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Chapter 703: Want to know how she died?

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Mo Yi and Luo Jiyun were standing by the side, not even daring to breathe loudly.

They all knew clearly the tremendous shock that Li Moying was under right now!

The most important woman in his life, that la.s.s whom he had held dearly in his in his embrace had vanished silently to an unknown place just after he had left a few days ago.

Moreover…. The other party had taunted him in such a way!

Aren’t you very capable? Too bad… you’re not even able to protect the woman that you like!

Even if these words were told to an ordinary person, as a man but yet unable to protect his own woman was an extremely disgraceful matter, not to mention that this was told to a peerless genius like Li Moying!

His potential was limitless and had always been proud and arrogant. He had absolute confidence in himself and had always thought that if Huang Yueli were to follow him…. She would become the most fortunate woman in this entire world!

But the result? Reality gave him a tight slap in the face, completely shattering his self-confidence entirely!

That’s right. Not only was he unable to protect…. his Li’er, the reason why she met with this uninvited misfortune was also due to…. him!

If it hadn’t been for him, Huang Yueli would never have met with such a powerful opponent and she would definitely not met with a mishap!

Li Moying felt his heart wrenched together into a lump, so painful that his entire body started convulsing.

The Shadow Guards restlessly lowered their heads as sweat beads started to form on their foreheads, slowly dripping down their faces.

Actually when the other party escaped, he said a lot more things and he had specially filtered the gentlest sentence! Those extremely vile words had already been swallowed by him, not daring to reveal the slightest bit!

The other party’s original words were, “Li Moying, aren’t you very capable? Too bad, your woman is already dead and she’s already been dead for more than ten days! Want to know how she died? When she died, it was so terrible. She had been surrounded by a bunch of magical beasts and her flesh was stripped off her body while she remained alive and even her bones were eaten until not a single bit remained… ha ha ha, no wonder you all are not able to find her corpse!”

The Shadow Guards do not dare to reveal these words at all, fearing that it might agitate Li Moying.

However, even though that was so, their Master had still suffered a huge setback, as though he was unable to bear it.

Li Moying’s pain made his face turn pale and his entire body was trembling slightly.

Luo Jiyun realised that something was wrong and he anxiously walked over to support him.

“Senior Brother, don’t be like this… Sister-in-law she… she might not be dead. Perhaps that man was just telling lies? Moreover, since we have yet to find her body, just basing on a few words from that person, we cannot a.s.sume that something had really happened to Sister-in-law! Pull yourself together! Perhaps Sister-in-law is still waiting for you to save her!”

To tell the truth, Luo Jiyun felt that Huang Yueli had probably lost her life.

But he was afraid that Li Moying would collapse because of this and could only say such things to stabilise him, at least giving Li Moying a sense of hope to persevere on!

When Li Moying heard his words, his eyes finally showed a slight glimmer of hope.

But at this very moment, Mo San hurriedly ran in and before he had entered the door, he cried out loudly, “Bad news Master, Brother Mo Yi! Earlier the Shadow Guard who went to investigate the location which the killer had escaped had pa.s.sed the message that he had found a large amount of blood stains and it looked like…. Looked like traces of wild beasts gnawing…”

“Shut Up!”

Mo Yi’s expression changed as he sternly shouted out to stop him!

However, it was too late.

When Li Moying heard that, he spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot!

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