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Chapter 863: Who are you talking to? (3)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Li Xue'er tried hard to conceal her ever changing expressions as she burst out, "Bai Ruoli, just you wait and see! Next time I hear you creating rumours, lies such as my Master wanting to take you in as his disciple, then don't blame me for finding an even more powerful expert to teach you a lesson!"

After she said her piece, she turned around angrily and prepared to leave.

"Wait a minute!"

An arm outstretched and blocked her way.

Li Xue'er raised her head in shock, "What are you trying to do?"

Huang Yueli slowly responded, "Did I say that you can leave?"

Such arrogant words made Li Xue'er infuriate instantly as she stared daggers at her.

"Bai Ruoli! Get your facts right! I still have work which my Master instructed to complete so I'm letting you off and not haggling with you but you dare to block my way? Do you know who you're talking to? Did you really think that you're ranked top ten in the Martial Arts Stage and you can act impolitely to a future Armament Master?"

Huang Yueli gave a sarcastic smile as she took a step forward and blocked Li Xue'er way as she instantly unleashed the grandeur from within!

"You're just an Armament apprentice! Not even a first ranked Armament Master! You really think you're some big shot! And do you know who you're talking to?"

"Why would I not know? Aren't you just ranking number nine in the Martial Arts Stage?" Li Xue'er was suppressed by the grandeur from her and felt that her heart was swirling and her legs were soft but she didn't want to express her weakness in front of Huang Yueli as she summoned up courage and continued speaking.

Huang Yueli replied chillingly, "Merely ranked nine but I'm a pract.i.tioner whose ability is way higher than you! You think Armament Masters are very amazing? Armament Master's value comes from the bestowment from the strong! If the strong values you, then you are a valued Armament Master. If they don't, then you're just a piece of trash with low cultivation! A real Armament Master with brains absolutely would not dare to speak to a pract.i.tioner whose ability is stronger than himself in such a way!"

What she said was merely the truth. In the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, ultimately one's power in cultivation was the hard truth.

Although skilled people like Armament Masters and Pill Masters were valuable, but this value and respect was given by other people and was not inevitable and right! If one really made the strong infuriated and to kill a low levelled and skilled Armament Master was something which was irresistible!

In her previous life, she also relied on Mu Chengying who was standing behind her, so she went on a rampage without any hesitation.


Huang Yueli stepped towards her, forcing Li Xue'er to step backwards until eventually she couldn't stand properly and fell onto the ground.

"Apparently you're brainless. But on account that we both are from South Yue Kingdom, I don't mind waste a bit of effort to teach you this lesson!"

As Huang Yueli was speaking, the fire attributed Profound Energy came spurting out from within as her right hand waved slightly and a fire arrow shot towards Li Xue'er chest.

Li Xue'er gave an ear-shrieking cry of pain and flew towards the outside.


Li Xue'er flew rather far out and when she fell onto the ground, there was a loud bang which sounded exceptionally scary.

Su Qingyue was scared stiff from this scenario and as she looked back towards Huang Yueli, her expression was filled with reverence for her!

She… she actually dared to beat up Master Tang's beloved disciple, the Armament apprentice Li Xue'er who had the most outstanding future!

Li Xue'er fell too far away and the two of them were not able to see where she fell from their positions and only saw Li Xue'er seeming coughing out blood in the sky where she was still falling.

No matter how Su Qingyue thought, she felt even more frightened.

"This…. Li…. Sister Li, you really…. really beat Li Xue'er….. this…. what should we do, we have gotten into trouble!!"

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