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Chapter 247 - Liu Yiyi vs Bai Ruoqi (2)

As those words just finished, they heard a loud "pa" sound.

Bai Ruoqi did not dodge at all, in fact she counterattacked. Throwing out a hand, Bai Ruoqi disarmed Liu Yiyi's offensive strike and sent it hurtling back towards her!


Liu Yiyi was sent flying instantly towards the outside of the stage.

Luckily the Golden Scaled Guards monitoring the event flew out in time; catching Liu Yiyi in a timely manner.

Regardless, she had been sent flying by Bai Ruoqi's cruel strike. A trail of blood leaking from the corner of her mouth.

This change was too sudden.

Just then, it was still Liu Yiyi who held the upper hand. Yet in a single move, she was defeated by Bai Ruoqi!

Everyone looked at each other, unable to believe their eyes.

Although Bai Ruoqi is p.r.o.nounced as the nation's number one female, for her to triumph over the newly promoted Liu Yiyi was a great surprise.

Liu Yiyi was at the seventh level of the Qi Profound Realm and had used all of her strength. Yet she was unable to even harm a hair on Bai Ruoqi?

Was Bai Ruoqi that powerful?

Struggling up, Liu Yiyi looked at her in an incredulous manner.

"You…..Bai Ruoqi, did you breakthrough? You are no longer at the Qi Profound Realm right?"

Proudly, Bai Ruoqi lifted her chin and looked down at Liu Yiyi's face. Filled with arrogance, her glistening eyes revealed her disdain.

"Heh, Liu Yiyi, you discovered it as expected! You did not predict I would actually be ahead of you. Did you a.s.sume I would also be at the Qi Profound Realm seventh level? Let me tell you, since you can breakthrough, others can as well!"

Eyes stretching wide, she stared unrelentlessly at her.

"This cannot be, this cannot be! You were still at the seventh level of the Qi Profound Realm just three months ago. How could you breakthrough to the eighth level so quickly?"

"Eighth level?"

Bai Ruoqi sneered, "Look carefully, carefully at what level I really am at!"

As she said this, she began to release qi from her body and increasing her presence to the maximum!

In an instance, everyone felt a suffocating pressure on their bodies.

"Qi Profound Realm……ninth level!"

The Crown Prince was the first to react, and cried out in shock.

"What? It's actually the Qi Profound Realm ninth level?"

"What jokes are you making? Bai Ruoqi is at the Qi Profound Realm ninth level?"

"Your kidding me right? Are you sure did you did not make a mistake anywhere, for how can she possibly breakthrough that quickly! If you were to say she is at the eighth level, then it would still be believable. But the ninth level……..this is too mindblowing!"

"But, even the Crown Prince said so. He could not have made a mistake right?"

The various golden spooned young ladies below the stage were much weaker in comparison to Bai Ruoqi, so they could only sense she had grown in power. As for the exact growth margin, they were under to tell.

But the Crown Prince was far superior to Bai Ruoqi. Once he sensed her qi, he was immediately able to tell her cultivation.

Revealing a victorious smile, Bai Ruoqi bowed in the direction of the Royal Family. She then said in a loud voice: "Reporting to the Emperor, Empress Dowager, Imperial Empress, Imperial Tutor, Qi'er broke through to the ninth level just last night. Due to the sudden breakthrough, she had yet to announce this."

The Emperor displayed an expression of shock.

"You really have reached the ninth level of the Qi Profound Realm! Qi'er, you are only fifteen right? Ninth level of the Qi Profound Realm at fifteen years! Imperial Tutor, you were also at level in you youth right?"

Holding his beard, the Imperial Tutor was full of smiles, "Not bad. This child is not simple. Did not expect that apart from the Crown Prince, our South Yue produced another genius!"

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