a fried chicken from her favorite fast food restaurant. 

"This is my favorite set from this restaurant." Yve giddily informs Vince.

Their table is filled with different dishes such as Korean fish cake, kimchi, grilled pork and beef with rice. Vince knew that Yve loves to try different cuisines but to be able to eat Korean dishes in a place like this is definitely outstanding. As he looks around, it seems that the restaurant offers Asian cuisines as some table eats j.a.panese while another eats Thai.

"Can you eat all dishes all over Asia in this restaurant?"

"Not all dishes but just enough to represent each country in Asia. The names of the combo meals are the countries where they come from." 

"But I thought j.a.panese foods are your favorite? Why Korean is your usual order here?"

"j.a.panese dishes will always be my all-time favorite but when my dad left me and Almira's true self came out, I promised myself that I will not eat it if I do have other choices." 


"I ate j.a.panese dishes only on birthday. Since Asian cuisines are expensive so Auntie's combo meals allowed me to continue my eating vices." Yve continues to share a little of her experience. 

"So when we ate at a j.a.panese restaurant…."

"That's the first time I have eaten in an authentic restaurant in almost four years." 

Vince looks at her feeling all the guilt for leaving her alone in the country. Even if the reasons were to protect their family business and to be able to provide a good and happy future for the two of them. 

'I shouldn't have believed you when you said you were fine.'

"I'm sorry." Vince blurted his feelings out causing Yve to smile. The latter placed her hand on top of his and pulled it for a kiss.

"You don't have to. You came back for me and showed me what my father really meant earlier in our relationship."

"Still, I should have believed my instinct when it told me you're placing a brave front so that I won't worry about you and everything will work out in Australia."

"Vince, being a commoner might be difficult especially when there are people who are watching your every move, but it also helped me. I learned a lot of things and the experience made me stronger." Yve tries her best to console Vince.

However the latter continues to stay quite. Yve understands that no matter how much she wants to, the past can't be changed. To lighten the mood she began placing some dishes on Vince's plate.

"Vince, let's eat. The food will get cold." Yve encourages Vince to eat by giving him a piece of sushi using her chopsticks.

Vince opens his mouth and enjoys the mackerel sushi. It tastes delicious although not the same kind of authenticity compared to the expensive restaurants. Considering the price though, it's fine.

The couple put the story behind their minds and enjoys the dishes they ordered. 

"After this dinner, where are we going?"

"Let's do some shopping. I still have to show you my skills." Yve winks at him and smiles again.

They finish their food and place them on the dishes counter. It's a self-service restaurant, after all. To lessen the waiting time for the other customers and to allow the staff to focus on cooking, placing their dishes on the counter is practiced. When they leave the place, Vince finds himself astonished by the length of the people waiting in line.

"You're really not joking on how in-demand this is." Vince replies.

"I told you didn't I? I don't lie about things like this." 

"Hmmm… so you do lie. What are the things you lie about, huh?" Vince teases his wife once more as they walk away from the food stall where they ate.

Vince keeps on looking around the stalls and as he is about to turn his head to look for Yve, he notices she's not beside him anymore. He continues to look around for his wife until she finds her on a stall few steps from where they used to be. Yve seems to be buying a pillow. Vince approaches her and listens attentively at the deal his wife is doing.

"Sir, how much is this long pillow?" 

"It's 300 bill."

"Sir, it's a bit high. How about a little discount? Can you make it 200?"

"Miss, it's too low. I will not be able to get anything back aside my capital. How about 250?"

"Hmm…. I'll be fine with 300 plus this pillow case." 


"I'm an avid buyer of this night market. I can recommend you to my friends so that many people will buy your products." Yve makes a tempting offer to the seller but when the street food seller beside them greets Yve.

"h.e.l.lo, Vory! Long time no see!"

"Hi! Yup, it's been awhile. Uncle, I'm going to get 5 packs of my usual order. But I'll be getting it before I go home. Those are for my friends." Yve orders at the uncle and replies,

"Of course. I'll make sure you will have the freshest and tastiest."

"Thanks, Uncle."

"My friend, accept the deal of this young lady right here. Once she likes your product, she will continuously buy from you. She will really recommend you to her friends." The food vendor vouches for Yve's claim. 

"Okay then. This pillow and the pillow case of your choice for only 300." 

"Thanks, Uncle. Don't worry this deal is only a secret between the two of us." Yve promises to the pillow seller and winks at the food vendor as well.

When Yve received the pillow she just bought, she thanks the food vendor and leaves the area.

"Wow! You're amazing! You were able to save a lot. But isn't it an unfair for him?"

"Nope, it's fine. For night markets, the actual items are bought really low. So they can still earn from that offer I gave." Yve winks at him and leads him to another area.

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