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Chapter 96: Enduring this first

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Five years prior, the Crown Prince was accepted into Celestial Light’s subordinate, Celestial Light School.

Celestial Light Sect is known as the most powerful sect of the South Sky Region. While Celestial Light School is also the most famous martial school in South Sky Region. The students it accepts annually were chosen from the best of the hundreds of countries. Each of them were the most talented of their respective countries!

Though the Crown Prince was the genius of South Yue, when he entered Celestial Light School, he but an ordinary student.

Even though he became a core student, his ranking was not at the front.

Every year, Celestial Light School would choose a couple of core students and recruit them officially as Celestial Light Sect disciples.

Every year the Crown Prince would partic.i.p.ate in the selections in hopes to become an official disciple. But every year he would fail!

This year was his last chance. If he could not become an official disciple of Celestial Light Sect, he must graduate from Celestial Light School.

Once he left Celestial Light School with its rich resources and strength, he could only return to a tiny South Yue to cultivate. In his entire life, he would only be able to reach the fourth realm, the Dan Profound Realm. That would be his limit!

The Crown Prince was not willing to leave this way. He wanted to seize this last chance!

So when he heard that Thousand Treasure Pavilion would be auctioning a Third Levelled Profound Armor Set, he was simply ecstatic!

This was what he lacked the most. If he was able to obtain that, it would significantly enhance his strength in the short term. Not only would this Profound Armor increase his defense by three folds, it would also……..it also held an additional offensive skill!

Such a high quality Profound Armament was simply unheard of!

And this Profound Armor was only a Third Levelled one. He would be able to display the majority of its ability with his Defensive Profound Realm cultivation.

Such a good thing, while also being held in South Yue. It was simply tailored to be his.

The Crown Prince already a.s.sumed that he owned the item. As long as he possessed that Profound Armor, he would definitely shine in this year’s disciple selection. Sweeping away his opponents and becoming one of Celestial Light Sect’s disciples. Climbing to a new peak!

When he thought of this, the Crown Prince’s mood soared. What he did not expect to encounter before entering Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s doors was Bai Ruo Li. That cursed girl, ruthlessly slapped his face!

Despite the loss, but he could not leave!

If he left now, then that set of Profound Armor would never be his.

Considering over it, the Crown Prince had a struggling battle. In the end, he decided to eat that small loss and endure. All for obtaining that Profound Armor Set.

As long as he became a disciple of Celestial Light Sect and his cultivation increasing, wouldn’t it be all too easy to deal with Bai Ruo Li and that man?

No matter how high his cultivation was, how powerful his background was, could he contend against South Sky Region’s number one sect?

Repeating this, the Crown Prince consoled himself and barely controlled himself.

Not glancing sideways, he ignored the mocking gazes and discussions of the crowd and walked straight to the door.

Who would think that he would be stopped at the door by the guard.

“Your Royal Highness, Crown Prince please halt!”

While the Crown Prince was carrying a belly full of anger, he was stopped by a mere guard. He dared to oppose him, not wishing to live.

“Move aside! Do you know who I am?” The Crown Prince eyes displayed an ominous glint.

Guard maintained an expressionless gaze, “Your Royal Highness, this common one naturally knows your ident.i.ty. Unfortunately, only VIP guests are able to enter through the VIP entrance. These are the rules our Thousand Treasure Pavilion.”

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