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Chapter 231

Chapter 231 – Giving birth to doubts

Did he not already say that he would no longer show or look for her favour?

However, as soon as he heard the Emperor was going to fulfill his agreement with the Bai Liu Feng and allow the little fox to marry the Crown Prince, he could not think anything. Jealousy occupied all his thoughts.

No matter how many times he resisted in his heart, how many warnings he gave himself, she….he cared too d.a.m.n much for her!

This feeling…….it was like fate, sunk deep into the marrow, carved into the depths of the soul. It filled every corner of his body, shouting out that this little girl belonged to him!

It was like it had always been and will be forever. It was like he had loved her for a long, long time already…….

(Z: This is really cheesy and emotional at the same time….. )

What the h.e.l.l!

Li Moying had previously convinced himself that his attendance was just to give face to the his father, the Emperor.

But when he heard the little girl had entered the palace, his legs unconsciously brought him to the Peach Blossom Orchard just to see her!

Afterwards, he regretted it. Just what was he doing?

That little girl’s pink face, red lips, made her look many times more beautiful. It also moved his heart much more!

Moreover, her complexion was quite good. A single glance told him she had slept quite well these past days!

As it turns out, it was only him who was affected!

When he thought of this, he really could not wait to drag this little fox out to severely beat her bottom. Afterwards, press her down on the gra.s.s and wantonly kiss her amidst the peach blossoms!

In the moment of his impulsiveness, Qi Tang’er appeared beside Huang Yueli.

Suddenly awakened, Li Moying quickly dispelled this idea and indifferently began to leave.

When they meet again at noon, this little girl still had no conscience.

It seems that…..the food on the table is much more attractive than a living breathing handsome person.

From her way of eating and drinking, this little girl held no worries or troubles. She was seemingly unaware how eye catching her current position was, as many jealous gazes landed on her body.

However, with this little fox’s ability, she possessed the means to not put anyone in her eyes……but that did not include him!

Li Moying subconsciously touched his face, a doubt once again birthing.

From an early age, everyone said that he had a good life. Following Master to the sect, he became a peerless genius above of all. Any young girl who knew his real ident.i.ty, which did not intentions or secrets?

Could it be that those people were lying to him? Could it be, he actually look quite pitiful? Hence the little fox’s lack of interest?

(Z: Wow, this is new. Lack of confidence)

Li Moying’s vision involuntarily fell on Huang Yueli’s body again.

Finished eating, Huang Yueli picked up the towel to wipe her hands. Suddenly she looked up in his direction.

Like he had seen a ghost, Li Moying did not want her to see that he liked her, so hurriedly changed his line of sight. This naturally fell to the person beside Huang Yueli, Bai Ruoqi.

The little fox’s second sister Bai Ruoqi, he heard about her. He heard that she had always bullied the little fox and is also South Yue’s famous beauty and outstanding talent.

When he saw her today, not only was her talent not very good, she also looked very ordinary. Far too tacky!

In particular, when she sat beside his little fox, she looked like a complete dreg!

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