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Chapter 329: "Second Rank Array Master (2)"

"What are you doing here? Didn't I ask you to go back?" Li Moying furrowed his brows, "Jiyun, can't you even accomplish such a small task given to you?"

Luo Jiyun didn't have it easy when he finally caught up.

Murong Ni's cultivation was focused more on her body, while Luo Jiyun focused more on strength, hence he could not win her in terms of speed. He had chased her all the way here and now being reproached by Li Moying, he was full of grievance.

"Senior Brother, Junior Sister insisted on chasing over.. I..I didn't have any other way!"

Li Moying glances at him coldly and turned to look at Murong Ni.

Murong Ni has always been spoilt and unruly but because of Murong Canghui, he had always glossed over it.

However, today she had actually attacked his little fox with her whip!

If he was one step too late just now, on his little fox's delicate skin, there definitely would have been a b.l.o.o.d.y red lash mark on it!

Just the thought of it made him furious.

If it was anyone else, he would have directly rushed up and killed her, but he had only pushed her aside and had spent all his patience and practiced restraint.

Murong Ni had carefully thought through it on her way here.

In order to avoid angering Li Moying any further and get forced to go back by him, this time, she would control her temper and pretend to admit her mistakes. She was wrecking her brains to think of all ways and means to stay here, anything else would come later!

She would slowly bide her time and to wait for an opportunity to break them apart!

With this thought, she lowered her head while trying her best to look pitiful as she softened her voice.

"Senior Brother, I was wrong. I shouldn't have fought with Miss Yue. Although she is not good with words and her cultivation is so low… I would not hold it against her…"

"Junior Sister!" When Luo Jiyun heard her feeble attempt at apologizing but still pushed all the responsibilities to Huang Yueli, he didn't know what else to say. But seeing that Li Moying's expression was getting darker and darker, he quickly interrupted her.

He bitterly tried to salvage the situation as he cut in, "Senior Brother, while on our way here, Junior Sister had told me that she would not stir up anymore conflict with Sister-in-law. I will also be responsible in watching her! Please let us stay here! It's going to be dark soon and the inner zone is very dangerous. Our party is too small, so no matter what, I'm not going back! Junior Sister is a Second Rank Array Master and she plays a vital role in this party so please don't hold it against her."

When Huang Yueli heard this, the corners of her mouth hooked up.

So it turned out that this Murong Ni was an Array Master …..

No wonder she was so brazenly arrogant. She was confident that her role was too important and Li Moying definitely need her help and wouldn't chase her away!

The Array Master was another high profile occupation in the Soaring Heavens Continent.

Not only could they engrave arrays on armaments to enhance the attacks and defence, the more skilled ones could even engrave arrays on pills to enhance their efficiency!

Of course, the most important role of Array Masters was that they were pivotal during wars. They could arrange arrays to support the warriors during battle! The higher ranked ones could even aid in large defensive arrays such as those big sects that had their Mountain Guardian Array.

There were also some high powered arrays that had been pa.s.sed down from ancient times. Once activated, they even had the power to destroy kingdoms!

Although this type of arrays had long been lost with the vicissitudes of time, the array was still very highly sought after means of support as it was very practical and useful.

To be an Array Master, one must have very strong mental fort.i.tude as it had many facets of a.n.a.lytical aspects. That was why, to be one, it was as rare as one would find an Alchemist it Armament Master.

Murong Ni was only sixteen but she was already a Second Rank Array Master and this indeed was talented.

It's no wonder she was so proud!

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